Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : July 1942

Wed 1 - Sick with colitis all day. Had breakfast and noon day meal. B went on new shift 4-12. Card from Nancy - letter from Jane - sent her and Geo letters. Dug potatoes.

Thu 2 - Big pretty fog in AM. Cooler too. Morton came for 2nd load of corn. Sent letters to Mrs. Bonner, Joe and Lucile. "Katydid" tonight. Did not sleep so good.

Fri 3 - Sent order to S&R - letter to Jane, card to Nancy. Working on white lunch cloth. Miserably lonely now. Cook only 1 time a day now. Hot all day. Slept poorly.

Sat 4 - Dressed chicken cleaned up then went to town for whole PM. B bought watch. Slept better tonight. Some cooler. Heard from Nancy and Gloria.

Sun 5 - SS and church hot late. Hot. Cora home with us to spend day. Fried chicken adn green beans. Didn't sleep the wold worry about house back.

Mon 6 - Cooler and cloudy. B went back to bed after breakfast adn to work about 1 pm. Long, lonely PMs - sew some - write letters - bed early. Felt afraid in night. Slept fairly.

Tue 7 - Cloudy, cool, threatening rain. Small shower mid PM. Tom Wiley buried - Sewed on lunch cloth. Very lonely - wrote letters - afraid and sick tonight.

Wed 8 - B sold 2 lambs - sick with diarrhea - sent Jane and Mrs. Waller letters. Card from Jane. Letter from Dr. Davin. Can't get house. So disappointed. Finished cloth.

Thu 9 - Tried to rain. Started 2nd lunch cloth. Very lonely. No letter today. Sent Joe one air mail. Slept fine tonight. Took off 20 chix.

Fri 10 - Conrad got out army service. Set 2 hens. Letter from Jane. Read papers, sewed and phoned lots in PM. Too hot to sleep.

Sat 11 - Cleaned up. Washed hair etc. Big rain noon. Town all PM. Hot home with Matilda late. Tired and sick. "M" little. Slept well early part night. None later.

Sun 12 - B to SS and church. I felt too bad. "M" strange way. Worried. Hottest day yet. No one came all day. Slept on couch. Bad dreams.

Mon 13 - "M" lots. Hot again. Sent sachets etc to Nancy and Glorida. Heard from all 3 kids. Wrote letters, sewed all long hot PM. 96 degrees in house. Rain in night.

Tue 14 - Continues hot - small shower noon. Sent Jane a letter. Cards to Nancy and Gloria. Good shower mid PM. Cooler tonight. Slept well.

Wed 15 - Cow tester for breakfast. Hot and close. Dressed chicken. Mrs Bownes and Twitty spent PM. Card from Jane. Hot day and night.

Thu 16 - Can hardly stand heat. Jennifer bad and feel awful. 98F in living room in PM. Slept very little all night. I in night - no good.

Fri 17 - Still too hot to live. Cooked early. Cards from jane and Nancy. Sent Jane a letter. Sewed all PM. Slept tonight - not quite so hot.

Sat 18 - B to town in AM for groceries. re: Longe wheat etc. First corn from field. Dressed chicken. Cleaned up. Sewed read etc. Too hot to sleep much.

Sun 19 - I stayed home from SS and church. Cooked dinner early. Cora went Nashville to go to VA in AM. tomorrow. Could hardly stand heat. Slept very little. B had 3 chills.

Mon 20 - Took off 9 chix. Too hot to live. Ordered 2 patterns. Letter from Joe and Doc. Made Polly divity dress. Cora and Mildred went to Norfolk. I slept pretty good.

Tue 21 - Hot - cloudy - close. Negro came to start wall for tool shed. Started scarf for Xmas present. Cooler tonight. Slept fine. Letter from Jane.

Wed 22 - Cloudy part time - cooler. Fried chicken - good dinner - sewed. Lila M Wilson buried PM. So blue and disgusted couldn't sleep. Cried too.

Thu 23 - Cooked early - still blue. Wish things would change better. Can't stand this. Card from Nancy. Sewed. Slept tonight. Felt better. I night 1:30.

Fri 24 - Cooked chicken and corn early. Feel better. Sewed on scarf spare time. Hot and some clouds. Slept better. Had headache.

Sat 25 - Cleaned up. Dressed chicken etc. Town with B. Mary Nell drove me home. letter from Gloria. Card from Jane saying she'd heard from Geo.

Sun 26 - Missed SS but went church. Took clothes to Julie. Read and rested PM. Slight shower in AM. Slept well. I in night - bad dreams.

Mon 27 - Cooked cake and chicken for Jane - sent box to town by B. Sewed all PM on scarf - read papers etc - took Calomel - slept fine.

Tue 28 - No rain yet. Cooler at night. Churned - made sherbert - feel tough from calomel. Mr. Connors working on tool shed. Slept poorly.

Wed 29 - Cooked chicken and corn. Went with B to spend PM with Mrs. Higgins. Home with Elice Hatsher - Finished Scarft. Very hot - didn't sleep so well.

Thu 30 - Awfully hot - cooked early - mended. Letter from Geo's mom. Cora got back from Chas. Cut Polly a print dress - read and listened to war news. Wrote Jane.

Fri 31 - Card from Jane - she made Air Eng. Gertrude Rawls spent PM - hot tried to rain but couldn't. No water. Mad dog tonight. Alone all night. No sleep.

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