Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : August 1942

Sat 1 - Awful date - lots to do and nervous. Dressed chicken etc. for Sun dinner. B came home about mid PM. Comb Long called him. He went town tonight for groceries. Slept some - very hot.

Sun 2 - No help to cook dinner for Doc - Rubye - Mrs. Ward and Herb. Men went town PM. Women stayed home. "Big rain" late. Vaccinated cattle. Slept some.

Mon 3 - Still hot - B went work early AM. Cooked early - sewed on Polly's dress. B went tonight to see Tilden Flyer about selling Parkinson place. Slept fine on couch.

Tue 4 - B off early - back to bed. Cooked for alld ay - sewed on Polly's dress. Finished. Rain about noon. All PM and night. "Cool slept fine - chickens drenched again.

Wed 5 - Cool - rain - clouds. Mr. Connors over to work but rained out. Old mare got out. Slept better. I tonight - awful - feeling blue all time.

Thu 6 - Up very early - spent day at Lucy's - voted in PM. Got hot again - slept fine. Feel blue and dejected. Can hardly stay here.

Fri 7 - Jane has known Geo 1 year and he's now in Eng. Rain early. Cooked, read papers, sewed on Joe's p cases. Bed early - rain all along - slept fairly.

Sat 8 - Rain still - churned - cleaned. Town with Matilda PM. Home with B. Big water spout late - almost overflow. Cooler but didn't sleep so well.

Sun 9 - Up early - water gates down - SS and church. Cora home with us. B took her home after supper. Clay and Dieneter Toury down in PM. I pretty good.

Mon 10 - Up early to write letters etc. Rian before day and shower mid PM. Sewed on p cases. Letter from Gloria - cooked supper - slept better - blue - disgusted.

Tue 11 - Heavy fog - then clear. Cooked early and cleaned a little. Shower 2 pm then clear. Gardened little sewed on p cases. Feel better. Cooked B's supper. Slept fairly.

Wed 12 - Hated to get up so early. Back to bed. Dressed 2 chix. Cloudy adn foggy. Slight sprinkle PM. Crochet cow tester for supper. I - no sleep much.

Thu 13 - Foggy til late - clear - cow tester for braekfast. Lizzie Briggs over AM. Cooked for OES supper tonight. Letters from Joe, Jane and Nancy. Happy day. Supper enjoyed - no sleep.

Fri 14 - Up early to get B off - back to bed. Liquid day. Didn't feel so good all day. No letters today. Didn't feel so good all day. No letters today. Talked some on phone. Read papers. Sent Nancy a letter.

Sat 15 - Dressed chicken - cleaned up - Town PM with Matilda - home with B. Aux meeting - only 5 there. Conrad gone off. Geo cut yard etc. and helped milk. Slept fairly.

Sun 16 - Cooked early then B and I took lunch and went to Prosperity and all around Flywis etc. home late. Conrad not here to help. Shower - slept on couch - good - hot in day time. RP and Joan in tonight.

Mon 17 - Cloudy and hot - back to bed and slept fine til 8. Sent Joe a letter. Cooked read papers - talked on phone - Crocheted pot holders. Sprinkled all PM and night. Sowed turnips.

Tue 18 - Cloudy but cooler. Up early to clean. Martha Shearin helped all day. Big rain in early PM. Cool - slept very well - dream lots now. Worried too - sent another card to Nancy.

Wed 19 - Lucile 35 - Joe's leave to start. Cool this AM. Clear except fog. Later showered along til night. Cooked hot supper. Made Conrad's baby a little dress - also ssafe scarfs. Slept better.

Thu 20 - Rainy all day. Washed and polished all dishes. Made relish letter from Mrs. Waller. Late supper for B. Liquid for me. Slept well but bad dreams.

Fri 21 - Some sun and some clouds. Made cake and cottage cheese. Waxed some furniture. B went P.O. Card from Jane. Nancy called tonight. Not coming .S lept fairly. So tired.

Sat 22 - Dressed 2 chix - made sherbet. Cleaned etc. Cooked hot super. Jane missed bus train etc. OES for GM visit. Good meeting - waited at Lucy's for Jane.

Sun 23 - Cooked early - Wid not go to SS not church - sat around and talked all day. Rained lots - then cleaned late PM. Bed late and slept well. Turned much cooler in night.

Mon 24 - Clear this AM and cool. Canned tomato juice and apples. Tired. Jane went to school to see her books. Bought new brown shoes. Slept fine.

Tue 25 - No rain again today. Canned more apples. Tired again. Lay aorund PM. Letter from Joe. B went to sell Parkinson place to Askins tonight.

Wed 26 - Up early. Jane went school bus and drove Lucy out to spend day. Nice day. Good dinner. Cool. Sewed and talked all PM.

Thu 27 - Cool and pleasant. Embroidered lunch cloth. Cooked supper. Mr. Burdine came home with B. Late to bed. Tired. Slept fine.

Fri 28 - Mr. Burdine fished all day but caught 0. Cooked hot supper - chicken etc. Very late supper and hot and tired. Slept fine.

Sat 29 - Cool. Foggy but sunshine. Cleaned up. Mr. Burdine fished again but no luck. Hot cooking supper. Very tired but slept.

Sun 30 - Mr. Berdine left on 9:45am bus for Huntsville. B and Jane to SS only. Cora, Mildred and Bill out little while in PM. Shower late PM.

Mon 31 - B and clothes off early - back to sleep. Hot and close. Cooked early. Jane town on school bus to get car. She and I went town PM. Got cooler. B stayed Huntsville.

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