Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : September 1942

Tue 1 - Jane took car in. B home about 10am. He slept all day. I cooked ealry then rub on lunch cloth. Accepted Chun Jr. Aux Dept.

Wed 2 - Up early - had dreams last night. Drizzled all day. Jane town PM and spent night at Lucy's to go to GSA. I stayed alone all night. Bad dreams again. The dead.

Thu 3 - These mornings are beautiful - foggy and cool. Dad died 20 years ago. B made deed to P place. Home late. Old man bottomed chairs. RP and Joan out tonight a while. Joe letter.

Fri 4 - Wrote Joe a letter early. Expecting wire hourly saying he's "going out". Jane spent night at Lucy's and went dance Tullahoma.

Sat 5 - B home late. Sold hogs. I cleaned up. Dressed chicken etc. Big rain late pm. slept on couch. B snored so.

Sun 6 - SS and church - had puncture. Rain in PM. Lonesome. No one came all day. B to work and took laundry in tonight. Slept fine.

Mon 7 - Anne Moore spent day. Sewed on p cases for Jane's hope chest. Little shower in PM. Jane town PM for mail and shopping.

Tue 8 - Jane sewed all day. B slept. I canned 3 qts pears - cooked. Went OES tonight. Jane drove back. Slept fairly well. Letter to Gloria and Jack Peck.

Wed 9 - Julia Shearin came out to spend day - talked and sewed all day - cooked chicken etc. Jane sewed on red print dress. Bad dreams. Showers.

Thu 10 - Mary Sloan spent day and Jane spent night with her at David Sloan's. I stayed all alone - slept well but dreams. Showered along in PM. Very hot. Dressed chickens.

Fri 11 - Canned apples. Jane washed and ironed. B slept. I gathered vegetables. Showers late PM. Radio out. Very hot. Slept well but dreamed lots. No rain.

Sat 12 - Cleaned up - made boiled custard. B bought lots chickens home at noon. He and Jane back to town. Myra spent night - B home tonight - no sleep much.

Sun 13 - SS and church. Myra left. Dewitt Wallace down to rent place. I pray he'll take it. Dorothy S and Spain out to see Jane tonight. Slept poorly.

Mon 14 - Up early to feed chix etc - cool in PM now. Corker baled hay. B late home. jane and I sewed all PM. Hot. B had awful nervous spell alte PM. Wallace did not rent place.

Tue 15 - Raining little this AM adn lots PM. Wallace came and rented place after all. jane and I to town - got red bag etc. Stopped by Higgins while up late.

Wed 16 - Up before day to go to Doc's. Lucy went too. Shoped in Nashville little - spent night in Dichron. Rained lots there.

Thu 17 - Rained most of day. Doc cleaned my teeth - filled 2. Shopped little in Nsahville. Home 5:45pm - tired - lots to do.

Fri 18 - Churned canned and worked all day. So tired and hot. Jane sewed on pajamas - she went in late to go to dance at Tullahoma - Corker over tonight.

Sat 19 - Worked hard all AM to go to ALA. Cried about Joe all PM. Home late. B nerves couldn't sleep for his shaking spells.

Sun 20 - Busy to get Jane off on 11:30 bus via Jackson to Martin to school. Cora's little while to see Mildred. Out to Dr. Marshall's. B to see Dr. Patrick re: nerves. Alone tonight.

Mon 21 - Cold this AM and clear. Washed. Wrote Doc and Nancy. Ironed. Canned pears, claned up. Very tired tonight. Slept but had bad dreams. New baby etc.

Tue 22 - Still cold for time of year. Wrote Mrs. Waller. Canned pears. Worked on peases. Card from Jane. Slept fine all alone.

Wed 23 - Made cottage cheese. Dressed chicken. Canned pears. Julie Shearin spent day and helped - gathered vegetables. etc. Warmer. Bad dreams.

Thu 24 - Cooked and canned pears most of day. Sewed some. Turned cold in AM. Slept poorly. Dreams. Sold Swine ford place.

Fri 25 - Dressed chicken, sewed on pink house dress and p cases. Letters from Jane and Nancy. B off early tonight. Slept poorly.

Sat 26 - Dressed chicken, cleaned, letter from Joe - safe arrival overseas. B and I to FB barbecue - cold rain - home late - good time - slept poorly.

Sun 27 - Cold and mostly cloudy. SS and church. Cora home with us. First fire in fireplace. B to work. Alone - slept fine - put on outing gown. I early AM.

Mon 28 - Cold - clear - packed away summer clothes etc - light frost - canned pears. Went in as B went to work. Spent night at Lucy's talked late.

Tue 29 - Little frost again. Shopped a little. Came home as B came from work. Churned. Letter and pictures from Gloria. Wrote letters in PM. Sat up late.

Wed 30 - Cool - clear - beautiful. B late home. Wshed few things. Sewed some in PM. Letter from Nancy.

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