Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : October 1942

Thu 1 - Cool and beautiful again. Home for ows from P. Place. B changed to 4-12 shift. sewed and talked all PM. Didn't slept so well.

Fri 2 - Warmer. Dressed 2 chix. Ordered 3 books from S + R. Embroidered lunch napkins for Jane. A bit afraid toinght. Slept better. B restless.

Sat 3 - Cloudy and hot - cooked turnip green. Rushed to get B off - left cleaning til PM. Tired awfully tonight. Slept fairly. Gathered vegetables in PM.

Sun 4 - Rally at church. Late to church. Lots trouble with car. Milk truck backed into us. Partly cloudy and hot. No one came all day. Jim and Matilda stopped to tell of Billy Askins.

Mon 5 - Showered most of last night. Alternate clouds and sunshine. Shower - cooler - canned pears in PM. Sent D Waller's gift. Letter from Nancy and Jane.

Tue 6 - Clear, cool, beautiful. Canned more pears in PM. Got things ready to go to Huntsville. Sent Jane a letter. B came in frozen.

Wed 7 - Up early and off to Huntsville with Lucy. Check up with Dr Coldwell. Shopped and home late. Read and talked on phone late. Slept fairly.

Thu 8 - Beautiful day - went with B to sale. To Mrs. Joe Lindsay's funeral with Matilda and Lowe. Washed etc. til late. Slept fairly.

Fri 9 - Rushed to get off to town with B at noon. Looked at house. Stayed Lucy's til B came in 1:30am. To aux meeting Tullahoma. Pitts, Locker etc. Gathered corn.

Sat 10 - These days are perfect. B off after noon. Cleaned up - read papers talked lots on phone. Read Mrs. Miniver til late. Slept fairly.

Sun 11 - SS and church. Looked at house etc. Full of plans but can't decide. Home all PM. Finished Mrs. Miniver tonight - disappointed in it - slept poorly.

Mon 12 - B and I to town early - did not buy Davis house. Disappointed. Gathering corn again. Cloudy. Called and bought house after all. Too happy to sleep. Got cactus on hill.

Tue 13 - Canned pears. Sent Jane's coat etc. B and I to OES tonight. B had court today. Warmer - slept well.

Wed 14 - Canned pears and soup mixture. Court again - fine weather. Cool nights - hot days - Toury got lumber.

Thu 15 - B went back on guard at 5pm. Helped Lizzie Briggs sew in PM. Started "Last Horizon". Took wheat germ - slept fine - bad girl.

Fri 16 - Sent Joe's XMas box. No letters today - B off early to drill. Called lots re Aux dues. Read "Last Horizon". Slept fine. Cleaned up.

Sat 17 - Finished cleaning. Lunch and breakfast together. My liquid day. Town with B. Aux meeting good. Home Matilda. Finsihed "Last Horizon".

Sun 18 - SS and church in AM. Lovely day. Conrad gone tonight. Cooked supper instead of dinner. Up late to hear news. Not much sleep.

Mon 19 - Letter to Nancy and Joe - no mail for us. Made p cases - peeled pears. Conrad gone all day. Cloudy and cool. Reading "Escape". Not much sleep.

Tue 20 - B restless last night. I got up early - made pear preserves - town all PM on birth certificate. Saw Bob Martin table. Mildred and Bill drove me home late. Read.

Wed 21 - Churned - no letters today. Worked all PM on Aux papers. Sat up very late to finish Escape - wonderful.

Thu 22 - Cooked dinner and B drove me part way to Mrs. Connors. Pleasant PM - sewed on p cases. Home late read and sewed late. Slept well. B nervous.

Fri 23 - Cold. Had to reach to get B off early to drill - read and sewed all PM and night. Slept well - had fire.

Sat 24 - Got B off early - cleaned up all PM. Potted flowers etc. Read till late. Warmed up some. Slept fairly.

Sun 25 - Light showers all day SS and church. Mrs. Farland's in PM. Rain late in night. Not much sleep. Disappointed Nancy didn't come.

Mon 26 - Cold and windy this AM. B had spell nerves early. Up early. Town before non. Helped Aunt Jennie get Rex certificate. Bought silver - home very late. Killing frost.

Tue 27 - Frost like snow this AM. Off to Campbell sale early with the Pitts - bought rug etc. Dewitt started wheat sowing and rushed up cow gathering. Slept fine.

Wed 28 - Cooked and canned 6 pts soup mixture in AM. B bought Cn's crop. Warmer - cloudy late - beads from Joe - pkc from S&R. Rain in night.

Thu 29 - Rain all AM. Clear in PM. Sewed on p cases. Sent flowers to Lucy's cellar. High wind. Too warm to sleep much. Sent Geo a pkg.

Fri 30 - Busy all AM. Cooking. Clear and windy. Finished wheat - sowed rye. Ground pickle in PM. Hot. Sold con chairs. Little sleep - bad dreams.

Sat 31 - Rain before day and almost continual downpour. Canned 8 pts pickle. Dressed chicken. Cleaned up. Cleared in PM. cooler. Nancy called tonight.

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