Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : November 1942

Sun 1 - SS in AM. Took chair to Martin to fix. Cora came out for day. Read some - bed early. B so nervous neither slept much.

Mon 2 - Up before day to get B off to work. Lizzie Briggs over twice. Read Wuthering Heights - sewed on p cases. Cooked supper. early to bed - showers.

Tue 3 - Finished "Wuthering Heights" before breakfast. Washed adn ironed several pieces. Cold - no letter from Joe yet. Letter from Jane.

Wed 4 - Walked part way to town. Spent day Lucy - saw "Mrs. Miniver". Rexall sale - home late. Cold. Our house in town empty. Sent Jane box.

Thu 5 - "M" in am. Read and sewed on p cases. Letter from Gloria. We all think Joe is in Solomon's now. Spent PM with Mrs Long - cloudy.

Fri 6 - M lots. Feel badly. Cloudy and rather warm these days.

Sat 7 - Cleaned up. Dressed chicken. Town in PM and back with Matilda. Went to house with Clay Legion supper tonight. Little rain.

Sun 8 - SS and church. B adn I to house again. Went by Mustyala's to see rug. R.P. and Joan out late PM. Cool tonight but mild days. Taking cold.

Mon 9 - Sick with cold but cleaned on dining chairs all day. Messy unsatisfactory job. Bed early and still sick - not much sleep.

Tue 10 - Too sick to go to town. Missed OES. But up by fire most of day. Big rain and thunderstorm in early AM. Still M - doctored and bed early - slept better.

Wed 11 - cold and clear - gathering 10 A corn. Too sick to go in town again. Sold coop hens. Finished 2 Jas p cases. Mr Presley came in PM

Thu 12 - Town before day - made fire in house and stayed there most of day. Got bath tub. Saw carpenter - plumber etc - home late. cold.

Fri 13 - Dressed chicken early. Cordie came out. Caught ride in town PM - bank. Lucy's a while. Signed deed to Swinford place. Caught chix.

Sat 14 - Up early - lots to do. Sent 3rd coop hens. Cleaned up and then caught ride to town. In til B came in. Put 490 cash in bank - read late.

Sun 15 - SS and church. Salvation Army man preached. Worked all PM - Conrad off duty - mad - up late getting ready to leave early in AM.

Mon 16 - Left before day and did things at house in town. Home late. B had to see about Long boy going to war. Cleared out safe to take to town.

Tue 17 - Up very early to get B off. Churned etc. To Matilda's to club and shower for Kathleen. Willy - B caught chickens tonight.

Wed 18 - Town before day - bought water heater. Underpinning almost finished. B had to drill - home very late - very tired. Slept fairly.

Thu 19 - Washed some - dressed 2 chix. Cleaned hen house, packed dishes etc. Too hot for fire. Sent Joe picture folder. Con left in AM. He and Louise separated.

Fri 20 - Up early - worked at house in town all day. Registered for gas. Blue over work going slow. B very nervous - neither slept much.

Sat 21 - Cleaned up - B had day off. Town in PM for Aux meeting. Few there. Home before dark. House looking better. Slept fairly.

Sun 22 - B had to go to work early AM. SS and church. Rode with Matilda. Busy as hen all PM. Light showers all day. Rain all night.

Mon 23 - Town before day. Cordie and I cleaned 3 rooms good. I painted front bedroom floor. Home late. Tired - cooked supper. Slept fairly.

Tue 24 - Town again before day. Jamie helped me paint - not so late getting home - very tired again. Carpenters slow - slept fairly. Letter from Gloria.

Wed 25 - Town before day - Jamie and I finished painting little room. Got linoleum for bath room. Doc Reed drove me home. Tired and sick - slept.

Thu 26 - Did not feel like going to church nor work. Back to bed but felt better later. Washed - cleaned - rolled up rugs etc. Thanksgiving - slept fairly.

Fri 27 - Town before day. Painted 2 bedroom floors. Went to Aunt Domies - she's in hospital - fell. Home late. Very cold. Slept fine but not all night.

Sat 28 - Moved few things from here and R.P.'s in AM. House almost finished. Rested some in PM. B started on 12-8 night shift. Stayed alone. Cold

Sun 29 - Did not go to SS and church. B home too late. Packed all day and far into night. Drizzly day. Wind cold stayed alone and afraid.

Mon 30 - Up very early to move to town. Got away about 10am. Hard work all day. No stove up. Ate cold food. Very little sleep but happy.

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