Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : December 1942

Tue 1 - Hard work all day and still no order. Got stove up to cook supper. Carpenter left mid PM. B off rest of week to help. Slept fine.

Wed 2 - Still working every minute. Finally got bath plumbing working. B fixed guardian settlement. Trip back to farm late each PM. Slept poorly - sick.

Thu 3 - Mrs N Toury over early AM. Sent Jane's birthday cake etc. off. Too cold to do anything. Town in PM to fix birth certificate - slick walks - B to farm PM.

Fri 4 - Will Tipps and B making cabinet in kitchen. Gertrude R over AM. Clear but ice on trees. Tired - bed early - slept fine. Too rough to clean, paint or paper. Jane 18.

Sat 5 - B and Will J worked in kitchen AM. I cleaned bedrooms and rested some. Rained all day - not so cold. Got B off to Huntsville tonight. Not afraid. 1st bath.

Sun 6 - B home 9:30 to bed. I went SS and church. Very cold. Wrote letters PM. Cora came by late. Lots to do late - wood - chickens - etc. Slept well.

Mon 7 - Waked to rain - another bad day. Cordie cleaned kitchen and front hall. B home about 1 and did not sleep much. Not so cold. Bought 1st coal - slept - card from Joe.

Tue 8 - Cordie and Polly here all day. I went town AM. Lucy in PM while B had nervous spell tonight. Installed as Warden in OES tonight. Bad weather snap.

Wed 9 - Up at 6am lots to do. Made curtains and shades, painted hall and living room floors. Very tired. B slept and felt better. Up late.

Thu 10 - Mr. Simmons came to paint. Sent Jane's white coat. JB Kidd to wire. Town AM. Cora and 2 men for dinner. B slept fine. Sorted Xmas gifts. Little sunshine today.

Fri 11 - Will Tipps fixed door and medicine cabinet lock. hen house etc. B worked all day. Got refrigerator and stove moved at least. Tired tonight.

Sat 12 - B had day off - made trips to town etc. I went town AM. Sent Gloria and Dick pkgs. Cleaned etc all day. Mrs. N Tourigan late PM. Got chickens home. Tired.

Sun 13 - Very cold - mostly cloudy too. SS and church alone - B to bed. No one came in. Got B off to work at 10pm. Slept cold but fairly well.

Mon 14 - Clear and cold. Felted kitchen and bath - painted and cleaned some waxed hall and living room. Town late to get wallpaper.

Tue 15 - Warmer and clear til late PM. Clyde McDill wired some. Cordia cleaned dining room and back hall. Painter didn't come - blue - rain tonight.

Wed 16 - Painter here early - papered bathroom etc. Busy all day shaping things up. Very cold - clear. XMas box from Doc. He called tonight.

Thu 17 - Painter in kitchen all day. Looks better. Town twice - mailed pkgs - Addressed cards tonight. Got new couch home. Warmer tonight.

Fri 18 - Up early - dressed chicken. Waxed floors. Cleaned, straightened all day. Jane came in late PM. Had good supper - painter here all day.

Sat 19 - Jane worked at dime store 10-10. B made wood box etc. I cleaned. Painter finished. ALA meeting xmas tree pm

Sun 20 - Jane and I to SS and church in AM. To farm late PM to get xmas tree and grenes. Jane to Soldier's Lounge tonight. Up late wrapping gifts. Turned cold in AM.

Mon 21 - Up early. Cold. having hogs killed. Jane worked all day 10 cent store. Cleaned. Made cake - shade - sausage bag - went town. Sent Doc's pkg.

Tue 22 - Awful day - cold - wind - hard rain. Went to farm and rendered lard. Sacked sausage tonight. Cora, Mildred and Bill in tonight. Mary Hill spent night.

Wed 23 - Cleaned tubs from meat in yard too. Town xmas shoping pm. Nancy came in PM. Jane to Tullahoma to dance tonight.

Thu 24 - Boiled ham - baked cocoanut cake. Jane threw mad fit about supper. Filled stockings and to bed late. Sad xmas - no Joe.

Fri 25 - Late breakfast and dinner at night. Joan and RP came by late PM from honeymoon. Married last night 6:30pm. Huntsville. Warm and rainy all day.

Sat 26 - Made caramel cake and Joe's birthday cake. Mailed to Gloria late PM. Nancy, Jane and I to dance at Hi school - rain and wind in night.

Sun 27 - Late breakfast - Nancy left 11:30am. Rain all PM and night. B Jane and I to church but no service. Stopped by Cora's little while.

Mon 28 - Ann Moore in for lunch and catch bus to Nashville. B got off at 2pm Changed to 4-12 shift. Town in PM bought R.P.'s gift. Lucy's while - Jane to farm for milk.

Tue 29 - Slow rain all day. River out. Town in PM fix affidavits for Bob Mc. Worked on ALA papers tonight. Gloria's pck came in PM. Jane mad all day.

Wed 30 - Up late. Doing usual things. Jane up at noon in better humor. Mildred spent PM. Jean Philips here for night. She and Jane to movies. Wrote letters late.

Thu 31 - Up early - got Jean off to school. Sunshine today - rare - Jane washed Mildred in again in PM. Henry and Lucy up while tonight. Slept fine.

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