Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : January 1943

Fri 1: Jane to Nashville very early with Perrya but no stores open. Black eyed peas for noon dinner. Mrs. Tours in while AM - town PM. Paid bills. "Clear and cool"

Sat 2: Clear and warm. Up early to make cake and boiled custard. B cleaned in yd and covered hen house. Mrs. Hurley tours and dan over in PM. Called on Billy Foster's tonight.

Sun 3: Joe 22. Up early - dressed hen etc. Doc, Tubye Mrs. Ward and Dr. A Cummings spent day. B drove his car to work. Part clouds and sun shower tonight. Not cold. Lucy and Henry up PM.

Mon 4: Jane back to school 5:45am bus via Nashville. B off at 7am for trial and work. Mr. Kines put on locks. I went LCW club PM paid bills. Cora in while tonight. Cold clear.

Tue 5: Cold and clear again. Slept late. Pauline Commons in while PM. Went to Missionary society and on program. Read late "Drivin Woman". Slept fine.

Wed 6: Slept late - cold and clear. Letters from Gloria, Rubye, Nancy, Chrinstine. Lizzi Briggs in AM. Sewed for Red Cross 11:30 - 3pm. Went to Lucy's. Read late.

Thu 7: Sleet, snow and then rain. Not so cold. Cora here most of day. V. Davidson and Iva Roach to see kitchen. Bed early. Tired and blue.

Fri 8: B left early for trial in Huntsville. Letter from Jane at last. Cold and cloudy. Sewed for Red Cross 11-4. Bought black shoes. Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Pitts called tonight.

Sat 9: Got up late - cleaned up - dressed 2 friers. B settled with D Long. Had a "spell" just after lunch. Read late - B to bed early. Cold and cloudy mostly.

Sun 10: B and I to SS. No preaching. Mr. Presley still sick. B to work at 2pm. Read alone all PM. Snow in AM but melted - some rain and clouds - cold.

Mon 11: Beautiful clear and cold day. B cleaned up garden. Down in my back and bowels upset. Miss Sara McCoun called PM. Read til late. Rugs came - Doc sent check for store.

Tue 12: Clear - cold. Big frost. Postal wire from Geo to Jane. Letter from Nancy. Lynwood gone to Air Corps. Back stillstiff. OES tonight.

Wed 13: Slept late. Back not much better. Read all PM and tonight. Clear and cold. Took kidney pills and black draught - felt sick.

Thu 14: Day started clear and beautiful not so cold. Cloudy late PM. Got "Warm Morning" in PM. Read and wrote letters til 11pm.

Fri 15: Clear and warmer early windy cloudy and cooler late. Mrs. Morton Child welfare worker by in PM. Clyde McDill moved radio PM. Read and wrote letters late.

Sat 16: Dressed here - cleaned up Jo Aux in PM. Paid bills. Hot like summer. L in 1 tonight. No good at all. Not much sleep.

Sun 17: SS and church. Too hot to wear coat. Claude, Morton and Ira in PM. Wrote letters til late. Cora in too - showers in night. L in again - better. Slept poorly.

Mon 18: No letters came. Got up at 8am as usual. B set shrubs etc. Washed a little in PM. Cloudy and warm. Joe Smith killed V. Rhua and I to com meeting. Sat up til late sewing.

Tue 19: Ironed and pressed. Very cold. Worked on lunch cloths for wedding gifts all spare time. Heard Martha Philips married. Sat up late - so cold.

Wed 20: Pressed some - telephone rang all day. Finished 3rd lunch set. Wrapped 2 tonight. Bitter cold all day. 14 above at 8am. Warmed up tonight. "M" little.

Thu 21: Warmer and clear. Cordie spent day - Homer in and Mr. Coumous. Mended - letter from Nancy. Elsie and Frances Smith spent night.

Fri 22: Clear and spring like. B to work at noon. Read PM and to town late. Mrs. Levitty took me to show tonight. "M" still. Started Martha P's lunch set.

Sat 23: Cleaned up. B went to farm for meat and milk. To Joe Smith's funeral in PM. Mrs. Tony and Cora in late PM. Got curtains from Huntsville.

Sun 24: B started day shift. SS and church alone. Mr. Presley read a letter from Joe. "M" bad. Wrote letters all PM. Gertrude R in. Mr and Mrs. H Loury later. Hot.

Mon 25: Up early. Big rain about 10am. SPent day at Lucy's - also Nola. Home late. Much colder and rain and sleet most of night. Slept poorly - dreams. B nervous.

Tue 26: Up early - rain and cold. Ice frozen over everything. Worked at OES room most of day cleaning. Slick coming home. Slept fairly.

Wed 27: Wrote letters early. ALone all day. Cold and slick. Workedo n blue checked lunch cloths. B late home. Slept fine.

Thu 28: Wrote letters and sewed early. Churned and washed a little. Ice melted all day. Much warmer. B restless all night. No appetite.

Fri 29: B all in flurry about billfold. J found it. Cleaned up some - went to work on Bingo tables. Stayed for ball. Home late. 2 letters from Joe.

Sat 30: Cleaned up most of day. B to farm and to town in PM. Set showers. B and I to Massey Cunningham's til bed time. Slept well.

Sun 31: B off early. Read til daylight. SS and church alone. In PM went to Aunt Fannie's and Donie's. Home late. Fixed supper tonight. No good. Bad dreams.

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