Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : February 1943

Mon 1: Wrote letters early. Got one from Nancy, Jane and Chas and Margaret. Town in PM to pay bills. Ba little late getting home. I again. slept well. Clear and cold.

Tue 2: Clear and cold. G.H. saw shadow. Nancy has mumps - La and letter. Went to Missionary Society and town in PM. B set 6 grapes and 2 crepe myrtles. No good sleep. B restless.

Wed 3: Began rain before day. Warmer. Washed a bit. Spent PM with Mrs. N Toury. B home late. Hot in night. Thunder, lightning.

Thu 4: Hot and rainy, wind. Started a quilt for Joe. Ironed some. Alone all day. Wrote Geo a letter. Mrs. Goodrich called tonight a while. SLept poorly. Bad dreams.

Fri 5: Rain hard all day. Sewed on quilt. Cleaned some. Town PM to Mrs. Jo Anderson's funeral. Warm. Sat up late sewing, reading and listening to news.

Sat 6: Slept later. Windy and clear. Colder in PM. Matilda here in PM. Also Mrs Persley. B to Legion tonight. He hunt meat and worked on lanbs in AM.

Sun 7: Up early to get B off to work. "27th Anniversary". SS and church AM. Jo Janie's and on to hospital in PM to see Mrs. Watson etc. B and I to church tonight. B gave me $10. Cold and clear.

Mon 8: Clear - cool. Beautiful day. Town to mail Jane's coat. Card letter etc. from Mrs. Walter. Lucy spent PM. B home for Raly funeral PM. He and I to H Tourys tonight.

Tue 9: Oh My 50 Today. Old! Awful! B started court. Beautiful day. To Mr. Elery's funeral PM. Went OES tonight. Big wreck near home. Check from Nancy and Joe.

Wed 10: Windy and cloudy - rain in late PM and night. Brush from Jane. Worked on quilt and cooked mostly. Turned cold in night.

Thu 11: Much colder but clear. B home all day working on income tax. I worked on quilt all spare time. Photo album from Mrs. Waller.

Fri 12: Cold and partly cloudy. Made cookies to send Nancy. Town in PM. Bought coffee table. Worked on quilt. Little rain late. Slept fairly.

Sat 13: Cleaned up. B worked in town on Income Tax. Snow flurries and sunshine alternately all day. Cold tonight. Took calomel - up in night.

Sun 14: Very cold. B off to work early. Wrote letters. SS and church. Clyde Wicker in PM. Wrote mroe letters. B late tonight. So cold - bed at 10. slept fine.

Mon 15: Colder still. Wrote letters early. Telephone all day re: Bingo. Ed WIlliams in PM. Also Mrs. Morton. CW worker. Virginia Rhea AM. Slept fine in spite of cold.

Tue 16: Snow early but quit. Went with Mrs. Joe Cummings to HS for breakfast. Mrs. Pitts and I worked town for Bingo prizes. Very little warmer - slept fine. Letter from Joe.

Wed 17: Much warmer and mostly clear. Busy all AM. Telephone etc. PM town to fix window and get more prizes. Mr. Foster and Rose down while tonight. Slept fine.

Thu 18: "M" and 50 years old - awful! Usual work then sewed on Joe's quilt. Shelled corn for Bingo. No letters. Bed early. Did not lseep so well.

Fri 19: Cleaned a little. Telephone late. Hub in while PM. To legion Hall about 4-11:30. Bingo party. Tired - not much sleep. Fair and warm all day.

Sat 20: Cleaned all AM. Thomas brought his girl Ellen in few minutes. Aux in PM. Fair and warm all day. B starts 12-8 shift tonight - dream about young baby.

Sun 21: Up at 7am - went SS and church. B got home 10am and went to bed. Cora in PM. She and I went PO. Wrote letter and got late supper. Slept fairly.

Mon 22: Another beautiful warm day. B late home - noon - I went town PM. Bought every day shoes. Looked for paint and curtains for OES. To Mrs. Jander's while PM.

Tue 23: Still warm and clear - worked little still M. Uncle Ed here all PM> Lewis (Col) cleaned yard. B left around 10PM. Pieced on quilt til late. Slept well.

Wed 24: Had garden turned. Lewis cleaned in yard. Registered for paint rationing. Had 2 fortunes told. Clear and turned cooler in PM. Slept fine.

Thu 25: Cloudy early, then cleared. Cold wind PM. Went to Mrs. Eurina Mills funeral and to town. B to work at 10pm Sewed on quilt.

Fri 26: Alternate clouds and sun. Cold. Tried to snow. Went to farm - got trees. Cora in several times. Still "M" a little. B did not go to work. Uncle Ed for supper - sausage.

Sat 27: Very cold - cleaned most of day. B had nervous "spell" - he put up curtain rods and went town 2 in PM - bed. Went to bed soon as B left - dreamed lots.

Sun 28: B late this AM. Cloudy, cold - went SS and church. Sunshine later. Wrote letters all PM. Bed soon as B left.

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