Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : March 1943

Mon 1 - Up early - breakfast alone. Sewed on quilt some. LC Warran's Club in PM. Sewed more. Cooked supper late. Sewed. Bed late. Warmer - clear calm.

Tue 2 - Cloudy adn colder all day. Sewed crocheted - wrote Jr. Aux cards etc - snow late PM. Bitter cold tonight. Sat up late to keep fire. Slept fine.

Wed 3 - Small snow on. Coldest AM yet. 9 degrees at 7:30am. Town early - pay bills etc. Wrote aux cards, crocheted, mended etc. Bed late - slept cold.

Thu 4 - Town after B had breakfast. Sent Jane pkg - To church to missionary society all day sewing for Red Cross etc 3 hrs. Bed at 11pm. Slept well.

Fri 5 - Jane called early for permission to go home with Bill Dale for week end. Waked to rain this A.M. Kept up all day. B to farm for milk. Sewed fast on quilt.

Sat 6 - Cleaned up most of day. Made boiled custard - B back to farm AM. Charles and Margaret came to Cora's tonight. Finished piecing Joe's quilt. Stayed alone.

Sun 7 - SS and church. Went to Cora's few minutes. "Letter from Joe". Chas and wife, Bill and Mildred, Cora and Sam Jobe, wife and dau here tonight. Very cold. Sat up late. Slept well.

Mon 8 - Breakfast at 10 for Chas and M and Mildred and Bill. B in at noon. Town and to Lucy's PM. Looked for Jane cedar chest. Cut quilt pieces til 12 tonight. Slept fine - warmer.

Tue 9 - Windy and not so cold. Washed a bit. B went farm for milk - washed hair. B slept very little. Had had spell 7:30pm. I went OES and bed earlier. Slept well. 2 hrs Red Cross.

Wed 10 - Much warmer - don't feel well putting Joe's quilt together. B slept better. Letter from Nancy - Doc called tonight. Rain in night. Slept OK. Made boiled custard.

Thu 11 - Rain all day - dresesed chicken. Made cake. Finished Joe's quilt tonight. B slept fairly. Off to work at 10pm. Slept well but dreamed lots.

Fri 12 - Up early - still raining. Dinner for Cora, Chas, Margaret, Herb, Lucy and Henry. No help. Tired - pieced on Jane's quilt.

Sat 13 - No rain but cloudy - Sun in PM. Cleaned up little - sewed on quilt. Cora, Chas and M in PM. Made pictures. Letter from Jane.

Sun 14 - SS and church alone. Beautiful sun and quite warm. Wrote letters and then went to Cora's in PM. Chas and M left tonight. Bed early. Slept fine. Letters from Geo and Gloria.

Mon 15 - Cloudy early - windy - hot. Circle meeting Mrs Lola Hope in PM. Went to see Joana fterwards back in town. Walked. Fine sleep all night.

Tue 16 - B late - went farm for milk. Sat shrubs about noon. Town in PM. Rain and wind. Got Jane's chest ordered. B took his car tonight. Man set 2 dogwoods - 3 maples.

Wed 17 - Clear - cooler - B taking cold. Got material for brooder. Wrote cards etc. for Aux. Sewed on quilt. Bed at 11 - slept fine.

Thu 18 - Sewed on quilt in spare time. Planted potatoes and peas in garden. Town few minutes late PM. Stopped by Alma Askins. Showered a little tonight.

Fri 19 - Cloudy and warm - cleaned up some. B slept little while then we planted onions, lettuce, mustard, carrots, radishes. B did not go to work. Shift change.

Sat 20 - Cleaned up all AM. Went AL Aux PM. Culled hens late. B working on brooder all day. Both to bed early - slept fairly. Nancy Married (? here or next year?)

Sun 21 - B and I to SS and church. Hasty lunch - B left about 2pm. new shift 4-12 starts. Went Luiji PM to see Gary and Martha. Slept poorly - bad dreams.

Mon 22 - Up early. Feel weak and sick. Letter from Joe. Cordie here all PM. Sewed on quilt. Knox Smith, wife and Peggy here while tonight. Bed at 12 - slept

Tue 23 - Beautiful day - clear - cool. Ador Toury spent PM. Sewed on quilt. Letters from Jane and Bill Dale - Sat up til after 12 sewing on quilt.

Wed 24 - Slept late - feel bad. Got B off at 2pm. Spent PM at Aunt Dorie's. She's very sick. Blue tonight. Sewed on quilt and to bed at 11.

Thu 25 - Letter from Gloria. News about Joe sinking Jap ship. One from Mrs. Waller. and Doc. Sewed on quilt all spare time. Mrs. Triesty in late PM. Bed at 10:30 Dreams.

Fri 26 - "M" little this AM. Cloudy - warm rain in PM and night. Read papers sewed on quilt - bed at 8:30. Did not sleep so well. Town very late PM.

Sat 27 - Cleaned up most of day. B cut down 2 old trees in yard. Mrs. Toury over little while early PM. Sewed on quilt little then to bed early. Slept poorly. B snored.

Sun 28 - Up early - SS and church. Had to rush to get B off at 2pm. Cora in PM. Wrote letters til late. Listened to news. Bed - slept fairly.

Mon 29 - Made 11 quilt blocks. Bed at 11 - slept well. B split stove wood and went town in AM. Work at 2. Alone all PM. Beautiful day - warm - clear.

Tue 30 - Another beautiful day. Town early AM. Cash MO for Jane's chest. Letters Nancy - Joe - Jane in PM. Town late to hunt chix. No luck. Mrs. goodrich over while tonight. Wrote letters. Sewed.

Wed 31 - Clear - warm - beautiful. Got 25 red chix early AM. Mrs. Oscar Pitts and Mrs Woodard called in PM. Read - sewed and bed. not sleeping so well.

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