Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : April 1943

Thu 1 - Put chix in brooder - Gertrude R in while PM. I called on Genter's late PM. Mrs. Warren from over Goodrich's called tonight. Sewed on quilt til late.

Fri 2 - Hurried through work and to picture show to help with Blue Ribbon. To Mother's Club in PM with Mrs. Pitts and Mrs Morton - child welfare worker. Mrs. Twitty in while late. To town to get lamp for brooder - sewed late.

Sat 3 - Cleaned up most of day. B worked garden - cut stove wood and went farm - to Legion tonight. I finished pieces for Jane's quitl and to bed early. Slept fairly but nervous.

Sun 4 - SS and church. B left for work about 2pm. Alone all PM and evening read and wrote letters. Showers in night. Warmed up some slept fairly.

Mon 5 - Letters from Jane and Nancy. "M". Churned - LC Woman's Club in PM. Read "Step by Step in Sex Education" tonight. Slept well - dreamed lots.

Tue 6 - Washed and ironed a bit. Sewed on quilt. Mrs. Massey Cunningham, Edna and baby called PM. I took meat etc. town late. Mr and Mrs Toury (TN) over late.

Wed 7 - Planted corn and nasturtiums. Busy all day. Started green curtains for Jane's room. Sewed on Jane's quilt tonight. Letters from Gloria. Mrs. Bonner and Jane. Bed late. Hot.

Thu 8 - Planted zinnias - finished curtains - worked on quilt. Alma Askins in AM. Uncle Heah in late PM. B not so well. Hot like summer. Hung Jane's curtains.

Fri 9 - Jane came in AM. Cleaned up some. Made cake etc. Finished Jane's quilt. hot. Jane shopped some.

Sat 10 - Cleaned up late. Made cake. B hung screens. Dressed hen. Big hail storm in PM. Nancy came late PM. Hung curtains late in living and dining room. G rawls helped. Bed late.

Sun 11 - Most of day in kitchen. B worked on storm damage at farm AM. Nancy and Jane left about 2:30pm. Cora spent PM. Hot - rain - wind - storm tonight.

Mon 12 - Sick all day. Made Lynwood a devil's food cake and mailed. Town late PM. Read some - bed early. Cooler. Slept fine. no letters - blue.

Tue 13 - Julia Shearin up in AM. Cold some sun and clouds too. Missionary society in PM. Program leader. Town PM. Brought Joe a bond. OES shower for Jane Lidwell.

Wed 14 - Colder - in all day. Got B off at 2. Started to cut Doll's little girl's dress but couldn't . Bud and Polly in late. Bed very early - sewed some on Jane's p cases.

Thu 15 - Still colder - B to farm early. Mrs. Levitty and Julie Shearin in AM. Went to Yukon with CW worker. Mrs. Morton. OES Adiool at Shelbyville with Farrai's tonight.

Fri 16 - Warmer - letter from Joe - Town late PM to pay bills etc - Cordie and Polly in while late. Rain tonight - read and wrote letters. hemstitched on p cases.

Sat 17 - Cleaned up all AM. B has no appetite. To Aux in PM. Few there. Mrs Morton CW worker spoke. B and I to hospital to see Betty Poldsoe tonight. Slept poorly - B snored all night. Rain night.

Sun 18 - Light showers all day - SS and church - 3rd letter from Joe in 3 days. B changed to Day Shift - wrote letter. Cooked supper - bed early.

Mon 19 - B left early - back to bed while. Busy all day but did nothing especially. Minnie here while late PM. Kate Rile later. Bed early - slept fairly - cool.

Tue 20 - Cooler - up early - wrote letters. Sewed etc. Town mid PM. Cooked supper - sewed - radio - bed early.

Wed 21 - Washed some - fed chix etc. Lots to do in AM now. Sewed on p cases. Meeting on bond sale at ME church in PM. B late tonight.

Thu 22 - Drizzly and chily all day - town in AM to send off subs to journal of missions. To Mrs Toury's in PM to see Bard. Served B little late - supper and bed early - slept poorly.

Fri 23 - Rain most of day - sewed and read - went dressmaker to get Jane's sewing. Sent box by Copelands to her. tocers (?) twice in rain - supper and bed.

Sat 24 - Flowers from children. Cleaned up all AM. Sewed in PM. Cora in late PM - cool - clear - scraped paint off house late PM. Bed early - slept very little - cold worse.

Sun 25 - Clear - cool beautiful Easter. Up early - sick with cold. SS and church wore corsage Joe sent. Took others to church. Cora in while late PM. Bed early slept alone and fairly.

Mon 26 - Got up to get B off but sick all day. Cold worse - bad all PM. Beautiful day. Warm. Letter from Jane. B to farm for milk tonight. Slept better.

Tue 27 - Up early feel better. Had blue linoleum put down in kitchen. Warmer - clear mostly. Mrs Toury and Cordie in late PM.

Wed 28 - Bad nervous day - all upset - made kitchen curtains. Old Allen worked in garden and yard. Had to fix his dinner. Bad dreams about the dead etc.

Thu 29 - Up early. Sewed on curtains. Bath and kitchen all spare time. Hurly and Mrs Toury over late PM. Dinner again for old Atkins. Mr. Prosser worked on screens.

Fri 30 - Cleaned bath good and a little in Jane's room and little bed room. Cora up tonight to take bath. Turned cooler been hot. B scraped on house til late.

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