Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : May 1943

Sun 1 - Cool. Up early to get B off. S.S. then home all PM. Wrote letters Com sermon. Made fire. Turned hot late. Cora for supper and spent night. Back better.

Mon 2 - Got B off early and Cora later. Sold stamps etc at booth all day. Saw new Dr. Bad exam. Cora spent night again. Mrs. Rombo buried.

Tue 3 - Got B and Cora off to work early. Nervous. Cool early. Mrs. Warner, Levitty twice, Toury and Ventren in while. WMS in PM. Got 25 chix. B very nervous. Very little sleep.

Wed 4 - B couldn't go to work - sick. Worked with chix. B scraped on house some - went to Dr. etc. Went with Cora to see rooms. Gloria called - slept poorly.

Thu 5 - Hot - got B and Cora off to work - busy all day and doing nothing. Helped cora move some things up here late PM. Cooked supper. Got very hot.

Fri 6 - Got B and cora off early. Feel terrible - too hot now. Cora moved things to Mrs. Ptits' and more here. Hot and tired tonight. Sleeping fairly.

Sat 7 - Up early to amek cake - Cora finished moving. I bought her bird. Cleaned *all* day. Josephine Stewart in AM. Cora and Mildred while in PM. rain. cooler.

Sun 8 - Up early to get B off. Cordie helped cook dinner for Doc, Rubye, K, Hub, Cora. Mildred - wnt to Hub's late PM. Called on K Smith tonight - dreams.

Mon 9 - Clouds and sunshine - wrote letters most of AM. Town PM. Set tomatoes. Went country to see Lizzie Briggs. Mrs. Toury over late PM. B had spell night.

Tue 10 - Big rain last night. Cooler today. Back to bed when b left in PM. Too rain during day too. OES tonight. Slept better. B did too.

Wed 11 - Cool, cloudy - wrote cards etc AM. Cleaned shoes etc. Took dress to Mrs. F. Moore to alter - Called on Preseley's and then to town to look for dress. B and I slept fine.

Thu 12 - Cool by clear. Mended. Washed corset. BUilt trellis. Mrs. Orea Pitts called. Cordie and Polly here PM too.

Fri 13 - Cleaned part of house. Man worked on linoleum. Town in PM. Got fixed over hat. Looked for dress again. Slept very little.

Sat 14 - Cleaned all AM. Wire from Gloria - Aux in PM. Gold star Tea meeting. Mrs. Twitty in late PM. B started 12-8 shift tonight.

Sun 15 - Clear - little cooler .Went SS and church. B to bed after breakfast. Wrote letters all PM. Jane called late. Slept wonderfully.

Mon 16 - Up early to boil ham, wash, press, make cake etc. B late. Set flowers. Met 3 busses. Gloria didn't come but called from Nashville. Slept fine.

Tue 17 - Up early - fine morning. Cleaned up a little early. Gloria came in 10am. Mrs. Twitty came by to see her few minutes. Very hot cooking late supper. B off to work.

Wed 18 - Up early. GLoria and I to town in PM. Joan and RP came for evening. B had to use RPs car to go to work. Cordie helped with supper. Hot.

Thu 19 - Another very hot day. B to bed late - Gloria and I called on Mrs Twitty. RP came fo Gloria for rest of RPM and evening. big rain tonight. Sick in night - bowels.

Fri 20 - Cleaned up. Town about noon. B mowed lawn. Mrs. Ashly, Mr and Mrs Presley, Mrs Oscar Pitts, Mrs Newt Lowry called on G. Joan, RP and Hub for dinner tonight. Cool.

Sat 21 - Up early. Nice and cool. G and I to Martin to see Jane get Phys Ed trophy. All tired out but slept fairly. Saw Aloha Oe exercizes. Nancy there too.

Sun 22 - Slept late in dormitory. Ate down town - no church. Talked and wlaked over campers. Nancy left about 4. Doc came for us later. In G's field while then D when night.

Mon 23 - AM at Rubye's then G and I caught train to Nashville. I left Nashville at 3 and G was to leave at 4:30pm. Got home at 6 - found all O. Rain and not so cool.

Tue 24 - Up early to catch up - wrote letters. Letter from Joe - he'd been shot hunting. Wired G. to take air job - tour and to Lucy's in PM. Uncle Heah in late PM. Cool - fine sleep.

Wed 25 - Up at 7 - clear and cool. Mrs. N Toury over early. Made strawberry preserves. Dan Moore came while in PM. Picked and Shelled peas. Blackout tonight. Slept fine.

Thu 26 - So sleepy this AM early. Cleaned. Mrs. Twitty in few minutes. Town late PM. Canned 3 pts peas and 4 pts sstrawberry preserves. SLept grand.

Fri 27 - Cleaned most of day. B to bed little while. Johnson came to see about painting house. Slept poorly - B snored - Mrs. Ashley called.

Sat 28 - Cool Poppy Day. Big sale worked selling most of day. House and gathered peas and potatoes, dressed chicken. Cooked B's supper and got him off at 10.

Sun 29 - Up early to finish cleanin Sat. Few min Mrs. Knight then to SS and church. Wrote letters and took to PO in PM. Cooked fried chicken, new peas and potatoes supper.

Mon 30 - B late. Had to drill. Ina, Dan and Aun came while PM. I went town adn to Mrs. Grider's - Alena Askins and Mrs. Goodwish while. Slept grand again. Shirley called.

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