Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : June 1943

Tue 1 - Mr. Tucker started painting house early. B went farm for milk. I stayed most of PM at Mrs. Goodwich's. Cooked boiled custard tonight. Bad dreams.

Wed 2 - Up early to make cake. Dressed 2 chix. Churned. Cleaned. Town to meet bus. Jane didn't come. Mrs. Knight died 3pm. Sat up til 1 over there. Very hot now.

Thu 3 - Slept til 7. breakfast at 10. Jane and Laura D. came at 10. Busy all day. Went Mrs. Knight's funeral at 5pm. Got B off at 10 and bed all tired and hot but slept.

Fri 4 - Up early - made cake for Laura and Jane to send. Dale and Bill at camp. B amde chicken yard then to bed. Jane and Laura rode around then to dance at Tullahoma. Hottest.

Sat 5 - Made Nancy's birthday cake early. Anne Moore for lunch. Dressed 2 chix. Cleaned - went town etc. Got little white chix.

Sun 6 - Another mierably hot day. SS and church. Jan and Laura to Hub's late. RP, Joan, Dorothy, May Neele, Lucy, Martha, Cora and Mildred called. Jerry telephoned Jane 2.

Mon 7 - Up early to get Jane and Lura D off with Mildred. Painter here and also getting rock wall built. Another scorcher. Made boiled custard tonight. Slept fairly.

Tue 8 - Nancy (25). Up early. Cool in mornings. Shower in PM. Went to WMS at church - to town - to OES tonight. Called on Mrs. Toury. B left late.

Wed 9 - B not home til past 11am. Letter from Joe - coming home July 1. Joy joy. Big rain PM. Walked to town in it to mail letter to Nancy. Gloria called.

Thu 10 - Up early. Wrote Geo. Painter almost finished. Big rain PM as he finished. Hot but go tcooler. B off at 11 - slept well - dreams.

Fri 11 - Up early. Lots to do cleaning etc. B cleaned yard etc. Didn't go to sleep until about 4pm. Slept all night. Very restless. Hot. Slept not so well.

Sat 12 - Made B angel tcake. Boiled custard. Cleaned all rest of day. Town alte for groceries. nancy came about 6:30. G Rawls in while tonight.

Sun 13 - Did not go SS and church. B had to get off at noon. Nancy left at 3. Mrs. Toury over a bit. Bed early. B came in at 12. Slept OK.

Mon 14 - B and i got up early. He worked in garden and left for work at noon. Lonely PM. bed early. B home at 12. Still awfully hot.

Tue 15 - B didn't go to work but started court. Home for lunch. Read all PM. Very hot. Both to bed early. Sprinkled a bit late PM.

Wed 16 - Cooked mustard greens etc. from garden. B in court. Home for lunch. FInished court - went back after supper to finish cases. Too hot to sleep well.

Thu 17 - Up early. B to farm for milk etc. Worked about grounds all day. Miss Roland and Mrs Morton CWS workers in PM while. Took cards to Mr. BIllie Foster.

Fri 18 - B worked in garden - made walk etc. Cleaned up some. Mrs. Goodrich and Jack came home AM. Drssed 2 chickens. Very hot. Slept fairly tho.

Sat 19 - A bit cooler in AM. Finished clenaing up. B went to farm. I went ALA in PM. Shopping etc. Took calomel. Hot.

Sun 20 - Went SS. Children's Day. Got B off to work at 12 after leave. WEnt Mrs. Jennie Towry's funeral with Fosters PM. Hot and dry. Wrote letters.

Mon 21 - Had to rush to get B off at 12. Long, hot PM. Read some. Town late PM. Aunt Jennie came home with me. Slept poorly - hot - she snored.

Tue 22 - Another long, hot, miserable day. Shower in late PM. A little cooler .Slept poorly again. B home at midnight.

Wed 23 - Same old hot, tiresome day. Letter from Joe written June 5 - not started home. One from Nancy too. Can hardly stand the heat now.

Thu 24 - B took Aunt Jennie to Roy's. I went town before breakfast. Stores closed. Fried chicken, beans fro dinner. janie here until bed time. Slept fine.

Fri 25 - B had to leave at 10am. Very nervous and upset. Julie S and little girl here while. Ozelle Hammonds in here PM. Bed at 8. Slept fine.

Sat 26 - Cleaned up - letter from GLoria. She started last night for Cal. B worked with chix. Porch box etc. Dressed 2 chix. Town lat ePM for groceries. shower.

Sun 27 - Up at 6. B and I to SS. Hottest yet. Got B off at 12 after much ado. Shower late PM. A bit cooler. Mrs. Callie Kidd came by . Bed at 8. Slept fine.

Mon 28 - B and I both tired and sick this AM. I went back to bed twice. Got B off at 12. Mrs. Whitaker spent PM fixed reports. Small rain late PM. Bed 8.

Tue 29 - Cloudy - cooler - fixed vines in porch box. Felt little better. Rain PM. Cooler - Callers Mrs. Grides, Sullivan and Moores, McConn. Town late. Jack spent eve.

Wed 30 - Nice and cool. B planted some in garden. I went Prosperity in PM to Tenn Dist Conf. Church societies. Town too. Slept fine. Bed early.

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