Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : July 1943

Thu 1 - Still cool. Wrote some letters. Cut 2 slips - mended. Went Janie's tonight for Margaret's shower. Sprinkled home at midnight. Very little sleep.

Fri 2 - Margaret's baby born prematurely. "M". made jam - jelly - wrote letter for Ozelle H. Mrs. Morton CWS called. Also Mrs. Goodrich few min. Cloudy and showers all day.

Sat 3 - Lots rain. Up early. COuldn't sleep. "M" bad. Cleaned up along all day. Fixed vegetables and chicken for sun dinner. Cora up twice griping. B all upset over Ben.

Sun 4 - B and I to SS. He left at noon. Joan and RP in while. Cora and Mildred later. Wrote letters. A very hot night. Slept poorly.

Mon 5 - Felt terribly all day. Too hot. Cora sent her couch etc. Worked on min of Dist conf til late. Read late. Bed and slept much better. Light shower after dark.

Tue 6 - An awfully hot day adn night. Went town PM to pay bills, then to Missionary Society. Mrs. Toury fitted my rose evening dress. Letter from Lucille.

Wed 7 - Cooler early AM. No "M" today. B too sick to go to work. He went Dr. Late PM. I worked on AL Aux reports all PM. Finished. bed early - poor sleep.

Thu 8 - Up early - B better and went work. Janie spent PM telling her troubles. Mrs Towry fitted dress late. Had swing painted. Picked butter beans late.

Fri 9 - Mr. Ticker painted rock work. Clyde McDill fixed lights etc. Had potatoes dug. Cleaned up some. Practiced OES tonight. Doc called.

Sat 10 - Cleaned up. Dresesed chickens. Made boiled custard. Canned 3 pts butter beans and 4 qts b berries, hung swing. B adn I to town alte, bed early, poor sleep. "Joe Landed".

Sun 11 - B started day shift. Got up at 3am. I went SS and church. RP and Joan in while. B home before 4pm. Jack and Mrs G in late. Wire Joe landed Cal 6:15pm. Called doc.

Mon 12 - Up at 3am and back to bed. Slept poorly. Usual AM work. No cook lunch. Janie and Hub met here PM re: Ben. Matilda BOnnie and girls in while. Big rain.

Tue 13 - Hate to get up at 3. Hardly sleep any more. Washed hair etc. Mrs T finished evening dress. Mrs Peck and Mrs Locke in while. Decorated EOS. mrs Ora Clark initiated.

Wed 14 - Hard front wall fixed. Rain mid PM. No letter from Joe yet. Went prayer meeting at church. Slept better.

Thu 15 - Sent Jane letter and check. Still no letter from Joe. mrs. Twitty in AM. Iva Mae in PM. Finished a lunch cloth, read and rest. Too hot for anything. Bad sleep.

Fri 16 - 10AM - 1PM - sold war stamps in both. SHopped a little. A miserably hot day. Missed prayer meeting. Hurley and Mrs. Toury over whiel late.

Sat 17 - Cleaned up til noon. ALA meeting 2:30pm. Elections officers etc. Home late - visited little. Lula Bruce Hobis slept night. Hottest day yet. Up late.

Sun 18 - Lula went to Janie's. Almost late to SS. *Very* hot all day. A bit cooler late PM. Tried to shower. I went to church alone. Hard to go to sleep.

Mon 19 - Hot as yesterday - did very little. Lida Galloway in while AM. Rain late PM. Town for groceries. Wired Glroia. about to die of suspense.

Tue 20 - No answer from wire. Cut and sewed on pink pnafore for self. Mrs. Twitty in late PM. Gathered vegetables. Cooked supper. *Very hot*.

Wed 21 - Hot early. Report from wire. GLoria gone to Fla. Perplexed more. Sewed on pink dress most of day. Prayer meeting tonight. No sleep for dog. (BIG STAR)

Thu 22 - Another scorcher. Poisoned beans early. Feel sleepy and bad. Sewed in PM. Almost died from heat. Joe called 11pm from Okla. Happy.

Fri 23 - Around in circles. So excited. Ordered service flag and pattern. Finished pink pinafore dress and cleaned up lots. Some cooler.

Sat 24 - Up very early and busy all day. Boiled ham. Baked cake. Boiled custard etc. Joe Gloria and Lucille came in 2pm. All flurry but got through everything.

Sun 25 - Up very early. No help. All went to church but me. RP and Joan for dinner. Several in all day. Small shower in PM. "M" and bad bad headache and backache. Poor sleep.

Mon 26 - Still have headache. Up aerly to get work done. Cooler. Big washing rain. Mrs Ashley spent PM. B fixed front and went farm for milk. Joan and RP in while.

Tue 27 - Cooler. Late breakfast. I went to church at 10. Awful backache. Rain again. Cooler yet town while. No sleep. Almost sick.

Wed 28 - Back still down. Earlier breakfast - Joe having car fixed. Mr and Mrs Presley in while PM. Joe, Gloria and Lucille to Minnie's for supper. Small shower night. Slept fine.

Thu 29 - Feel better early but back still out. Joe and Glo to Mrs Ashley's for supper. Rain again. No sleep at all. Nervous and back hurts so I went church night.

Fri 30 - Back worse - sick all day. Several called during day to see Joe. Rain in PM. Joe and G had supper at RP's then to Nashville for night.

Sat 31 - Back better - cooked most of day. TOwn early for groceries. Service flag came. Nancy and Jane came about 7. Dock and Rubye about 8. Also Bill Hopkins for supper.

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