Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : August 1943

1 Sun - Stream of callers until late bedtime. Jane had to leave 10:55am. Hub for dinner too. Lucy Henry and Jean for supper. Big rain. Lucille went ot Hub's cabin late.

2 Mon - Callers continue - Joe Gloria and Nancy to farm and around. B stayed home from work. Nancy left about 2pm - Lucile went with Doc's - Joe and G almost 5pm. Very lonely - I went to see "Journey for Margaret"

3 Tue - B to work before day - slept fine doing nothing all day. Bachache still. hot - Cordie here late PM. Took clothes - brought sewing.

4 Wed - Back worse, doing very little. hot - bed most of day. Cut dress for Cordie's grandchild. B to farm late for milk and took poison for corn.

5 Thu - Sewed on little dress. Hot. Town AM. Back lots better. At Mrs Toury's while - good rain PM. Missionary Society and birthday party. Took Service Flag. Cooler.

6 Fri - Up early. Lots to do. Churned. Sold stamps at booth AM. Finished dress. B sent up latter part night at Toury's. Poor sleep. Wire re: Dooley's car.

7 Sat - Wire from Joe - said nothing cleared up good. Shelled butter beans and took flowers to church. B started night shift - stayed alone - slept fine. Cora had operation.

8 Sun - Up early - rushed to fix dinner and go SS and church. Mr. I.N. Toury died 8:15am. B slept all day. I went over Toury's - wrote in PM. Doc and Lucille called night. Hot.

9 Mon - Canned 4 pts butter beans. Made pie and biscuit dough for Toury's. Went to Towry's inPM and helped at house. No letter from Joe yet. Miserably hot.

10 Tue - Up early to write. Boiled piece ham. Sick all PM. Lay aorund and read. Unbearably hot. OES tonight. Lots thunder and lightning - no rain. Slept fine.

11 Wed - Canned 7 pts soup mix. Mrs Morton in whiel to talk about Anita S. Went to see Mrs. Toury few min. Another scorcher - hot tonight too.

12 Thu - Got white sheep skin rug from Joe from australia. Had Jane's chest opened - canned 4 pts vegetables. mrs. Twitty in while. Lucille came in at 6pm.

13 Fri - B worked on gutters with plumbers most of day. Dressed 2 chix. Ozelle D Hammonds up in PM Lucile knitted most of day and wrote letters. Slept fine but it's hot yet.

14 Sat - B up early to go for milk. Hottest. Cleaned up. Made boiled custard. Uncle Hub in to see Lucille. Big rain late PM. To church to decorate - rain again in night.

15 Sun - Another scorcher. SS and church. Wrote letters PM. Lucile knit read and slept. Cora and Mildred in PM. Ova M Hutchinson called to see Lucille.

16 Mon - Hot as ever. Letter from Joe and G at last. Lucile town AM. She and I to see Aunt Fannie and Donie all PM.

17 Tue - much cooler. Like fall. Mrs Bonner in while AM also Mrs Goodwich. Lucile and I wnet for laundry and to see Cordie. Lucile to show with Minnie nice and cold tonight. Wire from Joe early Calif.

18 Wed - Cold this AM. Lovely for me. Rested most of day. Lucile knit. B went farm for milk and corn. Lucile got wire from Tourine.

19 Thu - made Lucile cake for her 36th birthday. Letter from Nancy. dressed 2 chix. Tired - a bit warmer. Slept well. No letter from Jane nor Joe.

20 Fri - Made cake for Cordie early. Cooked dinner at noon. B home all day. Lucile to RPs for supper and to Ardemore. Wrote to Press's. Hot. No letter yet. Slept fairly.

21 Sat - Up early - cool. B to farm for milk etc. Cleaned up all AM. Aux in PM. Ms Bonner and children in while. Jane called from Paris. Alone night. Letters today from all 3 kids.

22 Sun - Up early. Cool and lovely. Only SS. Read - dniner alnoe. Wrote letters. Mrs Toury and Wilma over until 11pm. Slept fairly - gaining weight - must diet.

23 Mon - Not feeling so good. Up at 7. Uncle Henry here all AM. Read most of day. Because very hot PM. Jane came on 6pm bus. Cooked chicken and dumplings. Bed very late. Dreams.

24 Tue - Cool in AM. Lucile came AM via Lewisburg. Uncle Henry in again. Read and talked til time to cook supper. Jane to movies with Itasha tonight. Slept

25 Wed - Very hot day - all doing usual things. Letter from Mrs. Waller. Virginia Rhea over late PM. Fried chickens etc. for supper. Bed early - hot to sleep.

26 Thu - Up early - another hot day. Letter from Nancy - Jane and Lucile town AM. All read in PM. Hot night. To Martha's opening dance. Blackout. 98F in shade.

27 Fri - Hot as ever - no relief. B got up at 1 - all ate but feeling sick. Mrs. Bonner in while early PM. Jane washed, ironed and went dance Tullahoma.

28 Sat - Cleaned up - Aunt Jennie spent day. Town to see "Virginia" GOOD SHOW. Doc and Rubye called and came on down tonight. Lucile also called Dick. Bed late - much cooler.

29 Sun - Up early. Cool and nice but hot. Cooking dinner. RP and Joan spent PM. All sat around and burned up. Bed early - troubled sleep - feel sick.

30 Mn - Up early tow rite letters. B home early. Took laundry off. Lay around and read most of day. Jane and Lucile to see RP drill tonight. Bed early - slept.

31 Tue - Very hot. Washed and ironed lots. Mrs. Bonner and Forrest in AM. Cordie and 2 children in PM. Jane to Tullahoma to dance. Jane cut white play suit.

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