Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : September 1943

1 Wed - Up at 7 - Uncle Henry up early also Mrs Goodrich over. Lucile and I to Lucy's for day. Jane came for dinner. Too hot - Jane left 9pm for Patsy Cros's.

2 Thu - Up before 6 - Lucile left 8am. Very lonely - cleaned front bedroom. Mrs. Robertson over few minutes. Hot and close. Rain mid PM. Cooler. Nancy called 11pm.

3 Fri - Called and wire of Knoxville early re: Jane's room. Another call noon. Made 1 little dress for Cordie and took it. Russel Smith died PM. Bed early. B home.

4 Sat - Up at 6 to clean up. Pkg from Lucile. Grapes made 3 qt juice and 3 pt jelly etc. To Russel's funeral 4pm. Rani most of AM. hot too. Jane came home late PM. Mad. Threw fit about room. No sleep.

5 Sun - Up aerly to finish cleaning after restless night by B and I too. 2 qts tomato juice - B and I to SS. He left at 12 noon - new shift. Mrs Toury in - I went Christian Church.

6 Mon - Washed some - Mrs onner in PM. Town to pay bills etc. Started Kitty Foyle tonight. Much cooler. Rain about 5:30pm

7 Tue - Dyed skirt for Jane. On program at Missionary Society. Town too in PM and OES practice tonight. Read some. Cool.

8 Wed - Chily this AM. Made cake dressed 2 chix. Sent Glo's birthday gift and letter to Mrs Andrews. Jane cleaned up. Patsy Cros came 5pm. Cooked supper.

9 Thu - Busy all day - cooking mostly. Finished Kitty Foyle tonight. Cool all day. Cold tonight. I love it. jane and Patsy to see Julia Askins Linville.

10 Fri - down to 50F early AM. Got up early to write - sick with cold. Mrs. Bonner in also Myrtle Pitts and Mary Sharrel. Helped decorate for W.G.M at OES. Jane and Patsy to dance.

11 Sat - Feel terrible this AM - still cold. In bed most of day - cold worse - Jane and Patsy to Soldier's Lounge tonight. Bad dreams all night.

12 Sun - Jane and I to SS and church. Patsy elft on 9am bus. B to work at noon. Bed in PM and wrote letters later. Jane sorted clothes and wrote too.

13 Mon - Uncle Ed in early AM. B off at noon - Jane and I town - Anne Moore in PM. Made pajama pants for Jane and cut little dress for Cordie. Jane to movie.

14 Tue - Washed some early - Jane slept late. B off at 12. Sewed on pinafore all spare time. OES at 8 - sewed late - did not sleep as well.

15 Wed - Sewed all day - Jane washed lots and ironed - ran mid PM. jane to dance at Tulla homa - letter from Mrs. Andrews.

16 Thu - Made 3 little bonnets for Cordie in PM. Rain and lots cooler. Mrs. Toury over tonight a while.

17 Fri - Made cake AM and in PM out on CWS with Mrs Morton and town for groceries. Took Mrs Twitty to FB banquet - cold.

18 Sat = Got up very early after restless night. Cleaned up - made boiled custard and Aux in PM. Cooked hot supper. Bill called Jane 30 min. Nancy and Geraldine G came.

19 Sun - In bed til late. 2 breakfasts late lunch. Jane left on 3:30 bus for Knoxville and Nancy and Geraldine left same time. Lonely - wrote Joe - rain day and night.

20 Mon - Still raining - slept late - forward Jane's letter. B off at noon. Town in PM and to see Martha Phillip's baby while.

21 Tue - Sent laundry and washed a bit. Got B off and visited sick Smiths all PM. No rain but cloudy - warmer. Wrote letters tonight - slept fine.

22 Wed - Ironed some and churned. Town PM to see Recruising Officer re: luaves for Lincoln Co. Called n Mrs White etc late PM. Cleared and warmer. Letter from jane PM

23 Thu - 2 letters from Joe and G. Washed a little, workedin yard - telephoned re: waves, sewed etc. Busy all day. Clear - cool. Wrote letters til late.

24 Fri - B had to go at 6:30am for school at Arsenal. Back to bed - busy cleaning in house and yard. Roberta Whitt 7 and Chief Seruggs in PM re: Waves

25 Sat - B ha dto go early again. I cleaned all day then B and I to farm for milk and to get buttercup bulbs. Read late - have fire every night.

26 Sun - Got up late - B had day off. We went SS and church. Called all PM - on darkies, Aunt Dorie, janie and Guiders. Wrote letters til late - sick in night. Colitis.

27 Mon - Planted big buttercups and reset peonies. Ms Bouner in AM. B off at 12. Town to pay bills etc PM Started "The Robe" tnoight. Letters from Jane and Nancy.

28 Tue - Washed some and got B off at 12. Cut little darkie's dress. Mrs. Will Mothaw in to sell stationary. Philip Warner came home PM. No fire tonight. Read late.

29 Wed - Ironed some - cooked greens - and grapes out. Sewed and mended in PM. Read til late. No fire. Hot in daytime. Sleep better now.

30 Thu - Made 3 qts grape juice - 2 pts marmalade and 4 pts jelly AM. Finished little darkey's dress late PM. Read until late. Very little sleep.

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