Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : October 1943

1 Fri - Julie Shearin here for dinner made blouse for Paolly. Mrs Bonner and recruiting officer here PM. Finished "The Robe" tonight - wonderful. Poor sleep.

2 Sat - Cleaned up. Dressed chicken. B to farm all AM. Anne and Dan Moore here in PM. Town for groceries. Locker, Twitty and I collected Aux dues tonight.

3 Sun - B started day shift - up at 3am. I went SS and church - wrote letters. B home 4pm. Cora and Mildred in late. Mildred spent night. Poor sleep.

4 Mon - Bad nightmare before day - sck most of last night. Cora and Mildred in AM. Wrote letters all AM. Town PM and to Mrs Twittie later. Slept better 1st of night.

5 Tue - Busy about house all Am. Missionary Society and circle PM then collected Aux dues with Twitty, Locker and Pitts. Home alte - letter from Jane and Joe.

6 Wed - Same nightmare before day. Can't go back to sleep after. B leaves. Martha Philips and baby spent PM. had fire in heater (first). Dreams all night.

7 Thu - Up a little earlier. Cold in mornings. Sewed and mended inPM. Also called about Aux dues and Waves - cooked supper.

8 Fri - Slept better and late after B left. After breakfast rushed to help Wave offider all day. Home late. Cooked supper. Read and wrote letters night.

9 Sat - Clenaed all AM. To church to practice Rally - town - cooked supper. Bed early. Slept well. Dreams. Letter from Nancy at last re: L's wings Oct 1.

10 Sun - Up at 7 after B elft at 4. SS and church. Rally - letters PM. Took clohtes to Julie . Cora went to Norfolk.

11 Mon - Sewed all spare time on Polly's dress. She and Bird here late about sewing. Read late - Dream lots every night.

12 Tue - B started court. Made gingerbread. Cut and sewed on Bird's pinafore. B and I to OES tonight. Slept OK. But dreamed about England.

13 Wed - B off to court again. Sewed rain PM and night. Very nervous. Fitted Bird's dresses. Read late. Slept well but dreamed lots.

14 Thu - Clear - not much cooler. Mrs Robertson fixed machine. I sewed lots. B farm all day. Mrs Tom Hutchinson died 1pm. Slept fairly.

15 Fri - Set shrubs all AM. Cooked lunch. Clenaed up. Mr Hutchinson's funeral late PM. Turned cold late PM. Cloudy. Read late.

16 Sat - Cleaned up all AM. B wokred in hay at farm all day. Aux in PM. Cold. Gathered all in gadren late.

17 Sun - B off at 4am - back to bed and up again at 7. SS and church. Big frost AM. Wrote letters all PM. Cooked supper. Read til after 9. Slept fairly.

18 Mon - Cold - washed a bit - finsihed letter writing. "M". dressed chicken. Made kit bags for Red Cross. Cordie in noon. Fitted Bird's dresses. Ground pickle.

19 Tue - Made mixed pickle - sewed etc. Town - over to Mrs. Hurley Toury's while finished 1 dress for Bird. Cooked supper. Very tired. Ready to go to Dickson.

20 Wed - Up at 3. Got B off - cooked breakfast for me, Hub and Lucy, We left for Dickson 5. Nice day - Doc fixed our teeth. Home 4:30pm. Cooked supper - slept well all night.

21 Thu - B off at 4 - back to bed. Up at 7:30 to stay. Sent Jane Geo's letter "Special". Got ration book and wrote Doc a letter. Sewed on Bird's dress. Went to see Aunt Dorie. Collected Aux dues.

22 Fri - Finished Bird's sewing. mrs Morton in while. martha and baby ehere in PM - late about supper. Read late slept fairly.

23 Sat - B to farm early to work all day - clenaed all AM. Town PM with Mrs Twitty to collect dues. Supper late. Dressed chicken. Read.

24 Sun - Up late after B left. Cold and drizzly. SS and church. Wrote letters all PM. Supper and read til 9pm. Don't sleep so well any time now.

25 Mon - Washed several things. Cordie up for greens. mrs Toury brough t over evergreens and sage. Town twice PM. Ironed late. B set shrubs, Supper mended read cold.

26 Tue - Plumber here a whiel early. Churned - sent Geo a letter. Read. Put flower sin basement etc. Supper had last okra and butter beans.

27 Wed - Up late 2nd time. Sewed at Red Cross all day. B home very late. Read after supper - drizzly and cold.

28 Thu - Clear this Am and warmer. Wound thread at Red Cross til PM. Made Aux yearbook at G Rawls. Read late. Slept better but dream lots. Sent Joe's coat to Jane.

29 Fri - Beautiful sunshine. warmer B's last day on day shift. Sewed and read little. martha and baby here PM. mrs Motlow brought stationary. Bed early - slept better.

30 Sat - Dressed chicken - cleaned up warm and clear. B worked all AM in yard. Town for groceries mid PM. B to work at 8pm - night shift - slept well.

31 Sun - Warm - SS n AM. Read most of day - all alone. To church 3pm to SS. techer meeting. Cooked supper - wrote letters - read late - slept fine.

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