Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : November 1943

1 Mon - Up at 7. B home for brekafast. Clear - warm - visited sick etc all PM. Home after dark. Mrs Woodard and Minnie over about war fund. Thunder - last corn from garden.

2 Tue - Read spare time in AM. Rain along most of day. Turned colder. Missionary society PM on Program - read after supper - sick in night.

3 Wed - Sick from 3am on - bowels - up early - cold. Letter from Jane. Hospital to see Matilda. Town while - sewed on litle dress for Kitty - home late - read late night.

4 Thu - Sewed all day for Kitty adn late into night. Warmed up toward night - bed at 12. Wakeful - letters from Nancy and Gloria.

5 Fri - B to bed after breakfast. Up at noon and out to farm - I sewed most of day finished Kittys' 2 dresses - sewed on 3 aprons. Read late. Slept fairly.

6 Sat - Rain in night. Windy too. Cleaned most of day - set tulips etc. B worked on yard and went to bed 2pm. Iw ent town 4pm for groceries. Auxiliary at Mrs Locker's tonight.

7 Sun - SS and church in AM. Cloudy and drizzly - cooler. Wrote letters all PM. Got B off at 8 - read til 11 - rains - slept fine.

8 Mon - Clear and cooler - town in PM to see Martha P and baby in PM. Got B up and off at 8. Jane called excited to death to tell Joe's expecting baby in June 1944.

9 Tue - Letter from Joe telling the "big news". he's thrilled to death and so am I> Cold -r ead by fire - OES with Mrs Toury - good time - party.

10 Wed - Made chocolate pie and went Mrs Caughan's to work on Red Cross Jr Afghans - home via town late. De Witt broughf resh pork in.

11 Thu - Put meat away - sold some etc. Whipped afghan rest of day. Cold - sat up late - Mrs Twitty by late PM.

12 Fri - Worked on afghan and washed a bit. PM went to Byer's nursery in Ala and got 4 evergreens and 2 nandinas to set. Beautiful - pray they'll live and thrive.

13 Sat - Cleaned most of day - telephone calls hindered. Town late and hunted flower snad took to church for Joe tomorrow. B cleaned yard - then town PM. Doc called tonight.

14 Sun - Church decorated for Joe. We had to miss - Doc and Rubye came - also Cora and Mildred. All to Hub's cabin PM. Cora and Mildred spent night. I went to church night.

15 Mon - Cora and Mildred left before day. B to farm for milk. Wrote letters. Town to see Jap sub. Cooked supper. To church for prayer meeting. Mrs Presley led. Rain.

16 Tue - Sewed on aprons - read - town to pay for fuzy locker. Very cold. Cloudy. Sick in night - bowels. B slept fine yesterday and today.

17 Wed - Coldest AM yet. Clear. Mrs Goodrich over early. Finished 1 apron. martha adn baby came in PM. to prayer meeting - Mr Pressley led.

18 Thu - Up early - B drove me to Mrs Peek's. Matilda, Bonnie, mrs Dickey and Mrs Rose Campbell spend day. Fine dinner and good time. Back via town. Worked on prayer program late.

19 Fri - B tullahoma all day re job. Too old. Slept some late PM. I led prayer meeting at church - warm - bed early - slept well.

20 Sat - Cleaned up - B to farm then cleaned gutter. He slept late PM and to work at 8pm> i went town alte PM. Cooked supper - studied SS lesson - slept.

21 Sun - Slept late - fair and warm. SS and church - wasp got after me. Wrote letters all PM. Went to night service.

22 Mon - Fair and cooler - letter from Mrs Waller. Went Mrs Toury's in AM while . Read all PM. Started "Random Harvest". B. awfully sick at stomach. Read late.

23 Tue - Got new hens from Cobble - sold ours. Sewed on Red Cross at Franie Ashima all day - funa dn good dinner. Read late - got 2 eggs - town late - cold - better sleep.

24 Wed - Wshed and ironed late - both cleaned good - tired otnight. Read Random harvest late. Warmer. B slept all day fine. I slept well too.

25 Thu - Church at 6am and at 10am. Went to Lucy's little while - Finished Random Harvest - wonderful. Warmer. B to work at 8pm. Slept fine.

26 Fri - B brought 2 evergreens and 2 elum for yard - set in AM. Read most of day - clear and cool - dry too. Read late - slept like a log.

27 Sat - Slept late - cloudy and warmer. Chagned to middle bedroom - slept very ltitle. First I in ages. Usual Sat work and town late PM etc. Nancy called long talk.

28 Sun - SS and church - B to SS then to work at 12. Changed to 2-10 shift. Spent PM at Lucy's to see baby - church tonight. Wrote letters late. B came in frozen.

29 Mon - Several in all AM. Got B off at 12 - Martha and baby spent PM. Cold and clear - cooked boiled custard in AM. 1 whole year in town and love it better all time.

30 Tue - B sick at noon but went to work. Made Jane's cake PM. Mrs Cummings came very late to fit corset. Read late - cold tonight.

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