Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : December 1943

1 Wed - Town early to get box - mailed Jane's cake. Town to have hair done and get pictures amde PM. Fixed SS recods and went prayer meeting. Taking cold.

2 Thu - Cloudy and warm. RP in few min AM. Lucy and I went huntsville with B sick with cold. Home at midnight. Slept fairly - sprinkled rain all along.

3 Fri - Town am to select proof for pictures. Paid bills - rainy - wrote letters. Sick all day and night severe cold in head. Slept fairly. Took cold medicine.

4 Sat - Sick but cleaned up and went town late PM. Got pictures adn groceries. Aux Xmas meeting at Mrs Jenkins - nice time. B worked on ward reports. Jane 19.

5 Sun - B went for milk and missed SS. I went SS and church. Wrote letters all PM> Clear and warm. Read late B restless I slept very little. Hot

6 Mon - Washed and ironed a little. B stayed home to finish ward reports. Martha and baby spent PM. "M". Made Gloria lunch set and cut out apron and Xmas sox

7 Tue - Worked on aprons most of day. Finished sox - sewed late. Slept poorly - B snores so.

8 Wed - Sewing most of time. mrs Morton, CW worker in PM awhile. Town late for Xmas decorations etc. Sewed very late.

9 Thu - Washed some - finished Gloria's second apron. Town late PM. mrs Hasty in PM. Called Nancy tonight. Cold worse again. Sat up late.

10 Fri - Ironed - cooked chickens and dressing to take to Molina supper. Rough and rainy. Went with Miss Laura H. P. Home about 10. Cold worse. Turned cold.

11 Sat - Got up late - cleaned up. Town at 2:30 to Jr Aux. no one came. Got groceries and came home. Finished cleaning - cooked supper - cold lots worse.

12 Sun - Sick but went SS and church. Wrote letters. Went to Mr. H Wilson's funeral. Wrote Xmas cards etc very late. Cold Don't sleep well for this awful cold.

13 Mon - Busy alld ay. Sold 1 ham. Sewed on lunch cloth. Town late PM. Cold. Letter from Dick re: his 2nd marriage. Cold still bad - very little sleep.

14 Tue - Sent ham to Lucile. B sold old bacon and fresh bones etc. Mailed Joe's pkg. Too sick to get out. Sewed, wrapped gifts etc. Colder - slept fine.

15 Wed - Bitter cold. B had sausage ground. Rachel ate in AM. Served and wrapped gifts. Cut off water tonight - 16F at 10pm. Bed late.

16 Thu - Hung sausage in AM. Wrapped gifts all PM. Wrote xmas cards and letters tonight. 18F at 10:30pm. nancy called 11pm re: her marriage - slept fairly.

17 Fri - Cleaned windows etc all day. Feel better. A bit warmer. made ckae late PM. Made bean bag. Sat up late - slept well.

18 Sat - Up early - cleaned fast. Jane came in at 10:45am. martha and baby here in PM. Town for groceries PM. nancy called - coudln't get here. Up late.

19 Sun - B and I to SS home and cooked dinner. Nancy came 3pm. All sat up til B came in midnight. Slept fine. RP and Joan in PM.

20 Mon - Busy all day getting ready for Tue - mailed Cora's, Doc's, Lucile's boxes. Had our tree and gifts at midnight when B came home. Town PM while.

21 Tue - Nancy elft 9:30am - Cordie came and cleaned a little. Helped fix tree at church - town while went to church tree tonight. Wrote letters in PM. Bed earlier - slept OK.

22 Wed - Washed curtains etc - ironed cleaned kitchen - cooked supper read and served after supper. Tired slept fine. Turned colder tonight.

23 Thu - Made 2 cakes. Much colder. Feel sick - very tired. Jane to Tullahoma to dance. Read and sewed - 20F at 10:30pm.

24 Fri - B to wokr at noon. Jane town PM. Clyde fixed B's light. Moved couch from hall to dinign room. Read late - Jane to Tullahoma to dance.

25 Sat - Joan and RP in to bring gift. I cleaned up most of day. Very tired. Cooked supper for a soldier Jane brought - boiled ham - custard tonight. Rain.

26 Sun - SS. Very few there. Cooked dinner - spent PM at Lucy's. Cloudy adn cooler. B to bed early. I wrote to Joe - much warmer.

27 Mon - B started work at 4am. Back to bed. Then made 2 cocoanut cakes many hindrances. My RA Broadway spend night. She and Jane to movies. No sleep.

28 Tue - Rain early - cloudy alld ay. Mrs Toury over for lunch - Uncle Ed PM. Hub late PB. Jane and M to Tullahoma to dance - wrote letters.

29 Wed - Letter from Joe adn G. Cola dn cloudy. Did nothign much but eat and rest. Jane to Tullahoma to Air Port dance. Slept poorly. Read.

30 Thu - Up 2nd time at 9am. Sent Joe 2 bags sausage. Cold. Cloudy. Ira and Norton in PM. Anne ate supper took late bus to Nashville.

31 Fri - Got up 9 - town mid AM. Lucy for lunch. Jane mad bag. I read lots - finished "Eat & Reduce". Jane to dance at Tullahoma. Very late home.

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