Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : January 1944

1 Sat - Clear - cold - frosty. Pope hotel burned AM. Dick called PM. Cleaned up. Mrs Toury inearly PM. Cloudy PM. Itasca posrt night. ALA at Twitty's. New year note: New year give us victory and a just epace! Black eyed peas for supper.

2 Sun - Rain all day. SS in AM. Itasea left at noon. Wrote letters PM. Jane slept most of day. All to bed early.

3 Mon - Cloudy and drizzly - cold - Jane washed and ironed and went town twice. Letter and pkg to her from Mrs Waller. She took 9pm bus to Knoxville. Up late - blue.

4 Teu - Cloudy, warmer. B off 4am. Blue today. Got up late 2nd time. Uncle FHenry in at noon. Went MIssionary Society and dtown to pay bills. Wrote letters late.

5 Wed - Dark - dreary - drizzly. Got up 9am. Washed lots. Started "DragonCycle". Martha and baby up PM. He messed all over. Read late - slept fine.

6 Thu - Up at 9am. Beautiful sun all day. not very cold. Ironed lots. Finished story. Letter from Rubye and Mrs Waller. Bed ealrier. Slept fitfully.

7 Fri - Clear AM. Cloudy PM. Not very cold. Got up 9am. Cleaned Jane's room etc. PM. Read afte rsupper. Bed 10:30 - dreamed lots.

8 Sat - Up early - small snow on ground. Snowed all day but melted. Town for groceries after breakfast. mrs Twitty by for min. Cleaned up. Letter from Nancy.

9 Sun - Big snow - slick. SS and church. Cold - Mrs Toury over PM. Balmont frozen car wouldn't go this AM. Letters PM. Bitter cold - cut water off - sat up late.

10 Mon - Down to 6F this AM. Car stopped out of town - radiator broke. B and all missed work. Clear - warmed up some. Snow melted a little. Letters from Jane and Lucile.

11 Tue - Warmer and still clear. 2 letters from Joe - 1 from Willa Mae - town early PM. Finished paying couch at last. OES tonight. Big meeting - home late - slept fine.

12 Wed - Hazy - cold. Snow not all gone. Went to see sick Julie S and on to Lucy's for PM. Got Jane's skirt from dressmaker. Bed at 11 and slept fine til 3.

13 Thu - Hazy and cold - up second time at 8. Washed a bit and ironed. Read most of day. no mail all day. B got car out of garage at last. Slept fairly.

14 Fri - Up second time at 8. Cloudy trying reducing diet - fruit and vegetables. Letter from Jane PM. Got my Spenser PM. Cleaned some read - cake late. Rain late.

15 Sat - Up at 8am - rainy and snowy but didn't stick. Cleaned up - dressed hen. Town mid PM washed ironed and mended some. Bed 10:30pm. Bad dreams.

16 Sun - Cold,c lear and beautiful. SS and church. wrote letters all PM. Hopsital late. E Ventress very low. Mrs. Tom Wiley died later. Letter and radio til 11pm. SLept poorly.

17 Mon - Up before 8am. Went to Mrs Taylor's with Joan to spend day. Sent Jane's skirt, shoes etc late PM. Good letters from Joe adn Geo. Very happy. Clear.

18 Tue - Usual AM work. Clear and not so cold. Took Julie soup etc. then to E Ventress funeral - sewed on Nancy's tea towels late. Indigestion in night. B had it too.

19 Wed - Up at7 - sewed before breakfast. clear again. Washed a little - finished 4 tea towels for Nancy. B bought and set 2 pink dogwoods late PM.

20 Thu - Almsot 9 when I got up 2nd time. Town to mail Nancy pkg - letter from her. Cloudy and cold. Read PM and night. Dreams each night - fair sleep.

21 Fri - usual work. Rad some - "One WOrld". Went with Mrs Morton. CWS worker all PM. Faft and about. Jack G over til bed time. Clear warmer.

22 Sat - Cleaned up most of day. B went out farm adn hung meat. He slept all PM. Started on night shift. I slept poorly - dreams.

23 Sun - Another beautiful spring like day. SS and church AM. Letters PM. Church tonight. Letter from Gloria. Bed at 10:30. Restless sleep.

24 Mon - Up at 6:30. Another pretty day and warm. letter from Lucile. Made 2 aprons from old dress. Mrs. Robertson over few minutes PM. Slept better. Changed beds.

25 Tue - Up at 6:15am. Town at 10 to get hair fixed - sewed in PM. OES installation and party for new members tonight. Cloudy and warm. Letter from Jane. Slept fine.

26 Wed - Cloudy and warm. Sewed on tea towels most of day. Very blue. Cut finger tonight. No letters today - sewed late. Talked phone too.

27 Thu - Workd alld ay for ALA with Miss MItchell - $127.50 made. Very tired. Mrs Goodrich and Jack over. Sewed very late - slept well. Little rain. Too hot for fire.

28 Fri - Set 3 lilacs and 1 snowball AM. Little rain early - then cleared - 2 letters from nancy. High School PM and night President's ball. Home 1:30 - tired. Turned much cooler. Slept fairly.

29 Sat - Got up late - cleaned up . Town mid PM. Jane's xmas box from Geo in Italy came PM. Mrs Toury in late - bed very late - ehind all week.

30 Sun - SS and church AM - clear and cold. Forsythia in bloom. Letters all PM and night. Bed at 11. Slept fairly. Telephoned some - B off at 8 in his car.

31 Mon - Up ealry. Town for lots things all AM. Sent Jane a pkg - ring etc. Washed PM. Ironed and cooked supper. Read and wrote letters late. ASlept fiarly.

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