Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : February 1944

1 Tue - Beautiful clear cold day. made pie early and then to Hawes to Mrs Clara Craig's for all day Society on program. Town late to pay bills.

2 Wed - Read in AM. To Mrs N Toury's for lunch and PM. Mrs Pool and Mrs Pokertson also there. Cloudy all day.. Sprinkled late M. Read and sewed late. GH no shadow.

3 Thu - Cloudy - damp - warmer. Sent order to S&R. letters from Cora and Rubye. Cleared PM. Mrs Morton in - Sewed on bib for baby. Bed late - slept.

4 Fri - Up early - clear cool beaitufl. Made coconut cake AM. Dan Moore in PM. organized cW Council at Dr Crocket's Pres. By town - sewed and read after supper.

5 Sat - Busy day - cleared up. Made boiled custard - sausage and other meat taken care of. ALA at Mrs B Foster's. nice meeting. Rain night.

6 Sun - SS and church. Beautiful day. Cool and clear. Letters all PM. Taking cold. Church tonight. Slept badly. Cold worse.

7 Mon - 28 years married + on first Mon. Kept Martha's baby all day. he was fine. Clear most of day. Cold bad in ehad - sewed - slept better.

8 Tue - Rained most of night and still at it. Town all AM looking at stoves for church. Mrs Toury's for coca cola and pie. Rained all night again and hard.

9 Wed - 51 doesn't seem so old now. Sent Mrs Waller pkg. Got fascinator from Jane. Town AM. Cleared by noon. Janie here PM. Ben filed for divorce 7th.

10 Thu - Windy adn cloudy - washed some. letter from Mrs Walle rand Mrs Dale. Bath mat from Nancy. Pillow top from Aunt Jennie. Flowers from Joe. Ironed.

11 Fri - Sewed all day on aprons for Rubye adn Lucile and a kakhi jacket for myself. Nancy came late PM. Turned very cold. Tried to snow.

12 Sat - Cold and snow flurry early then clear. Cleaned up. Nancy slept til 1pm. B to town all PM. Cooked supper and made boiled custard. Colder.

13 Sun - SS and church - 12F at 7am. Grew warmer all day. nancy slept til after church. Wrote letters all PM. Tlaked otnight late.

14 Mon - Rain late in night and most of AM. Cleaned late PM. Town in AM for groceries, outing etc. Nancy sewed on baby blankets and old red hat - bed late.

15 Tue - All up for breakfast at 8:00am. Nancy left at 11. Clear and warmer. Cleaned up adn worked on hat. Fixed all PM for Judge Smart he didn't come. B ahd court all day.

16 Wed - B court and income tax all day. Warm and mostly clear. Sewed all day on aprons. Mrs Raver late PM. Rain thunder and lightning during night.

17 Thu - Rainy and hot - more thunder PM. Frost in May. B cleaned basement. I went PO late. Mailed Joe and Rubye pkgs. Early supper. B went back to work night.

18 Fri - Cloudy and cold - went to Mrs Tourys' for Mulberry H DC big day - Finished Lucile's aprons tonight. Up late. Very little black "M".

19 Sat - Cleaned up most of day - Mrs Twitty in AM. B worked in yard and basement all AM. Took down curtains. Mailed Lucile pk town late - Read til 11.

20 Sun - Rain last night and this AM. B to SS and then home to go to work at 12. I stayed for church. Letters PM. Studied Acts to teach Circle - Church tonight.

21 Mon - Up late - got B off at noon. Went Circle at Church. Taught acts 21-24 - spent PM at lucy's. Home very late. Started reading "Dinner at Belmont". Scared. rain.

22 Tue - Cut and sewed on red striped house dress all spare time. Read some too. Bed late. Warm like spring.

23 Wed - To Mrs Taylor's for all day.. Molivo HDC. Back by town. Finished dress and read Dinner at Belmont. letter from Gloria and Mildred. Bed later.

24 Thu - Washed in AM bath room curtains etc. Cut and made baby kimono PM. No fire all day. Got 12 eggs today. letter from Nancy. Read late.

25 Fri - Ironed, churned, cleaned u psome. Prayer at Southern Pres,church PM. Big rain. Finished baby kimono - read late.

26 Sat - Cleaned and cooked dinner. Cora came about 10am. Town PM. Big rain again. Bought new spring coat. Sat up late. Little sleep. B snored.

27 Sun - Cora went to Mrs Leming's. B and I to SS. B left for work at 12. Wrote letters PM. Cora back mid PM. Packed her things. L in tonight. Sick - no sleep.

28 Mon - Rain all last night and today. Cora left on 8am bus. Sick. Elizabeth Smith died 7:30am. Went down there PM. Bed very early. Slept poorly. Cooler.

29 Finished "Dinner at Belmont". Got up late. Feel terrible. Funeral at 10:30. B off at noon. No good. Cold and cloudy. Worked all PM at Legion Hall for OES. Home late. Tired and sick.

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