Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : March 1944

1 Wed - Clear and cold. Got Cora's furniture ready to move. Cooked 1 1/2 doz apples for OES supper tonight. Helped gain PM. Saw couch late and to Lucy's - sent Cora's furniture.

2 Thu - Washed - clear and cold. Made 1 baby blanked - mended. Sat up late - feel sick - headache - letters from Nancy - Lucile and Gloria.

3 Fri - Warmer - clear AM. Ironed cleaned some. CW Council at Dr Crochett's pm. Cloudy and sprinkled PM. Got new hat - sewed - rain in night.

4 Sat - High wind - alternate clouds and sun. Cleaned up - B to farm AM and income tax report PM. I went town late to Mrs Toury's - ALA at Mrs Twitty's.

5 Sun - SS and church. B to SS and to work at noon. Voted for Pipe Organ at church. Cloudy early - cleared noon. Letters PM church at Southern Pres with Mrs Toury tonight.

6 Mon - Washed a little in AM. Rain most of day - big storm PM - around Molino and elsewhere. Bettie Bledsoe in after school. Bed at 9 - sleepy

7 Tue - Martha and Geo Shearin in early. Ironed some. COD pkg medicine from Pulaski for exzema. LM Society PM. Town late. Crocheted on baby afghan. Cold windy.

8 Wed - Everything frozen - windy - clear. Got B off at 11am. Martha and baby spent PM. Crocheted and embroidered all spare time. Sent Jane a letter.

9 Thu - Clear - calm - warmer. B fixed brooder. TOwn at noon. Spent PM at Mrs Robertson's - embroidered on baby pcase etc. "M" little PM

10 Fri - "M" little. Got B off early. FInished another baby P case. Sent Mrs Waller a letter. Clear and cool. Called lots aobut stoves for church.

11 Sat - Cloudy and cool. "M" more. B to farm for meat and milk. CLeaned up. Town late for groceries. Little rain in night - bed early.

12 Sun - "M" lots - feel terrible. Joe called from Calif - hasto 'go over' soon. SS and church. B to SS and then to work 12. Letters all PM. Went PO late.

13 Mon - Beautiful day. Cool. "M" lots. B to work at noon. Embroidered all spare time on baby sheet. Sat up late. Very blue and feel bad. No letters from kids.

14 Tue - Sewed - cooked dinner. Got B off at noon. Mrs Toury over for quens - Mary D. Hart in for cards. OES tonight. No letters again. "M" little.

15 Wed - No "M" at all. Terrible day. Mrs Toury over early - then RP then Jane on AM bus. Mrs Oscar Pitts spent PM. Garden turned AM - finished 2nd sheet.

16 Thu - Jane and I went farm for mlik PM to LUcy's and out to see Aunt Jennie. Met JB Kidd and church tonight re: wiring. Missed picture show - Jane to dance.

17 Fri - Had to get up early. Couldn't sleep. Got 27 chix from hatchery - cloudy early but cleared. To Lucy's and to see covel at Mrs Lewing's - Jane to dance again.

18 Sat - Worked hard all day - head ache and nervous. Got couch home set flowers - made cake - dressed hen boiled custard after supper. Town tonight.

19 Sun - Got B off at 4am - rain all last night - brooder flooded - Jane and I to SSS and church. Good supper. Went to bus with Jane at 9pm. Bed at 10.

20 Mon - Cold - back to bed after B left sick from eating dressing. Wrote letters. circle meeting PM - then town late. B had tooth filled and took laundry.

21 Tue - Still cold - some sun - feel better. Lucy 50 today. Chix in house. Crocheted an baby afghan. Mrs Woodard in late PM. Late supper.

22 Wed - Cloudy and cold - Mr Winnett starting wiring for elec stove at church am. went to molino HDC meeting at Bonnie Phagan's. Put chix out. Rain late.

23 Thu - Cold - some clouds and sun. Went for groceries and to LUcy's before noon also to church - crocheted lots. Wiring at church finished at last.

24 Fri - Got electric stove in at church. Mr Kitchens fixed my refrigerator and stove here - TOwn PM. Cleared up some late - cooked supper.

25 Sat - B had to go back to work today. I set flowers, cleaned up etc. TOwn PM. Cooked supper - crocheted. Warm and clear - windy too.

26 Sun - Warm adn beautifully clear. SS and church. Letters all PM. Mrs Kidd in late - church and PO tonight. Bad storm in night.

27 Mon - Stormy early - brooder flooded again - tree down in chicken yard. Town PM - some sun late - cooler. Moved brooder etc - crocheted. Tire.d

28 Tue - Big rain in night and all today til late. Brooder flooded - crocheted all day. Jeane Moores down late PM. Cleared a little late. Blue

29 Wed - *Mr. Peck Found dead* AM - raise again 2:30 - day. B off at 4. His car out of order. Cold and windy. Cloudy. Town PM. Hub in late - cleared late.

30 Thu - Clear and cold. Went to *Mrs. Peck's* AM. Church PM to help clean. Crochet Betty Bledsoe in PM. Mrs Robertson too for eggs - bed at 10.

31 Fri - Clear and cold. Up second time at 7:30. Town twice in AM got 2 dawson trees - cleaned rest of day. Warmed up some. Cake late

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