Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : April 1944

1 Sat - Made boiled custard and cleaned hard all day. Clear and warmer. Doc - Reilys adn Mrs Ward arrived at 6 - steak dinner - tired.

2 Sun - Got B off at 4 - second breakfast at 8. Missed SS and church. Doc went all around to see folks. Dinner 1:30. To Mrs Oscar Pitts mid PM. THere they left in rain.

3 Mon - Clear - cold - washed. Town to pay bills. Crocheted ironed late - several * in so hard very late supper - bed 10:30

4 Tue - Clear - cold. Crocheted lots. No word from Joe. Martha and baby spent PM - late supper washed hair after supper.

5 Wed - Dressed 12 eggs and made salad to take to church. Presbytarial all day - town late. Ice cold all day. Clear. Worried over Joe.

6 Thu - Ice again but grew warmer. Letter from Gloria from Jax. Blue all day. Mrs Toury over AM. Made Kitty a blouse. Joe gone over.

7 Fri - Warmer - Mrs Toury over AM again - crochet - blue. Lucy's PM and by town for groderies. Lots done on baby afghan.

8 Sat - Rain all AM - warm to Mrs Kidds to Egg hunt for SS kids. Town late and to florist and cemetery. Got curtains home clean.

9 Sun - Clear and warm - B off at 4am. Got up at 7:30 - SS and church. Letters PM - to see Aunt Dorie lots rain PM. Church and to Mrs Toury's tonight.

10 Mon - Clear and warm. Letters early. Mrs Toury and Mrs Twitty in AM while Town to Lucy's PM. GBig cloud. Sent Jane peanuts - B sick.

11 Tue - Rain hard before day. B too sick to go to work. Read and studied am - hada all program Missionary Society PM. Went OE S tonight. Cooler in night.

12 Wed - Cooler today - worked on Polly's dress all day and til bedtime. B no work but better. Cloudy mostly - clear late. Heard Jane broadcast. Sick in night bowels.

13 Thu - Clear and warmer - washed and dyed old pink dress. Cut and sewed on another for Polly. Took calomel tonight - bad dreams all night.

14 Fri - Last day of this awful early rising. Clear warm windy. Sewed on Polly's dress. Sent baby things to GLoria in Jax. Rain early tonight.

15 Sat - Cleaned up. Cordie and Polly here AM. B planted corn - slept little in M. Started night shift. Rain early tonight and turned cooler.

16 Sun - Cool enough for fire. SS and church AM. Hospital PM with Twitty's to set M Bledsoe etc. Mrs Goodrich and Jzack in til late - rushed B fof at 8.

17 Mon - Cloudy adn cold. Sewed on Polly's dress - letters from Jane and Glo Crass from Rubye - church at Mrs Welch PM. Dogs got in chix - B lost watch etc - awful PM

18 Tue - Big electrical storm about 4am. Cool, cloudy. Sent S & R order. Cut Doll's dress - back still down. Sewed and town PM. Cross and horse from Nancy.

19 Wed - Back bad. Mrs Toury over early to fit dresses for Me. Warmer. Sewed - churned - helped at OES supper - tired. Rain in night.

20 Thu - Cut and made jumper for Kitty. Still warm. Crocheted late. Got B off at 8. He worked some in garden.

21 Fri - Cleaned lot. Mr Winsett tried to unstop sink - no luck. Mrs Morton in PM - also Janie Hall re baby. Church tonight. Presbyter

22 Sat - Town early for groceries. Had 4 Pes delegates for dinner - B home. Church tonight. B to work . slept fine. dreams back still bad. hot as summer.

23 Sun - rain all AM. Went SS and church. Willie Hayes preached. Letters PM. Cold. Mrs Toury here while late PM. Supper and back to church - J Calvin Smith preached.

24 Mon - Cool this AM - town to PO and bank. Letters. First greens from garden. Back still bad. Fixed brown check silk dress - crochet - bed 10:30

25 Tue - Clear and warmer - no fire. Did big washing - ironed late PM. Sewed on Doll's dress alls pare time. B left early to drill.

26 Wed - Back some better. Cordie and I cleaned front bedroom and hall. Also rugs. Big rain and lightning lots PM. Cooler - slept fairly.

27 Thu - Off at 9am on tour ofdemonstration farm - all day. Late PM went to see Bily Foster. Sitters tonight and worked on subs list journal mission.

28 Fri - Cleaned up some - Sewed on Doll's dress. Simmons put felt on back hall - all townup to paint - cooler. Back awful.

29 Sat - Town early for paint. Man worked all day. Too tired to live. Bed early - slept fine - cool clear weather.

30 Sun - SS in AM then to LUcy's for while. Clouds, sun and windy. Wrote letters. Back hurts awfully bad. Put some furniture in place.

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