Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : May 1944

1 Mon - Cordie came and we cleaned all day - got new linoleum rug for dining room back bad. Tings almost in place.

2 Tue - B to farm for mlik, meat chix. Cordie helped til noon. Jane came 10:45am - Bill Dale at 6pm. B late getting off - Jane and Bill to carnival. Back better.

3 Wed - Jane and Bill on picnic all day - I rested some - Mrs Morton in Jane and Bill left on 9pm bus. Ira and Morton spent night - rain.

4 Thu - Ira and M left mid am. 2 letters from Joe overseas - rain alld ay and night. Back got worse again. No rest and ease.

5 Fri - Cold - cloudy - town twice. B slept some then worked on yard. Miss Poland and Mrs Morton in PM. Bed early but no sleep.

6 Sat - Cleaned up. Town AM - cold cloudy rain. Mrs Ventress came PM to help. Aux meeting here - 10 present - hip kicking me. No sleep.

7 Sun - Frost this AM. Clear. Toss - letters PM - miserable with my hip. Sciatica. Bed before 8. No sleept. Took dope too.

8 Mon - To Dr Patrick early. Got rest medicine and eczema medicine. Made Kitty a dress. Hurt all day. Bed early and slept some - pain awful. Ring from Rubye.

9 Tue - Awful pain in leg early - wrote letters - warmer. In bed most of time - leg getting worse.

10 Wed - Sleep very little - in bed most of time - barely able to fix breakfast and get B off at night. Letter from Joe.

11 Thu - still awfully sick. Mrs Toury brought strawberry shortcake. Bed and pain all time - day and night.

12 Fri - Managed to get breakfast. Cordie came in PM and cooked. Went to Dr FLoyd chiropractor late PM for treatment. Bad night.

13 Sat - Hot. B cooked breakfast. Cordie came at noon and cooked late lunch and cleaned. Dr FLoyd for another treatment - better.

14 Sun - Able to cook breakfast and lunch but still suffer some - nice gifts from all for MOther's Day. B started new shift at noon - letters PM

15 Mon - "M" last night hurt bad. Dr for treatment AM. Mrs Toury too Joan took us - clear - hot - rested well PM but bad night again.

16 Tue - Dr again. Hurt awful AM. Better PM and early night. Then suffered til mid AM. Letter from Jane. Mrs Toury brought and Mrs Robertson greens

17 Wed - Hurt bad til after breakfast. Mrs Twitty in while. B left before 11. Slept til after 2. Mr Presley in PM. Mrs Goodrich brought ice cream. No sleep.

18 Thu - Worse all time. B went for Dr Stewart AM. Rested better PM - but he had to come at midnight to give me hypo

19 Fri - Cordie came AM and worked. Mrs Goodrich PM flowers Mrs Robertson and Lucy tonight. Mrs Toury brought dessert. QAwful night.

20 Sat - Cordie came AM wokred and ironed gowns. RP in. Went to hospital mid PM. Shower very hot - hypo for rest - no sleep.

21 Sun - Rested fairly in hospital ward - D Smith Bigham's baby came PM 5:45. Ira Morton Ann Janie ALma Askins and late others in.

22 Mon - Moved to room downstairs very comfortable - slept most of night. Sara and Mrs Dr McCann. Mr Presley. Mrs Ralph Askins called - letters Geo and JP

23 Tue - Getting better - slept without medicine. Dr Stewart didn't come otnight. Sara Campbell my nurse.

24 Wed - Home in AM and so glad. Very hot. Janie Hall - Mrs Presley Rose Foster, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Toury in - Cordie here AM.

25 Thu - Minnie sent plant - got crutches - Cordie came early. Mrs Woodard and Minnie here PM - Mrs R fixed supper.

26 Fri - Cordie here all AM - Matilda and Jim PM - drinks. Mrs R and Mrs Goodrich in late to lock up etc. - slept best yet.

27 Sat - Cordie gave me hot bath feel much better. B home all ay - fixed our lunch and supper. Ann Moore in PM - poppy day.

28 Sun - B fixed breakfast and lunch - work at noon. I listened to radio in dining room andletters PM. Mrs Toury, Eunice Simmons - Janie Iva etc

29 Mon - Gertrude brought ice cream Mr Pressly came too - Mrs R fixed my supper and locked me in . Rain night - slept fine.

30 Tue - Lonely day - no mail. Wire from Mrs Waller re: visit. Mrs H Toury over late and Mrs R later. Tried to call Jane - line out.

31 Wed - Wired Mrs W to come on. Medicine and letter from LUcile. Mrs Commons, Goodrich, Woodard Wagster adn Mrs R. Walk on chair.

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