Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : June 1944

1 Thu - Jane didn't come. No letter from Joe. Blue all day. Len Hayes and Cordie's kids in. Very little sleep.

2 Fri - Jane came 10:45am Mres Presley and little Jo called. Jane paid bills and sent a special to Mrs Waller.

3 Sat - Mrs Twitty called AM. Mrs Toury brought candy - Mrs Simmons and Aline peaches. Mrs Lawson Myers after supper. Wlaked little.

4 Sun - Jane to church - B to work at noon. Both wrote letters all PM. Read "Apostle". Loked for wire re: baby.

5 Mon - Jane washed ironed waxed floors. B helpedme fix flower box and clena porch. Put afghan together. Hurly Town late.

6 Tue - Invasion D Day. news all day. Cordie didn't come. Jane sewed and went town. Mrs Twitty in PM - Jane to Tullahoma to dance.

7 Wed - Cordie came. Cleaned up. Mrs Thompson called 1:30pm - "First grandchild born 10:45am - all happy and excited" Up all day both shoes on.

8 Thu - Cordie, Jane and I worked all day. Cleaned. Made cake, b custard, have Martha and baby. Mrs Twitty, Mr Pressly in. Jane met Mrs Waller late PM - up late.

9 Fri - B, Mrs W and Jane went for fish. Mrs Tocher in AM. Mrs Morton Mrs Higgins PM. Mr and Mrs Presly night. ALl sewed and sat up late to talk. Hot.

10 Sat - Up early - can't sleep well nervous but feel better all time. Jane and Mrs W sewed all day. B to farm and town. Matilda, Mrs Robertson adn Mrs Toury called.

11 Sun - B started day shift 3am. I slept on lent got up at 7 - Jane gave Mrs W corsage. They went church. Hot. RP andJoan in PM - up late.

12 Mon - Cordie late - Jane washed ironed. Town several times - brought Martha's baby up - they left for U.T. at 9pm - bed earlier - slept well.

13 Tue - B starts court today. B 56. Made him angel cake. Cooked lots rain PM. Mrs W and B to farm late. B got money from Nancy.

14 Wed - B up early to set tomatoes. I got up 6:30 - rain - hot. Made blanket for Janie Hall's baby. Bed late. Mrs W and I talked.

15 Thu - B left early for work. Mrs W and I up earlier than usual. She to town after breakfast - Mrs Twitty, Luce Mrs Goodrich called. Big rain noon. Mrs W left tonight.

16 Fri - Up at 7am. B went to work at 4am - Alone for first time in 2 weeks. Letter from Jane and Nancy G Rawls brought her baby to see me.

17 Sat - Cordie came to clean hot and clear. Joan brought Ann Powell B cleaned basement and yard. Town Alice Simmons over tonight. Above 90

18 Sun - Awful heat continues. Slept late. Wrote letters msot of day. 90 all PM. Gloria called B at 4pm. Hot all night.

19 Mon - 92 all PM. Cooler in night. Cooked plums - cleaned stove and ice box. Press came late PM. Cooked supper. Slept fairly. Letter from Jane.

20 Tue - Much cooler - made plum jelly and marmalade. Dinner for Press Chas, Margaret, Mildred and Hub - good. Sent pkgs to Jane and D. Waller. Cold night.

21 Wed - UP at 3 to get B off. Cool in AM. Hot PM. Press went to Rachel's late PM. Chas and M back to Nashville at noon. Slept fine - all tired out.

22 Thu - Cooked B's breakfast at 3am then slept til 9. Sent ALA history report. Mrs Twitty adn Matilda in. Very hot. Could hardly sleep. Doc called.

23 Fri - Press came ack AM. Hub too for dinner - 96 in shade but breeze. Slept better. Called Doc all tired out. "M" very little AM.

24 Sat - Hot as ever but breeze. Aunt Jennie and MIldred came AM. letter from Mr. Waller. Made boiled custard. M little. Cooler tonight. Slept better.

25 Sun - Cool AM. Still M little. Doc, Rubye, Mrs Ward, Carrie SHarp and Hub for dinner too. Houseful all PM - feel fairly well. Cool to sleep.

26 Mon - Still M little (black). Pressleft 4am with B. Wrote letters early. Cool AM. Cordie and I cleaned, washed ironed - polished silver - etc. Rested PM.

27 Tue - Back to bed after B left 4am. mrs Twitty in early - also Mrs Callie Kidd to bring check - "Reading Apostle". No "M". 94 PM Fine night of sleep.

28 Wed - Town AM to Dr for checkup - 70. Shopped some. Finished POlly's dress and cut my pinafore red stripe. Church tonight. Nancy came on 9pm. Pres - bed late.

29 Thu - Nancy town AM. She cut my black sheer. I sewed on pinafore. Went CW. Com. meeting at G Rawls' PM 92F. Little rane late PM. B and Nancy to Pres.

30 Fri - Up early - cooler. Cordie came to help good dinner. I went town am for groceries. nancy and I sewed most of day. Letter from Joe re: his baby. B and I to church tonight.

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