Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : July 1944

1 Sat - up early - town for groceries. Hat trimming etc. Cleaned up some. Cordie helped - hot up in day. Nancy finished black sheer. Aux at Mrs Boyd's.

2 Sun - SS and church. Nancy to church. Cordie cooked good dinner. Hot. Helen and Ma Lindsay came PM. Nancy to PO and to see Minnie tonight.

3 Mon - Cooler. Town to pay bills early. Lynnwood called - not coming. Nancy cut her dress. I put buttons on blue striped dinnity. FIrst corn rain.

4 Tue - Cooler after rain. Cloudy all day most - Cordie cooked dinner. RP came by AM. Martha and baby came PM. B having malaria again.

5 Wed - Cool - up early. Joan took Nancy to bus 10:55am - then came back until 2pm. Wrote letters all PM and read. Very lonely - all company gone. COoked supper.

6 Thu - Slow rain from 3:30am. Very cool. Letter from Gloria can't bring baby soon. So disappointed. Sewed on pinafore - cleaned bedroom.

7 Fri - B sick - stayed home from work. I clenaed some - Finished pinafore late PM. Sewed on B's uniforms picked butter beans late. Getting hot.

8 Sat - Sold V cook books 10:30 - 12:30. Very hot and tired. Cleared up PM. Sewed and read some. B better and started night shift at 8pm. Slept fine.

9 Sun - Up early - SS and then over to Southern Pres with Janie W and Mrs RObertson. Very hot. Letters all PM in kitchen. B slept well. Jack and Mrs Gower after supper.

10 Mon - Up early after good lseep. Washed a little and rest most of day on "Apostle". Shower in PM. Good rain at farm. B didn't sleep much.

11 Tue - Up at 6am. Good sleep last night. Finished Apostle - started New Testament. B left around 6pm to drill. Went OES. Good crowd. letter form Joe, card from Nancy.

12 Wed - Shower about 6am. Cloudy most of day. Town AM to register etc. Read story "illegitimate" - good. Card from Jane. Back hurt all day.

13 Thu - Feel bad this AM. Up early - read some. Made Jimmy Rawls 2 bean bags. Mrs Jenkins called by after supper. Cloudy and warm.

14 Fri - A bit cooler. Town am for new black pt slippers. Church to fix my SS charts, books, etc. Read PM. B slpet little. L in tonight. No good.

15 Sat - Up early - cleaned up. Made boiled custard - worked til mid PM. Tired and very hot. B left 8pm for work - slept but had bad dreams. F.G.

16 Sun - Up early to cook breakfast. SS and church. Letters all PM. Church and to PO tonight. Bed slept fine in spite of heat. 96 PM

17 Mon - Not quite so hot. Shelled butter beans. To circle and town in PM. Started "Seventeenth Summer" after supper. Read late. Hard to go to sleep.

18 Tue - Usual AM duties. B to bed about 10am. Read - finished "Seventeenth Summer" - good. B left 2 his early. Over to neighbor's Simmons tonight.

19 Wed - Several called before I got up to tell Dr. Whitaker died 2am. "M" Mrs Twitty in early. Went to WHitaker's PM and town. Very hot. Gertrude and Jimmie came late PM.

20 Thu - "M" lots. Cool in AM. Jane came at 10:45. I made boiled custard and banana pudding. B to Dr. Whitaker's funeral and then to bed - sprinkle early evening. Bed late.

21 Fri - Cooler - up early. Jane and I to see Joan, Dorothy Bigham - town et. Jane to dance at Tullahoma tonight. B home - bed after 10. Cold.

22 Sat - Cleaned up adn cooked lunch. B to farm to work til noon then town PM. Got 25 white chix. "M" little allday. Headche all day and night. Cool. Dream Julie.

23 Sun - Jane and I to SS then I went Southern Pres for church. Letters. B slept all day. Alina Hovis and Bob in PM. Jane to TUllahoma for dance PM and night. Cool but getting warmer.

24 Mon - Mrs Buck Gray came in AM for about an hour. Mrs OB Pitts and I spent day with Mary D Hart at Petersburg. Fine time. Home late. Jane sewed.

25 Tue - Up early - wrote Alva Hovis and told her I couldn't take Charles. Got Julie's pictures yetserday PM - so cute. Jane town twice - sent Geo a box. I started to homestitch her sheet. Hot!

26 Wed - Awfully hot and dry. Can hardly bear it. Hemstitched on Jane's sheet all spare time. Finsihed Martha and baby here late PM. Getting stove wood from Walker.

27 Thu - Hot as ever. B to farm for milk etcl. Jane sewed all day - finished blue evening dress. CW Council at G. Rawer PM. To Mrs Twitty's late. Made rolls.

28 Fri - Up at 6:30. Seems cooler. Finishing lunch cloth from sack. B slept some. Cooked supper. Jane to street dance Tullahoma. Sick all night stomach and bowels.

29 Sat - Cooked breakfast and back to bed all day - so sick and hot. B to farm all AM. Jane fixed brunch and supper. Took medicine to sleep.

30 Sun - Able to cook breakfast go G.S but not to church. Feel terrible. Letters PM. Cool and cloudy but close and cmothery. Sprinkled late. Bed early. Slept fairly. No "M".

31 Mon - Up usual time. Cloudy and cool AM. Called lots about Children's Day next Sunday. Mrs Louie Parkinson died AM. Read PM. Cooked supper. Bed 10:30 - sick stomach again.

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