Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : August 1944

1 TUE - Up 6:30 after fair sleep. Nice shower midday and another early evening. Went to Mrs Parkinson's funeral 5pm and by Mrs Toury's. Mrs Twitty in early evening and Mrs Toury later. Jane to dance.

2 Wed - Up at usual hour after good sleep. Town all am to pay bills etc. Read PM and night. Jane getting restless. Bed early. Good sleep. Cooler but still need rain.

3 Thu - Up early. B to farm for milk and corn. Card from Mr Waller. Mrs W still ill. Town to vote PM and to PO and cleaner. Jane to dance Northern Field. Mrs Twitty in after supper. Showers PM.

4 Fri - B to farm early - ed late AM. Ruth Eddins in at noon. Jane to town. B home til Sun noon. Sgt Martin called Jane tonight.

5 Sat - Showers alone all day. Cleaned. Church to practice Children's Day. Town. Sgt Martin called Jane again. To Mrs Twitty's for Aux. B to Legion meeting. Hot.

6 Sun - Rainy and close and hot. Children's Day went fine. B started new shift at noon. Letters PM and night. Ruth Eddins for supper. She and Jane to dance Tullahoma. Nearly Smothered.

7 Mon - Jane has known Geo three years. he's in Italy. Lazy, hot, close day. Did o unnecessary - Jane town late PM for staupe and ice cream.

8 Tue - Up at 7am. So awfully hot Missionary Society PM. To Lucy's to take Philips birthday presents. Letter from Joe saying he's Maj. OES Tonight. Ruth Edding spent night.

9 Wed - Got B off before 10. Churned early. Wshed spread etc. Jane to town PM. Restred, read some and did nothing. Bed early. Mosquitoes bothered.

10 Thu - Up at 7 - Cool in AM. Jane town AM. Her pictures came from Knoxville. She didn't like them. Wrote letter to Mrs W and sent picture for paper. Jane Tullahoma dance.

11 Fri - B to Dr 9am. Dissatisfied with his diagnosis. Dan Moore in PM. Jane went home with him and Ann for night: Another hot and dry day. Slept fairly.

12 Sat - Cleaned up most of day. B to farm to work AM. Jane, Dan and Ann back PM. Jane went to Lake to swim - too hot to sleep.

13 Sun - Jane and B and I to SS. Then Jane and I to Southern Pres for church. Letters PM. Hot and lonely day. Jane restless.

14 Mon - Jane up early and sewed all day. She went town PM and I went later. Hot in PM.

15 Tue - Jane dyed blue slip etc adn sewed all day Went Tullahoma to dance tonight. She got letter from Harry. Letter from Joe written Aug 7 - going to combat.

16 Wed - "M" lots and feel bad. B left early. Jane sewed all day on red suit and apron. I read and listened to war news. Host. Bed after 10 - slept fine - dreams re: Julie.

17 Thu - Sent Lucille card and money for birthday - showers early. B to farm for milk. Good rain before noon adn showers all PM. Janie Warren and Mrs Faurie Moore spent PM. Cool to sleep. "M".

18 Fri - "M" very little in AM. Much cooler. Cooked very little. Did band work on Jane's apron. Jane town AM and movies PM. Listened to all war news. Good.

19 Sat - Lucile 37 - Jane and I cleaned up. Bob stone and mother came by after lunch. Jane to Myra's at Tullahoma on bus PM. Town late for groceries. Red late - slept fine.

20 Sun - B to farm for milk, corn etc. I to SS then home to get B off before 12 noon. Past Matrons here PM. Letters. To see Mrs Toury PM late. Bed late. Hot in PM. Cool nights now.

21 Mon - RP and Joan in early. Jane came home early too. Heard Harland Switch killed in France. Went Aunt Dorie's PM. Jane to town. Rain AM. Cooler. Slept fine.

22 Tue - B went Dr for liver shot for anemia and then to work. Jane cut and sewed on red ajcket. I read and listened to war news.

23 Wed - Good war news in France. Listened most of day and read news. Ht in PM. Sent picture of Joe to be made. Letter from Gloria, slept fine.

24 Thu - Letter from Mrs Waller. Wshed a little. Jane to movies PM. Read and radioed lots. hot PM. Cool nights and mornings.

25 Fri - Busy about lunch AM. Town PM late. Read nad listened to war news til 10:30. Dreamed about Philip Warren. Changed the 3 chests around.

26 Sat - Cleaned all AM. Jane town early to shop. She sent Geo 2nd pck PM. B to Dr AM and town all PM. Shower all day - cool. Slept with B and no rest.

27 Sun - SS and church. Nice and cool B to work at noon. Letters PM and night. Jane to Tullatoma to dance. Dick called. Really cold. I and L in . Pretty good. Slept better.

28 Mon - Cool all day. To circle PM. Martha and Philip came. Then Mrs Toury. Mary Bledsoe and Myra. Also Poll and Kitty. Read late. Slept better alone.

29 Tue - Got B off at noon. Cut and almost finished Kitty's jumper. Listened to war news and read. Picked greens late PM. Mary Nell here for eve. She and Jane to show. She went home. L in.

30 Wed - Got B off before 10. Cooked turnip greens. RP and Joan unexpected for dinner. Mary Nell back for supper adn spent night. Sprinkled - very nervous. L. in.

31 Thu - Up early to get Mary Nell to work. Mrs Twitty in. Rain most of PM. To Dr Crochette's for CWS council. Jane to dance Tullahoma Sat up late. L in 3. Good now.

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