Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : September 1944

1 Fri - Coked all AM. Fair mostly hot again. Made cake PM. Mrs Pressly & 2 grandchildren came late. Jane to Tullahoma. Joan here til midnight. Slept fine alone.

2 Sat - Awful day - *hot* - hard work all day. Cleaned. Made b custard. Boiled ham etc. Aux at Mrs Baites tonight. Good meeting. Bob (soldier) over to see jane.

3 Sun - Up early to start B off at 4am. Back to bed but little sleep. SS and then home. Doc and Rubye came around 11am. Hub for dinner too and RP and Joan for supper.

4 Mon - No mail. Another scorcher. Same for dinner. Cordie helped both days. Doc and Rubye left about 5pm. Bed early - slept better but up several times.

5 Tue - Jane washed - 2 letters from Joe. Mary Sloan came at noon. She and Ruth Eddins for supper. All girls got bus to Tullahoma for dance. Very tired. Some cooler.

6 Wed - Worked all day on refreshments for big OES tonight. Mrs Twitty and Locker helped after school. Jane and 3 other girls initiated for GM visit. Big night. Much cooler.

7 Thu - Nice and cool. Got B off at 3am then slept til 8. Washed lots. SS picnic at 5pm. Bob soldier to see Jane and for supper - she fixed it. Martha and P rep.

8 Fri - Ironed and defrosted ice box. Cooked supper. Jane to Nashville with Joan and RP. *Threw fit as usual*. Cool but didn't sleep so well with B.

9 Sat - B to farm for milk etc and back to work rest of day. Moved chix. Cleaned up. Town late PM. Cooked supper. Joan called from Nashville.

10 Sun - SS and church. Nice and cool. Letters PM. Quiet PM. Lovely. Cooked B's supper. RP and Joan brought Jane in about 9 with new coat etc. Dreams.

11 Mon - Slow rain last night and all day. Washed some - made Dick jam and jelly. Jane sewed on red jacket. Town late PM. Cooked supper - Jane and Mary Nell Perry's for night. "M". Geo called.

12 Tue - Ironed - made jelly and chocolate pie. Radio adn read PM. Martha and baby up - rain all along. EOS tonight .Jane spent night at Lucy's. Sold hens.

13 Wed - Made cake and more jelly AM. Feel so bleu and dejected. Jane packing for school. Sent L Lee a cake. Jane spent night at Ruth Eddins.

14 Thu - Jane home early. Went to have hair cut and set. Finished her red suit. Reading "Above Suspicion" fine. All to bed early.

15 Fri - Jane left with B before 4am. Slept til 8:30. Busy all day. To F. B. Barbecue tonight. Took Mrs Twitty home late. Slept fine.

16 Sat - Warming up some. CLenaed up. Town PM. Bought black dress and hat. Hot cooking supper. Bed early. Dreams but slept.

17 Sun - SS and church AM. Warmer and beautifully clear. Southern Pres in PM. Mr and Mrs Hurley Toury over. Grier came here to get bus for dance. Letters til late.

18 Mon - Busy all AM. Washed PM. Town am. Cooked supper. Very hot. To Mrs Welsh's to joint circle. mrs Presley and Josie brought me home. Up until 10:15.

19 Tue - Ironed - churned. Mrs Toury over twice. Mended. Very tired. Hot. Cooked supper - read. Slept fairly.

20 Wed - Dyed Jane's evening dress. Very hot and humid these days. Doc caleld otnight re: Jane's picture in paper for announcement.

21 Thu - Town early to get things for Joe's Xmas box. Hot again. Made kits for Joe. B painted on little bed for Julie.

22 Fri - Cooler - cleaned Jane's room good. Very tired. B fainted on bed in PM. Bed early - lots of dreams.

23 Sat - Cleaned up - cooler. Church PM to pradctice Rally. Letters from Jane and Geo. got Julie's pictures. Town late PM. Slept poorly with B. I. Dreams.

24 Sun - Up early. B changed off day on Sun both to SS and church. B to farm for milk and fresh corn before church. Cooked dinner then letters. Jane's announcement in Sun. Tenn.

25 Mon - On phone lots re: Jane's picture. Cloudy - cool - patched PM. Town most am. Sent Joe 1 XMas pkg. Letter from Mrs Waller. Helped wrap boxes for church to europe.

26 Tue - Phone again most of AM. Washed lots. Curtains spread etc. Warm. Alince Simmons over late - ironed some. Cooked supper. B not feeling well. Fell this AM.

27 Wed - Hot. Ironed all AM. Then to see Julie Shearing dead and back to town mended PM. Mr and Mrs Twitty in night re: Aux membership. Committee at Cecil Green's.

28 Thu - Up late - hot. Put out bedding to air. plumbers here - water off. Worked on SS books and charts. Hot - soem clouds. Rain most night. Read and radio til 10:15. Slept fine.

29 Fri - Rain along all day. Hot - close hindered all day Worked AM at Legion Bldg on clothes for Europe. Ina, Aunt Morton here PM. Pkg from Mrs Waller.

30 Sat - Wokred hard from very early to late bedtime. Very tired. Cooler. Late took charts etc to church. Washed hair made boiled custard etc after supper.

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