Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : October 1944

Sun1 - very early Gloria called to say reservations cancelled til Wed. B and I to SS and church. Cooked dinner after. Hot. to work at 8. I to church. Mr. Presley's 20 yr out

Mon 2 - workd all day. town for groceries. b slept very litt.e RP in twice. Went to Nashville for Gloria. Jlie and Mrs Thompson arrived here 8:30

Tue 3 - played with Julie all I could - sweetest thing on earth. Mary called to see her. All Presley. Mrs Robertson. Thelma Tony etc.

Wed 4 - Same all day - did all I could find time for. Mrs Goodrich Mrs Twitty came to see Julie. Cordie cooked super - hot again.

Thu 5 - Little rain before day. Doc called to Ray Tommie died 6am. No further news all day. Town PM for groceries. Hot. Cordie fried chicken agan.

Fri 6 - Hot all day - sick with cold. Julie fretful too. B n good sleep. Glo and Mrs T went town AM. Tried to call Lucille at Dr Tomkins - Rubye called.

Sat 7 - Up early. Worked all day. cleaned. boiled ham. made cake and oiled custard. Jane came 10am. mrs T and I to Aux at G Rawls.

Sun 8 - Worked hard and got off to SS. Doc and Rubye came. joan and RP for lunch too. Talke to Lucille before noon. Hard time getting dinner served.

Mon 9 - Colder.43 early AM. Town to wire Nancy - get roceries etc. Mrs Ashly Mrs H Toury Mrs Asian Pitts Uncle Ed Sam Lesso and V Jobe all called to see Julie.

Tue 10 - B started court. Julie cross all day and night. All upset over return trip reservations etc. All slept poorly. cold - fires.

Wed 11 - Cordie saw ice early. Joan and RP for dinner noon. Lucy came early then Ira. Gloria to town for things for Julie. Bed at 10.

Thu 12 - Busy all AM getting visitors off right after noon. Joan and RP for lunch. So lonely after all left - cleaned room cold and cloudy rain night B back to work 8

Fri 13 - Miss little Julie so. Washed a lot. Town PM. Ironed warmer. Read after supper and wrote some.Cold at night. B to work at 8pm. Alone. cloudy.

Sat 14 - Cleaned all AM. Got red hens from Matilda PM. helped OES rummage sale PM. Cooked supper. Poor rest - I - no good. Clear day.

Sun 15 - Up early to chase hens - SS + church. Cool and clear. B farm PM. Letters all PM. Read til bed time. Lonely and blue.

Mon 16 - Clear cool beautiful. Busy all day - lst box off to Joe. Laura AM. Circle at Mrs. Luke Hayes PM. Joint meeting EOS + Masons night. Bed late. Slept fine.

Tue 17 - Washed and ironed table clothes, napkins etc. B left before 6PM for work. Telephone for Aux dues lots. Clear + cool. Dreams all night.

Wed 18 - Busy all day but did little. B to farm for milk early then to bed - Town PM for groceries then with Leolia + Twitty to collect dues for Aux. Clear and warm.

Thu 19 - Cloudy cool. Letters from Jane, Lucille + Mrs. Thompson. Wrote letters. Churned. Picture show with Mrs Twittty tonight. Radio afterwards - dreams.

Fri 20 - Letters from Joe + Gloria too. Mrs. Twitty in at onoon. To G. Rawes to make Aux year books PM. Warmer. Bed early - slept fine.

Sat 21 - Clearned AM. Mended old ress and town PM. Heard U.T Tenn game too. B town late + back after supper. No letters. Bed early. Slept poorly with B.

Sun 22 - SS + then to church at Southern Pres. B to SS - back early for milk and eggs. Called on several not at home. Too Aunt Dorrie's til late. Cooler tonight.

Mon 23 - Washed some dressed 2 chix. Town for Hallowe'en favors etc. Cold. Fire all day. To Mrs. Toury's while gathered peppers + tomatoes late.

Tue 24 - Took yellow jumper to Mrs. Toury. Mended B's green pants. Mrs. Toury over late to fit jumper. Minnie WEbb in for poem. B off before 6 PM. No tso cold.

Wed 25 - To Mrs. Toury's early. Crocheted on Jane's lunch cloth. Fitted Kitty's skirt. H and Dr. Geiseman, Lutheran, on radio. Sleepy and to bed at 10:30. Full of gas.

Thu 26 - Warm + clear. Sewed on Kitty's shirt. Finished Jane's sack lunch cloth. Radio stories PM. Keep quiet so B can sleep.

Fri 27 - Sent order S+R + letter to Jane with check for O.N. Town for groceries and things for Hallowe'en party for SS kids tonight. Big time cold.

Sat 28 - Cleaned all A.M. + into PM. Dressed a chicken + gave to Mrs Gunter. B slept about 2 1/2 hrs early supper and to Ira's to spend night. Cold.

Sun 29 - Home early + to SS + church. Fires smoked terribly. Letters all PM. B + I back to church tonight. He to bed earlier - he snored - not good sleep.

Mon 30 - B started work at noon - new shift. All AM cooking. Heard from Nancy + Lucile Warner. Town late PM. Finished kitty's jumper. Letters PM + night.

Tue 31 - Got B off before noon. Made an outing gown PM. Pearl Gracy brought sweet potatoes. Measured Kitty for suit. Some clouds + warmer - slept fairly. Boil broke.

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