Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : November 1944

Wed 1 - Hazy + much warmer. B left 2 hrs early. Town to have tooth pulled. Bad job. Mrs Morton drove me to country. Mrs. Goodrich in late. Not much sleep.

Thu 2 - Feel tough from tooth + boil. Mrs. Toury in to fit my jumper. Sewed on Kitty's blue suit all spare time. Hazy + warm. Read late - slept better.

Fri 3 - Sewed AM. Got B off at noon. Town early PM to pay bills. Mrs. Toury finished jumper. Sewed for Kitty. Some clouds + warm. Not much sleep.

Sat 4 - B off at noon. Cleaned. Town late PM. To Mrs Clyde Lindsay's to Aux. Got yearbooks. Much cooler. Hard to go to sleep. No letters in 2 days.

Sun 5 - B to farm early for milk etc. To SS + church. Cooked dinner. Went calling on Janie + Lyles not home. To Aunt Dorrie's. Church again tonight. Letters til late.

Mon 6 - Busy all AM getting B off 12. Sewed on Kitty's dress all PM. Dressed chicken - Joan + RP for supper. Sewed till late + radio.

Tue 7 - Had stove put up aerly. Churned. Missionary society at church PM. Voted late. Finished Kitty's suit. Letters + read til late. Warm.

Wed 8 - Sunshine early - clouds PM. Rain tonight. Warmer - washed, ironed + sewed + busy as bee all day. Letters tonight to Jane + Marie Klutts. Made fire in stove tonight.

Thu 9 - Busy all AM getting B off. Town PM. Made Kitty red hat + bib for Judity's baby. Joe called 5:30 PM from overseas. Lucy here till 11pm.

Fri 10 - Cooler - clear early and all day. Cleared some PM. Mrs Morton + sister in PM. Hung curtains etc in guest room. Read + sewed until 10PM.

Sat 11 - Cleaned up most of day. B to work at noon. Sam Orchy in late PM. Town late. Home with Twitty's - Mrs Toury over tonight. Doc called.

Sun 12 - B to farm for mlk + eggs early. Both to SS + church. Squirrel + dumplings. Letters PM. Took clothes to Doll. Church but no service. Lucile didn't call.

Mon 13 - Old Martha Shearin didn't come to wax floors. I cleaned lots, washed + ironed bath room curtians. Kitchen floor etc. Town at noon. Warm + cloudy. No calls.

Tue 14 - Dressed 2 chix. Got B off noon. Made cake, boiled custard. Town with Mrs. Twitty for refreshmetns. OES tonight. 6 initiated. Nancy called from Ripley. (1st egg)

Wed 15 - Rain along + sun - warm early cooler later. To Mrs. Toury's while AM. Mrs. Grider here while PM. Got 2nd pullet egg. Doc + Lucill called - not coming til Sun.

Thu 16 - Busy, disturbed AM. ALl upset over company not coming on. Letter from Jane. Mrs. Toury over early to bring plants to set. Jane came home with B from Huntsville - no sleep much.

Fri 17 - Jane slept til noon. RP in. Worked in heat most day. Tired. Cooked supper. Nancy came 9pm. bus. Not much sleep again, bad headache. Cold.

Sat 18 - Headache all day - cleaned up. Town late for groceries. Nancy + Jane town later. Cold + cloudy. Jane fussed about staying at Andrews - Bed early. Rain.

Sun 19 - Rian all day. Doc, Rubye, + Lucille came about 11. Jane + I to SS. RP + Joan for dinner + supper. Jane didn't go back. Up late M after trying all week.

Mon 20 - Dreary + cold. Got B off at 12. Our dinner about 2. Jane left on 3:40 bus for Knoxville. Nancy + Lucille sewed all day + into night. Bed early.

Tue 21 - Clear + some warmer. Dresed chicken. B took down some screens. CLeaned iwndows late PM. Bob Wallace to see Lucille. Mr. Presley called too.

Wed 22 - Cloudy, warm. Lucille to beauty shop. Nancy to town. Boiled hamm. 2 cakes. Custard. Busy until 10pm. Awfully tired. sleep no good.

Thu 23 - Cleared up + cooked. Got B off before noon. Lynwood + Marie Klutts came about 12:30 - quick lunch. Cordie helped cook good dinner tonight. Poor sleep.

Fri 24 - Late breakfast. Got B off then fixed inner all by myself. Got L, Nancy + Marie off about 3pm. Joan, RP, Lucille + I to RPs farm + by to see Hutchinson's.

Sat 25 - Late breakfast. Cold + windoy. Clouds heavy. Sprinkled early night. Cleaned up a littel, washed + ironed some. Lucille to town late. Slept better - warmer.

Sun 26 - To SS + then to S. Pres church. Lucille to Episcopaly then to Minnie's for dinner. Took laundry to Mary Hampton. To RP's farm late supper. Cold rain PM. Mrs H + gua M:in (?)

Mon 27 - B started new shift. Got up at 3am. Lucille left 10:55 bus . Hub, Joan + RP in. very lonely. TOwn AM for groceries. Sewed on little dress for Cordie. Cloudy + cold.

Tue 28 - Cloudy early. Letter from Joe. Sewed all day for Cordie. Supper at 6. Letters til 11pm. Poor sleep. Cold.

Wed 29 - Up at 3 to get B off. Shemel Wallace in to go to Huntsville. Slept til SS. Snow about 9am. Letters before breakfast. Snow melted. Finished little dress + started another. Bed early. No sleep at all.

Thu 30 - Up at 3 and not back to bed. Wrote Dales + Bill. Church at 6am. Breakfast at church. M.E. church union service 10:30. Lucy's while - sewed PM. Very cold.

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