Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : December 1944

Fri 1 - Town early for groceries. Bad headache. Made Jane birthday cake. Good luck. Mrs. Twitty in PM. Pkg of saucer from Dick. Very cold.

Sat 2 - Town early to mail Jan'es cake. Cleaned up rest of day. Dressed chicken late PM supper. Aux + xmas tree at Mrs. Jenkins. Bitter cold. Jello + pepper from Marie Klutz.

Sun 3 - B to farm for milk. SS + church. Chicken dinner. Letters PM. B slept all PM. Cold. Read night. Bed at usual time.

Mon 4 - B stayed home to work on reports. All day at it. Meal at noon. Crocheted edge on napkins for Jane. Town AM. Toothache tonight. Jane 20.

Tue 5 - B on reports all day again. Churned. Washed. Ironed. Cut 3 bean bags + sewed some. Warmer + cloudy. Feel bad. No to L.M.S. in PM.

Wed 6 - Rain about 9AM and on - Town - tooth pulled - bank for B. Xmas shopping etc. Finished bean bags. Bed early - jaw hurting bad but slept.

Thu 7 - Stayed in all day - jaw hurting made Jane tea towel from sack. Drizzy all day + not so cold. Press called - came to Rachul's tonight from Doc's. Letters late.

Fri 8 - Town early to bank for B. Cooked out little lard. Mrs. Morton in PM. But 2 bibs. Press + Hub up tongiht til bed time. Jaw still hurts.

Sat 9 - Up early - cleaned up made cake - town late. Press for supper + night. Dresed chicken late. Bed late. too tired + nervous to sleep much.

Sun 10 - Up early - B to farm for milk + egg before breakfast. Made boiled custard. Mildred + Margaret came at 10am. Missed SS + church. Dinner late - rain night snow.

Mon 11 - Big snow - overslept first time since B been working Huntsville. Talked to Press + sewed all day. Wind, snow, cold all day. B drove Press to see Aunt Jennie late.

Tue 12 - Up at 3 OT this AM - again at 7. OW came for Press about noon. Quiet, lovely PM. Made Ward marble bag - sewed on tea towels for Perlye - Bed 10:30.

Wed 13 - Snow melting very little AM. Sent Dick's + Denise's Cabries Pcks. Town PM. Snowing all PM + evneing. Jane here via Huntsville about 9pm. Cold.

Thu 14 - B off at 3am - Jane + I had breakfast about 10. Worked getting off Lucille's, Nancy's, Martha's, Waller's, Doc's + Gloria's pkgs. Jane to movies. Dick called.

Fri 15 - B off at 3am. Jane to work at 7:30. Wrote Xmas cards early. Jane home for lunch. Made fascinator PM + night. Jane all upset + fussy. Bed at 10:30. Dreams all night.

Sat 16 - Much warmer. Jane off to work at 9. More fussy. She hurt me so I cried all AM. Cleaned up. Fixed her lunch. Town late for groceries etc. Read late.

Sun 17 - B took goat to Lincoln. I went SS + church. Jane to church + for Xmas tree PM. Fried chickens for dinner. Mary Sloan for supper. She + Jane decorated tree etc.

Mon 18 - Rain before day. B off at 3am - up second time at 7:30. Jane didn't work. Town PM to shop + get groceries. Turned colder. Jane + Mary S to show PM.

Tue 19 - Jane + I washed + ironed lots. They killed hogs at farm. Hospital to see Aunt Dorie tonight. Very cold. Bed late.

Wed 20 - Up at 3 to get B off. Again at 7. All day at farm cooking lard - so tired tonight. Sacked sausage until 9:30pm. Mrs. Toury over whiel before supper.

Thu 21 - Blue - war going bad in Germany. Jane back to work early AM. Pck from Lucille - doing lots odd jobs. Cold - rain + sleet. Called Rubye.

Fri 22 - Made 3 cakes - decorated tree at church. Tree + program tonight. Got 6 pkgs. Town PM for last shopping. Not as cold as expected to be.

Sat 23 - Hard work - rushing all day. Cleaned up - made boiled custard. Foggy - damp - not so cold. Dick arrived about 7:30. Baby restless all night.

Sun 24 - Up at 6:30 - not very cold. Did not go SS nor church. Late dinner. Hub for dinner too. Commotion all day - rainy. B started night shift. Baby slept better.

Mon 25 - Awful day - rain. png (?) hot Doc Rubye Mrs Ward Bill Christine Ward Mildred + Hub for very late dinner. Cordie helped + washed for baby. Very tired tonight.

Tue 26 - Up early. Turning cold. Got DIck off about 9:30am. B to bed. Jane + I got things straight + relaxed first time in days. Jean brought Wayne up in PM. SLept fine.

Wed 27 - Rain all day - washed some. Town midd day - made Cordie cake PM. Jane spent night at Mary Sloan's. Slept on couch part of night. Got hot + moved.

Thu 28 - Colder - ironed. Town to send Joe's pkg on to Gloria. Uncle Ed in PM. Started to rain late PM. Mary Neel spent night. She + Jane to movies. Bed early. "M".

Fri 29 - Still raining + on all day. Very gloomy. Jane + I crocheted dish rags all day. Jane to movies late PM + Mrs Toury over late. Slept poorly. Dreams.

Sat 30 - Up very early from poor sleep. Still gloomy. Cleaned. Rain all day. B slept very little. Jane town late. Hot - slept poorly. Bed late - crocheted.

Sun 31 - Up late. B to farm for milk after breakfast. I went SS + church alone. Claude Albright here while in PM. Hot + rain all day. B did not go to work at 8 tonight. Off.

(front page note - 1944 - New Year give us victory and a just peace! Black eyed peas for supper.)

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