Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : January 1945

Mon 1 - All up at 8am. Jane to Mrs Kennedy's to have clothes fitted + to town. B worked in yard. Bed in PM and to work at 8. Jane sewed on collars. I washed and crocheted. Turned very cold. Sat up late. Slept on couch.

Tue 2 - Jane + I left at 6AM with Vallie + Mary Sloan for Huntsville. Jane + Mary about missed train. Vallie + I shopped all day. Home 5PM. B to work at 6. Bitter cold. Slept on couch again.

Wed 3 - Joe 24 today + a Major for long time. Town to pay bills etc. Washed, ironed - went to Mrs Jenkins Twittys + to Minnie's O's to return things. Warmed up lots. Bed late.

Thu 4 - Rain early then sun. Town + PO. Cut Polly red corderoy jumper crocheted dish rag. Mrs. Toury over late. Letter from Jane in dorm.

Fri 5 - 20 degree + clear. Washed table cloths etc. ironed - sewed on Polly's jumper. Janie came at 1 to look at rooms across street. Crocheted some.

Sat 6 - Rain most of day + night. Not so cold. Cleaned up. Letters from Jane full of woe. Back at Andrews. Town PM. Aux at Mrs. Twitty's tonight.

Sun 7 - Up at 7 after bad dreams. B to farm for milk early. Both to church + SS. Warm rainy thunder PM. Feel edgey + cross. Letters PM. I went to church tonight. B to work. LEtters til bed time.

Mon 8 - Gloomy all day. FInished Polly's red jumper - made bib for RP's baby + started kimona curbs (?). Prayer meeting at ME church with Twitty's.

Tue 9 - Began snowing before day but soon quit - very cold all day + night. Prayer meeting at a RP + then to EOS - fine meeting. Slept on couch - sewed all day. Mrs H Toury came.

Wed 10 - 14 degrees early AM - clear. Cordie in early. Town to take news to papers re: OES + ALA. Prayer meetings at 1 at Pres. church with Twitty's. Sewed + crocheted.

Thu 11 - 20 degrees beautifully clear all day. Town to mail Jane shirts. Janie's here at noon. Sewed on P's dress. washed. Prayer meeting at Baptist church -r ead late. slept on couch.

Fri 12 - Clear + much warmer AM. Put up Matilda's bed in little room. Ironed AM. Rain PM + night. Made fire for Janie + fixed supper here for her. Missed prayer meeting.

Sat 13 - Clear + not so cold. Cleaned up. Town PM. B town PM + back tonight. Read + crocheted. Did not sleep so well but B did.

Sun 14 - SS + church. B to farm. Some sun + clouds. Not so cold. Letters PM. B took clothes to Mary. I went church tonight. Read late + letters.

Mon 15 - Washed + ironed some. Janie Warren moved over in front of us. Took them dinner. To circle at Mrs Lola's + town. Cold rain PM. Mrs. Locky over tonight.

Tue 16 - Ironed collars for Jane. Over to Janie's a while. Made outing gown for self + kimona for RP Jr. Crocheted too. Jane's spoon came. Cold + cloudy.

Wed 17 - Embroidering + crocheting late. Towels, T towels, dish rags etc. To Mrs. Toury's for lunch + PM. Mr + Mrs Butter Town + Vallie Wall too. Janie + I to bring on meeting tonight. Cold + partly cloudy.

Thu 18 - Clear + not so cold AM. Town mid day to mail Press pkg bought thread for cub + goods for Jane a blue shirt - warmed up. Taking cold.

Fri 19 - Cloudy + warmer. Stayed in all day + took cold tablets. Made Jane blue shirt - finsihed RP Jr pink kimona. B's last on night shift this time - I slept fine.

Sat 20 - Cloudy + not so cold. Cleaned up. Cold better. Stayed in all day. B in town most of day + back after supper. Had to sleep on couch B snored so.

Sun 21 - Both to SS + church. Letters all PM + night. Janie over a while - Lucy called to say they are going to Tex to live. Sun most of day not very cold - slept better.

Mon 22 - Town for Jane's sewing - packed it + back to PO. Got B off at noon on new shift - Jane's ON pin came here in mail. CLoudy + getting colder.

Tue 23 - Clear + warmer. Got B off at noon. Finished apron for M. Jo. Spent PM at Lucy's. Home late sewed on Julia's dress + read slept poorly.

Wed 24 - B left before 10 - I went Mrs Taylor's to Molius Club. To Mrs. Twitty's late + Mrs Locker's. Janie + I to prayer meeting. Clear + beautiful again.

Thu 25 - Washed. Cut + made Polly blue jacket. Sun + clouds. Town late to PO to forward Dot Waller's letter to Jane. Rain about 9 tonight. Awful indigestion all time now.

Fri 26 - Ironed. Got B off about noon. Mrs. Toury over whiel AM. Sewed on Julie little white dress. Uncle ER brought sausage. Bed about 10:30. Slept better.

Sat 27 - Cleaned up. B + Curtis Smith set 3 chinese elm trees in front. Town late for groceries. Sun AM. CLouds PM. Read and wrote letters til bed time - warm.

Sun 28 - SS + church both of us. To Aunt Dorie's + Lucye's PM. Letters - B took clothes + on to farm for milk. Janie + I to church tonight. Letters til bed time - rain turned much colder PM.

Mon 29 - Clear + very cold. Had Wright son of Jane's watch band. Town noon to have V Jobe wash my hair. Faced my Xmas dress from Nancy. Big OES installation. Presented PM plan.

Tue 30 - Busy all day + did O. Mrs. Toury over twice. She smocked Julie's dress. Sent Julie a blue apron. Marie Montgomery Walton here for supper + until 9PM. Clear + cold all day.

Wed 31 - Bitter cold - clear - churned B sick with off from work. Wrote OES meeting + took to papers. Mrs. Pecke for dinner - nice day. Colder tonight up late to keep fire. Slept fairly.

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