Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : February 1945

Thu 1 - Up very early + off to Nashville with Mrs Presley + Josie, Mrs Albert Sloan 8 degrees early AM. Nice day in spite of cold. Home late and cooked supper. 18 degrees at bed time. B did not go to work again.

Fri 2 - Busy about many things all AM. B to work at noon. To H school PM with Mrs Locker to keep with Pres ball. Back tonight. Won grand bridge bingo. Groceries. GH no shadow. not quite so cold.

Sat 3 - Feel bad + lazy. B off at noon. Cleaned up little - Town late. Warmer + little rain. Aux at Mrs. Anderson's tonight. Good meeting. Read some before bed time. Rain in night. SLept poorly. B snores so.

Sun 4 - Rainy day - both to SS + church. Cooked inner afterwards. Letters + over to Janie's for a while. B snored on couch all PM. Janie + I to night service - foggy + cold.

Mon 5 - Cloudy + cold. Finished Julie's white dress. Mrs. Toury over after supper a while. Card from Jane wrote her a letter to Harriman.

Tue 6 - Cold. Cleaned before noon. Had charge of program at L.M.S. To see Jim Phagan late PM. Read paper + radio til bed time.

Wed 7 - Cloudy early - cleared up + then rain PM + night. B off before 10 - I ironed - telephone - to movie "Random Harvest" PM. Janie + I to Prayer meeting tnoight. 29th Anniversary.

Thu 8 - To Mrs. Gray's to spend day - lovely dinner + all. Taking a dreadful cold. Cloudy + cold all day. Very sick in night.

Fri 9 - Sick all day + stayed in. Jane's gift is red mittens. Gloria called late PM to say Happy Birthday. Finished Julie blue apron - sick all night.

Sat 10 - Got up but awfully sick. Sent Julie's dresses for Valentine. Pkg from Mrs. Waller. Rain all day. Sick but slept better. Warmer.

Sun 11 - Feel better. Cooked breakfast. B to SS + church. Letter from Joe. Letters PM. Janie over while. B to farm for milk + took laundry. Coughed lots again tonight.

Mon 12 - Sunshine early then rain all day + hard most of night. Cordie here a while mid day. B to work before noon. Read Hungry Hill + radio. Cough + bad rest tonight.

Tue 13 - Read most of day. Mrs. Toury over AM. B had court all day. Mrs. Robertson + Janie over late PM. B to OES meeting tonight. Bad cough again - moved to couch.

Wed 14 - Warmer + mostly clear all day. Stayed in + read. Finsihed Hungry Hill. B back to work. Worst coughing spell yet tonight. Slept on couch.

Thu 15 - Warm + clear. Read and embroidered all day. Jane called tonight. Bill Dale landed in USA. Rain in late part of night.

Fri 16 - Rain on in AM. Cooler. B to court + finished by noon. Scrubbed porch for me PM. I cleaned all along all day. Rain, thunder lighting tonight. "M" little. RP III born.

Sat 17 - Rain most of day + night but cooler. Jane + Lillian Stower came 10am. B to work at noon. GIrls to Tullahoma to dance tonight. "M" very little.

Sun 18 - Sun all day - cool. None of us to church. B to farm AM - he + girls to hospital to see RP Jr + all around town. GIrls left 9PM. Letters. No "M" at all.

Mon 19 - B started day shit. Up at 3am. Long time going to sleep. Up 7:30. Got Julie's big picture. To OPM church. Quilted for Red Cross too. Cooked supper. Poor sleep for both.

Tue 20 - B off before day. Up again 7:30. Usual work + to Bonnie Phagow's for day. Usual crowd. Nice dinner. Cloudy + cold. Town late PM. slept.

Wed 21 - Slept til 7:30 second time to bed. Windy - cloudy - rainy all day. To hospital PM to see Joan + baby. Town for groceries. Flood, thunder, lightning tonight. Slept fine. Warm.

Thu 22 - Warm - windy - sun + clouds. Washed lots. Took hemsticling (??) to Mrs Downing + then to Lucye's a while. Home late. Cooked supper. Crochet lots now.

Fri 23 - Sun all day. Ironed all AM. Mrs. Toury over mid dday. Mrs. Morton in PM. Mended fixed over kitchen curtain. B to farm.

Sat 24 - Up late second time - cleaned up. Uncle Ed in mid day + hindered me. Town late PM. Supper bed at 10:30 - crochet hair pin case all spare time.

Sun 25 - B + I to SS + church. Warm some wind + some clouds + sun. Sitters all PM - Joe did not call. Janie + I to church tonight. B to farm for milk late PM.

Mon 26 - Windy, warm, cloudy. Clyde Mrs Dill fixed water heater. Blue + sick some way - crocheted most of time. Thunder, lightning, rain tonight.

Tue 27 - Colder - drizzly - town AM to send Jane Mrs Dale's letter Special. Ate dinner at Kube's - back by Mrs Toury's. Crocheted all spare time. So blue blue.

Wed 28 - Cloudy - cold. Still blue. Letter from Mrs. Waller. Nancy sent baby gifts. RP + Rozella - B late home. Went to prayer meeting.

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