Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : March 1945

Thu 1: Warmer + mostly sunshine. Washed spread + bathroom curtains etc. Sewed on kit bags until very late. L. in tonight - very good - wanted more nervous - slept very little.

Fri 2: Up late - Ironed. Uncle Ed for dinner - got up stirups? - Sent Jane a box + Rozelle's baby gift also kit bags. Henry P brought book case P.M. Cleaned it L in again not so good.

Sat 3: Cloudy - hot - no fire all day. Rain hard night. Aux at Mrs. Locke's cleaned up all day. very tired. Slept on couch - so hot + B snored.

Sun 4: Sun out + hot. Both to SS + church. Letters PM. B to farm late for milk. I went to church tonight. Worked on paper for missionary society. Bed 10:30 slept some later.

Mon 5: Sun all AM. Town AM to pay bills etc - washed some - ironed hung kitchen curtains. Jean Philips came to stay. Several in to see her. Slept + but awfully hot. No fire.

Tue 6: Alter all sun + clouds - wind + a little rain - very hot - made cake etc for company tomorrow. LMS in PM on program tour for groceries - worked late - Jean to ball game at Mulbreakorn?

Wed 7: Up early + worked hard to get all ready for big dinner for 7 women. Cordie helped - cold - nice day - to prayer meeting tonight.

Thu 8: Cold - clear - to Huntsville all day with Vallie S + Mrs. N. Toury. Fine day - home late - bought few little things - slept well - bed at 11 - Jean went movies.

Fri 9: Cold, clear, beautiful. Uncle Ed here working in yard - no letter from Jane all week - Marie Collins in while after supper to see Jean.

Sat 10: Clear + warm up in day. Cleaned up - Jean got permanent. Wayne came late, spent night. They went up town while. I read some bed at 10.

Sun 11: Clear + warm. B + I to SS + church. Jean + Wayne to Christian church. Late lunch - they went walking, B driving - letters PM. Henry left 10AM bus for Tex. B + I took clothes late. I to church again.

Mon 12: Wayne went school with Jean then here all day + for lunch. I went Mrs. Toury's AM - rain along all PM. Jean + Wayne to Mrs. Sherrel's for supper.

Tue 13: Jean + Wayne at school all day - I sewed on Julie a bib. Town AM clean PM. Jean + Wayne ate supper up town. I went OES tonight. Warm. Pkg from Mrs. Walker for Jane + RP Jr.

Wed 14: Clear mostly + warm. Clyde Mc Diel grounded water heater - muddied floors all over. Wayne left 8am bus - did hand work all day. Prayer meeting tonight. Garden turned.

Thu 15: Cloudy. Windy. Warm. Finished Julie's bib and Jane a towel. Letter from Jane - Marie Collins spent night with Jean. They went to school play.

Fri 16: Town early to take B's uniform, get groceries, etc. Little rain - warm no fire. Jeane came home sick PM. Mrs. Toury over AM.

Sat 17: Town early - cleaned up. Jean slept late. Laundered late. Early, Janie + Aunt Jennie in PM to fix clock. No fix. Cooked supper Jean town several times - got her suit.

Sun 18: SS + church. Jean slept late. Call from overseas operator noon. Cooked dinner. Letters PM - Joe called 8:15pm from Hawaii. B started night shift. Hot - no fire for several days.

Mon 19: Up at 7 - studied Nebenniah (?) for circle then PM at Sam Julie's, town late for fruit. Mary D Hart in late too - letters tonight. Very hot. Bed 10:30. Slept so fine now.

Tue 20: Nancy married 2 years. Lots of rain before day + AM to Mrs. Toury's to chat AM. Town PM to get overalls for B to take to men. Jean spent night Jared's.

Wed 21: Rain + cold all day. Got 50 white chix - brooder not working. Handstitched towel - crochet some. Letters from Nancy + Jane. B left early. I went to church tonight.

Thu 22: Clear + some warerse (?). Put chix in brooder. Washed + ironed late. To Fuller Moore's funeral PM. TO church tonight - Jane didn't come home.

Fri 23: To Mrs. HurleyTufleton's funeral AM. Clear + warm - cleaned up some. Sewed on Jane a twoel. Wayne came 3am. Supper for them. They went to ball games. I went to church. Read late. (note up higher - Geo called. I called Jane)

Sat 24: Jean + Wayne slept late. 2 breakfasts. Dressed hens - cleaned up. B planted more in garden. Town PM. To Mrs. Guidle's later. Jean + Wayne flurried off to Huntsville to marry. I.L. in 2 times. Hot. No fire - clear.

Sun 25: Clear AM - cloudy PM. Rain + big wind tonight. SS + church to see Higgins + Aunt Dorie PM. Letters PM and night. Church again tonight - letters - bed very late.

Mon 26: Cloudy - cooler (scribbled out Jean to school) B to lead. (scribbled out Wayne out town). I to church. Sent Jane + Julie Easter pkg. Church again tonight. Jean + Wayne came in late for supper.

Tue 27: Jean went back to school. Wayne cut grass. I to church home for lunch. Fixed Wayne some sewed in PM + radio. Church again tonight. Wayne left on 8:10 home.

Wed 28: Breakfas t7:30. Jean to school. Fixed cans + some paper for salvage. Church at 11 in town. Sewed PM. Marie Collins here for night. She + Jean to show - I to church - hot all week.

Thu 29: Put out paper + cans. Got Jean + Marie off to School. Church AM at Capitol - sewed on bag covering all PM. 2 girls unexpectedly for supper. Church tonight. Bed at 11. Slept fine now. Clear warm.

Fri 30: To Capitol to church 11am. Then B + I to Mr. Jean's funeral at Prosperity. Jean after much ado got off to Nashville at 6. B to work 7:30. I to churhc - read late. Dick called.

Sat 31: Cleaned AM. Church at our church 11. Colored eggs + went to egg hunt PM. Cooked supper. Church tonight B + I. Fixed charts + roll books for SS> L. in.

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