Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : April 1945

Sun 1: Rain early - cloudy - cooler. I to SS + Church. Cooked ground bog (?) for dinner. Letters PM. Church tonight. Meeting closed. High wind. Lighter out - scared all alone.

Mon 2: Jean came on 10am bus and went to school - I went to town PM for groceries + to P.O. Mrs. Toury over til bed time - drizzle - clouds - sun alternately cool + pleasant.

Tue 3: Clear + cool. Churned AM. Town mid day for groceries, pay bills etc. Read "Sign of the Row" (?), sewed + listened to radio.

Wed 4: Willie Briggs fixed pillar under floor. I went to Locker demonstration PM. High wind - dressed 1 hen for locker. Read + sewed - prayer meeting.

Thu 5: Very cold but no ice. Washed a lot - ironed some. Finished my book. Was *very* good. B sleeps very little each day. jean studied - she has cold.

Fri 6: Clear + codl stlil. B had to get up at noon + go get sleeping pills. I finished ironing. Sewed all PM. Late supper - girls in + Jean washing. Nervous + tired.

Sat 7: Cleaned most of day. Jean to school til 1. Cordie + Polly brought sewing. Cooked uspper for Wayne + Jean then to Aux at Vallie Sloan's with Iva. Good meeting - some warmer.

Sun 8: Clear, cool day. SS + then B + I to Southern Pres church for sermon. Late dinner for Jean + Wayne. They went Tullahoma mid PM. B to bed. Jean ecmae in 12 - bed at 10:30 - slept fine.

Mon 9: Clear, cool. Clyde Mc Cause to see if weater heater leaked - floor bucking. Town for groceries - to papers etc. To Mrs Presley's PM while to see Mary etc. Ordiet macqueld (?) $70 - awful - *must* reduse (?).

Tue 10: Clear. cool again. Floor wase (?) worried over it. B sick all time now. Norm blood count down etc. LMS PM have program. Town to mail Jane's pkg + groceries. OES tonight - good meeting.

Wed 11: Dressed hens for locker. Planted flowers. Made baby dress for Cordie. Prayer meeting. Jean ironed + went to Collins for evening. Bed 10:30 - sleep well now.

Thu 12: Dressed another hen. Worked with flowers. Sewed some. Doc, Reely, Mrs. W, Christine + Ward came for PM. Mildred spent night. Late supper. Listened to Roosevelt death (red star).

Fri 13: Simmons came + took up linoleum to let floor dry. Mildred + I talked. I sewed. She + Jean left on 6 bus for Nashville. Gave them early supper. Got B off later. Read papers.

Sat 14: Cleaned up all AM. Town PM for groceries. To Mrs. Lizzie Phagam's funeral 4:30 then to Nora's to spend night. Good supper + nice time clear and pleasant.

Sun 15: Home early + to SS + church. Clear, pleasant day - quick lunch - letters to memorial for James Stevens + PM Grider's here after supper - bed early. Slept fairly. Cool + clear.

Mon 16: Clyde Mc Came to see about water heater - did hundreds of little things. Cloudy windy. Circle at Mrs. Welsh's. town. Jean came home after school. Electrical storm. Blew fuse. (L in on side).

Tue 17: Busy all day. Churched. Mailed Jane a pkg. Sewed on apron for Jean + small dresser for Cordie. Jean washed + ironed. I could not help clean at church. Cooler.

Wed 18: B had to go early - had 2 break - faste (?). Busy again all day sewing finished 2 aprons and 1 little dress. TOwn late for groceries at Hall's. To prayer meeting. Letters from Joe + Jane. cold. L in 2.

Thu 19: Clear. cold. Dressed hen for locker. Jean left for Nashville at noon. Clyde tried to fix water heater - failed. Sewed on baby dress til late. L in 2.

Fri 20: Warmer - sewed all spare time. To CWS council meeting 2pm with Vallie Wall - Town while after wends (?) Doll + 2 boys in tonight. Sewed on baby dress late. Sent letter to Bill Dale.

Sat 21: L in 2am. Cloudy + not so cool. Cleaned up. B to work at noon. Town PM for groceries - finished sewing for Doll's habian (?) bed at 10. Slept fine. Rain 4pm no fire - water heater still out.

Sun 22: I to SS + church. B laid out at farm for milk. Joan, R. P. + Pete in PM. Rain most of day - cooler too. Letters until late. B slept all PM + night. No church tonight.

Mon 23: RP 25. Mother dead 29 yrs. Rain all day. Cut + made Lillie a dress from Nancy's. Mrs. Twitty in PM. I got scared of my *talk*. Jeane came in after school. Clyde Mc fixed vent in water heater. L in 5.

Tue 24: Warmer but mostly clear. Washed dressed hens for locker. Cut greens etc. Ironed late PM. Jean to dance at Tullahome. Started "Leave Her to Heaven". Read late. Rain hard most of night.

Wed 25: Clear, warm. B off 2 bus early. Read til noon. Mrs. Toury over early. To Aunt Dorie's to spend PM. Missed pryaer meeting. Late getting there. Supper. corcheted. "M" little all day.

Thu 26: Some clouds - cooler. Read "M" still. Aunt Jennie came early PM. Cold . Had to make fire. Cooked supper. Sewed on 2 tea towels.

Fri 27: Cold. Clear. Aunt Jnnei left AM. Jean at noon for Nashville. Read all spare time. Finished "Leave her to Heaven" after supper. Feel blue. Still M. Rain in night.

Sat 28: Rain hard. Thunder + lightning. Cold too. Still M. Back hurts lots. Cleaned up. Town PM for groceries. To library for book - read late. False peace news.

Sun 29: Clouds - sun - cool. M still. SS but no church. Fele bad backache. Letters all PM. B out to see his goat at Collie's. Took clothes.

Mon 30: Feel terrible. Back + M. Got B off. To Mrs. Toury's a while. Letter from Jane. Sewed on apron for Josephine. Jeane came in after school. Cool.

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