Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : May 1945

Tue 1: "M" bad. Backache too. LMS in PM> Mailed package to Josephone. TOwn + library. Warmer. clear. Sewed lots on p cases for Jean. Jean dance.

Wed 2: "M" over at last. Feel little better. Cold. Rain all along. Sewed. Read "A white bird flying". MIssed prayer meeting. Cordie spent night. Jean to dance.

Thu 3: Cora here all day. Sewed on p cases + talked. Cold. Rainy. Back better. Taking suefleur (?) etc. Resting all I can. Wayne came 3pm + here for supper. Cord left 6.

Fri 4: Finished p cases + started more. ALso finisehd White Bird FLying. Cold. Rainy. Jeane home from school at noon. Read - sewed - rested.

Sat 5: Clear at last + cool. Cleaned kitchen floor etc. B left at noon. Wayne came 3:30pm. Town twice for groceries. Aux at Mrs. Poere's.

Sun 6: Beautiful day. Warmer. B + I to SS + then to town. Sermon. Late dinner. Jean + Wayne to movies. I went to see Jamie a bit. Wrote letters. Church tonight.

Mon 7: Listened for VE proclamation. Town PM for groceries. Sewed on Jean's p case. Read some in "And Now Tomorrow" - slept better. Very nervous.

Tue 8: V.E. at 8am (underlined in red). Ran to M.E> church. Got groceries. Dinner for B then for Jean + girls. Lucy spent PM. OES town lot. Very tired + nervous.

Wed 9: Got Jean + Marie off to school. Cool. Clear. B to work at 10am. Town to sign for carving sugar. Groceries etc. WOrked on P case. Made 2 pts straw berry preserves. Prayer meetings.

Thu 10: Got up to hard rain. Finished Jean's p cases. Read some in "And now tomorrow". Gay Teens gave Jean shower PM. She went May.

Fri 11: Finished book. Lucy came in PM to see Jean's gifts - several girsl in all along. Wayne came late. ALl to Graduations. Then packed till late. Cold 1st fried chicken.

Sat 12: Jean + Wayne left 8:10 AM. Cleared late. Very tired - warmer + cloudy. Mrs Toury + baby over whiel. Town late. Got new bag + bed room shoes. Rain town late. Bed 10:30 - slept well.

Sun 13: SS + church. Children sang upstairs. Late lunch. So nice + quiet. B napped til late. Letters all PM. Gloria called early AM. Julie laughed so big. Church tonight.

Mon 14: B started day shift 3AM. Hard to get back to sleep. Wrote Mrs. Waller a letter. Special delivery pkg from Jane bath mat set. Fixed porch box etc. Hot + tired tonight. B late = car trouble.

Tue 15: Slept bette rsecond time to bed. Sent Mrs. W's letter + ordered Julie's pictures. Cloudy + some cooler. To library + PO. Supper early. Sent Josephiene lace + pattern. Philip (?) over a while.

Wed 16: Frost due because thunder Feb (?). Cool but no frost. Made Julie red stiff pinafore. Chickens look sick. Jean's things went out late PM. No prayer meeting. Jane + I called on M. Toury's.

Thu 17: Up at 8, 2nd time. Rain + cooler. Chix look better. Letters early + to PO. Sewed on Julie's pinafore. Read some in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". Had to make fire late PM. Cold.

Fri 18: Cold + cloudy all day. Cleared up. Dressed 2 friers. Nora + Josephine in early PM. After supper shelled peas until 11PM. Letter from Bill Dale in AM.

Sat 19: Clear + cold - delightful. One sick chicken dead this AM. Canned 4 pts peas - cleared up more. To CWS committede with Vallie + to town. Fixed Cardle Roll after supper.

Sun 20: Clear + warmer. To SS + church. Cooked dinner. Letter PM. Mr. Twitty brought letter - one from Joe also received Joe's cable fro Mother's Day - B to hospital + around. To Hulsey's late.

Mon 21: Home all day for Lucy - she didn't come til supper. Had to rush around. Got hot. Missed Circle + Movie. Cut + sewed on blue seersucker housecoat. Read late - clear - warm.

Tue 22: Sewed on housecoat + Julie slip. Town midday to see Mrs Toury while. Vallie Wall came late PM. After supper read til after 11pm. Letter from Jane + Mrs. Waller. Clear - cool.

Wed 23: Clear - cooler. Set little elum (?) across walk. Guess it will die. Read some. Finished housecoat. Mrs. Twitty in. Made fire to sit in proper heating kitchen. Lucy left for Jax. Jean in PM.

Thu 24: Cleaned up some in Jane's room - planted butter beans in ships. Mrs. Morton in PM. Warmer. Sewed on Julie's slip. Read.

Fri 25: Washed + waxed hall floor. Very tired. Other cleaning. Finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". Warmer all along - rain and thunder tonight.

Sat 26: Cleaned a little. Sold poppies from 10am - 3pm without stop. Very tired and warm out. After supper started "Native Son". Slept poorly. B town while after supper. HOX (or maybe XOH - it's on the side)

Sun 27: Clear + cool AM. B to farm early for milk. BOth to SS + church. New potatoes, peas, fried chicken, ice cream. Letters all PM. Hottest day yet. Church tonight. B slept poorly - kept me awake.

Mon 28: Clear + hot. Cordie + Polly came AM. Washed + ironed large curtains. B put up rest of screens PM. Finished Julie's slip.

Tue 29: Canned 12 pts peas - sent Mrs. Presley vegetables + frier. Washed floor in little room. Very hot. Rain + thunder late PM. RP brought Poole to stay til 10pm. Cooler after raine. Nightmare. B busy (?)

Wed 30: Cool. cloudy in AM. Put on roast early - Dressed 2 chix + took to locker. I dad (?) hair out - got groceries etc. Read PM. "Native Son" awful. Sick all PM. Tring to "M". Did not go. To ME Church. Hot PM.

Thu 31: Cool in AM. Wrote cards etc. early. Dressed 2 chix took to locker. Town hot PM. Polished shoes etc. Getting ready for trip. Read Native Son late.

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