Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : June 1945

Fri 1: Two more chix to locker. Town to pay bills - bank - etc. Getting ready for 3:15PM bus to Knoxville Sent Julie's birthday box. Arrived in Hutsville 12 - Jane + Mr A met me.

Sat 2: Andrews are very lovely. After breakfast Jane + I went out to Practice House to see baby + then shopped downtown all day> Miserably hot. Supper at cafeteria.

Sun 3: Cool + pleasant. I came in with Andrews + Jeane + I to 2nd Pres. church. Ate downtown + out to U.T. to tea etc. No supper at Cafeteria did without.

Mon 4: Guy, Garnett + I to see Jane get her degree - Cold. Jane packed + cleaned room. I met Lillian's folks. Spent PM shopping. Left 5:30 bus. Hectic time. Spent night Chattanooga.

Tue 5: Up at 6 to get bus. Home 10:30 - straightened etc. Jane got late registered mail. Missed LMS to CW committede at Dr. Crockett's tonight. Awful headache all night.

Wed 6: Got B off at 3AM. Headache up again at 7. SLow rain. Sent order for LMS study books. Sent Nancy pkg for birthday. Embroidered Julie pinafore. Jane + I to prayer meeting.

Thu 7: Town early to send Andrews letter, Julie pinafore etc. Brunch at 12 feather stitched Jane a blouse. She made skirt - big rain 4pm. Very dark. Movie For Whom Bell Tolls - no good.

Fri 8: Nancy (27). Cleaned up late. Jane sewed. Iva Mae came PM + we fixed Aux yearly report. Mrs Morton came by for money - Jane Tullahoma.

Sat 9: Big rain early AM. Washed. Jane to town to mail report. Matilda here PM. She + I to town late. Cooked supper + ironed. So hot. Read + studied on Children's Day. Hot to sleep.

Sun 10: Dressed chicken + started dinner then all to SS + churck. Very hot. FInished dinner after church. "M" very little. Letters PM - Ruth Eddies etc in late. Jane to Tullahoma. I to church. B to work at 8pm.

Mon 11: "M" little. Jane + I cleaned in living + dining room. B's first day sleeping - slept + cooler. Very tired. Cooked supper - not so hot.

Tue 12: B had court - I washed floor etc in my bed room. Jane waxed it. Jane + I to EOS. B to bed + not to work tonight.

Wed 13: B up early. Pkg from Nancy. Shave articles etc. I made him cake. Stir up all day. Nancy Clark + lots in. Geo called from VA 2pm. Jean + Wayne in too. Ruth Eddins spent night for dance.

Thu 14: B got new suit then to bed. Jane ironed all A.M. then sewed. Rain late P.M. Little cooler. I went to Jane's little while. B late off to work tonight. Bed early. Tired.

Fri 15: Rained along til noon. Town midday + got B belt. Put hens in for Jane - shesewed all day. Cooler. Cooked supper. Bed at 11 - B slept fine all day.

Sat 16: Up at 6:30. Wilma J Centic over before breakfas and twice again. B left for Okla by hardest [sic]. Jane + I cleaned all day. R.P. in about noon - lots of interruptions all day. Thunder - sprinkle - cooler night.

Sun 17: Cooler - Jane to farm early milk. Both to SS + church. Letters PM. Rain all PM. Jane + I took clothes, P.O. + to see Lewis Bledsoe - Geo did not call. I went to church - read late.

Mon 18: Jane to town twice A.M. then finished blue dress. Rain most of day. I went O P.M. + to town later. Jane to Tullahoma - Geo did not call again. Cooler - bed 11 - slept fine.

Tue 19: Made chocolate pie early dressed chicken. Mrs. Geo. Higgins spent day. Jane drove her home. Lonely evening - Jane played sol - I read. Geo did not call.

Wed 20: Cool + clear. Washed early. Card from B. Town AM. Mr Healey came for check for beef. Cut out house dress and sewed some PM. "M" little. Prayer meeting. Bill + Is lo called.

Thu 21: Clear + cool. Jane to farm for milk. CLeaned back porch. "M" more. Bill called again. Vallie + Mary Sloan in late. Jane to dance Tullahoma + finished her white semess (?). I finished blue house dress.

Fri 22: Clear + cool these AMs but hot PMs. Churned - made B. custard. Dressed 2 chix. Rushed to get read for Geo at 12:30. He came 3pm bus. All very happy. He + Jane to town late. I went over to Mrs. Toury's for night. "M".

Sat 23: "M" had from excitement. Geo + Jane to farm on picnic. I cleaned some - rested. Felt so terrible. Practice at church PM for children's Day. All read *very* late - I had headache too. Very hot in PM.

Sun 24: Late breakfast. Awfully hot. Jane Geo + I to Children's Day + church. Letters PM. 90F. Church tonight alone. Geo + Jane to town. Had headache + bad "M" all day. G + J set date.

Mon 25: Jane flying around planning wedding for 7-7 at 7pm. Letter from Joe - call from Gloria re: Joe's homecoming. Mrs. Twitty in PM for reports (?)

Tue 26: Cool mornings but 90F PM. Geo sick with malaria. Changes wedding plans every 15 minutes. Mr. + Mrs. Presely in after supper - Jane + Geo home with Phelie (?) + to see Margaret Coelius. Bed at 12.

Wed 27: Sent Geo + Jane to Nashville to Dr. + Geo on to Chicago. Washed lots mended etc. Josie in little, Mrs. Bouner + 2 children later. Then Josie + Mary to bring Jane grot (?) Prayer meeting. Slept fine.

Thu 28: Up at 6:30. Ironed curtains etc busy all day + bothered. Could not sleep. Jane came home all heated up at 3PM. Getting ready for wedding. Wire from Walker.

Fri 29: Busy again all day doing many last minute things for wedding. To hot to live. Can hardly sleep or rest. blue.

Sat 30: Busy all day. Mrs. Bourner + Lucker working on reception. Waller's in at 3. Lillian at 6. Wedding at 7. Mr. Waller died after - awful time. No sleep at all.

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