Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : July 1945

Sun 1: Awful day. Still too hot for words. Many in + out. Funeral at 1. ALl left for Chicago. I came back home. Big rain + thunder. Cooler. Janie spent night. Slept fine.

Mon 2: Cordie + Polly here all day. Cleaned house. Big wash. Some one in all day. Cool. B slept fine all day. No "M" today. Janie spent night again. Little sleep. Geo called.

Tue 3: Ironed AM. Town to mail Jane's spring coat. Missionary society conference + to Matilda's to party. Tired out at last. So much to do + all out of place. No "M". Mrs. Toury spent night.

Wed 4: Took chicken + milk to Mrs. Toury. RP + Joan by AM. Then brought baby PM to stay. They celebrated 4th. B went early tonight. Wrote letters + cards. Mrs. Toury spent night. Slept fine.

Thu 5: Cool this AM. Cloudy. Washed a little. Got wedding pictures + mailed to Jane. Town tice letters tonight. Mrs. Toury spent night. Slept well.

Fri 6: Lizzie Briggs came for old clothes - Ironed some. Town AM. Mended. Mrs. Bouvier in after supper til late. Stayed above slept on couch. Lonely + afraid.

Sat 7: Cleaned up. Dick came 9am. Drunk all day but away. Late to supper. He, Joan + RP. B went to barn dance + home late. We slept on couch. Very little sleep.

Sun 8: Late breakfast. Cordie helped. Doc, Rubye + Johnsons came early. All to Hub's lake to barbucue. Miserably hot day. ALl home late. B to bed early = slept in our bed. I first time.

Mon 9: B to farm for blackberries - line Haley dug potatoes. Canned 6 qts erries. Janie over after supper. Unc Henry for supper. Jane + Geo called. Letters until late. L in.

Tue 10: Very hot again. Made 2 pts jelly + 1 pt jam early + cooked. Wrote letters + wedding msot of day. Unc Henry worked in garden. Planted corn. OES tonight. Cooler. SLept fine. I. L in.

Wed 11: B off early. Did all cooking early AM. Town AM. Slept 2 hours midday. Helped Mrs. Toury peel peaches PM. Mary Sloan in PM. Letters tonight. Bed early. Slept poorly.

Thu 12: Washed AM. Ironed PM. Mended. To church late to get SS books. Stopped by H Toury's while. Hot in PM. I2 - L in 1 - poor slept. Hot bed 9:30.

Fri 13: Cloudy cooler shower. B sawed wood etc. B took cake plate to Nottlebaum. Joe called from Florida. PM at Aunt Donie's. Blue. Read and wrote. Bed early. Poor sleep. Indigestion.

Sat 14: Cleaned up - feel terrible. Town PM + to locker. Aux at Gertrude Rawls. Cohocter + with Mrs H Terry too. Home late + to bed slept some. better. I2 - L in 1.

Sun 15: SS + Church. Mr. Presley offered his resignation. All sad. To Mrs. Scimmore for birthday dinner. Took clothes to Elmora Hardie. To Aunt Donie's church tonight Southern Pres. Dr. Crochette lost.

Mon 16: Canned 8 qts peaches. Went circle at Mrs. Lilla Hamilton's PM. Town. churned. Addressed announcements til late. They came early PM. Slept well but bad dreams.

Tue 17: Pkg from St. R - dust paper etc. Edna P Higgins in AM. Picked + canned 9 qts peaches PM. Mrs Twitty in late. Finished addressing announcements later.

Wed 18: Sent last of announcements. Lillian Carter in AM. Canned 5 qts peaches. To Mrs. Toury's PM + to town late. To prayer meeting tonight. Slept fairly.

Thu 19: Cooked lots for dinner all AM. Fixed quilt for pallet cut + made slip - Jane + Geo came in 3PM. Sat up til 12.

Fri 20: Geo + Jane slept til noon. Got B off. Made chocolate pie. Town late PM. Mrs. Twittty in. Janie brought Jane gift. Late supper. Sprinkled tonight.

Sat 21: Jane + I cleaned up. Got B off noon. Geo + Jane painted high chair etc. for Julie. They went movie night. Bed early. Too hot to sleep. Moved to couch after midnight.

Sun 22: "M" little. All to SS + church. To ohot for words. Jane made Geo some dinner. They went late to service. B + I to Guider's. B to bed early. I slept on couch so hot.

Mon 23: Another scorcher. Jane + G slept til noon. Uncle Hick in bothering AM. Jane washed PM. Geo painted on chair. Jane + G to movies. I to bed 9:30. Slept better. Shower late PM. Cooled some. Sent Joe wire.

Tue 24: Hottest day yet. 98F on front porch. George + Jane slept til noon. Geo painted chair and went town. Josie P Dunbar in PM. I went town late. Almost melted. Geo + J to moveies tonight. Bed early. couch.

Wed 25: Geo + Jane got up earlier. Geo painted hi chair + in kitchen some. Cloud PM + sprinkles. Little slow rain night. I went prayer meeting. Geo + J to Tullahoma Cooler after rain. Still "M" bad.

Thu 26: Washed + ironed little. Shower for Jane. OES Room 10am. Hot. Busy all PM doing everything. Cooked for church supper tonight. Farewell to Mr. Pressley - RP in little while. He's sick with diarrhea.

Fri 27: Up early. B to farm for cats. Very busy day. Joe came 11:45am. ALl ecitement had to fix lunch + supper. Shower for Jane at Nottleban's.

Sat 28: Cordie came PM. We cooked supper. Very hot. So nervous + upset. Town late PM. Rain.

Sun 29: I went SS. All to church. Julie was baptized. So cute. I brought her home. Joan RP + Hub for dinner. Hub brought Virginia for supper.

Mon 30: Jane + Geo month anniversary. They packed all AM and left 2:30pm for Nashville. I kept Julie. She was so good. Cold supper. Bed early. Sick wtih diarrhea.

Tue 31: Hot as everything. Lonesome for Geo + Jane. Julie crown (?). Joe town PM. Joe + Gloria to lake for steak supper with Hub + RP etc. Julie stayed here. So sweet.

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