Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : August 1945

Wed 1: Geo started to work early AM. An awful day. Too hot for comfort anywhere. Slept in little room. Julie cross from heat. Matilda + Vallie in late. Hurley + Mrs Toury over after supper.

Thu 2: B up at 6 to go to Janie to see about new well etc. Cooked all day. Hot miserable + sick. Doc, Rubye Mrs Ward RP + Joan for dinner. All for supper except RP + Hub. Good rain, cool night.

Fri 3: Another awfully hot day - I went town to pay bills. Mrs. Pressy came to see Julie. Thunder + showers night. Cooler. Joe + G to show. Slept fine - bowels better.

Sat 4: Got B off at noon. Several in all along. ade Joe chocolate pie. I went town PM for groceries. Joe, Gloria, RP + Joan went to pya golf. Late rain. I gave Julie supper. Joe suuded clover (?)

Sun 5: I went SS - no preaching. Mr. P gone. Very hot + close. Some showers. Joe + RP to play golf AM Then Joe + G took Julie to see Mrs. Asley Twitty + Johes. Mildred came at 6. Joe, G, RP + Joan to movies.

Mon 6: Up early. stomach hurting again. Big rain just after noon. B off - worked at farm on pump house all day. Joe, G Julie + I to Coldwater bad trip. Nora not at home.

Tue 7: Jane + Geo 4th meeting anniversary - now married + buying house Hammond Ind. B started day shift - up 3am. Rain in night + AM. Joe + G took Julie to town.

Wed 8: Joe + G packed most of day. Cordie + I cooked, washed etc. to help them get ready. All sat up late their las tnight here. Cool + Pleasant.

Thu 9: Up at 3 to get B off - again at 6 to get Joe's family off. They left 8am. Cordie + I washed + cleaned house all AM. So sad + lonely. All our children gone now. Tired. Bad day.

Fri 10: Left 8am for Aux district meeting in Meerfreehome. All to Nashville to spend night at Mildred. Tired + sleepy but enjoyed it a lot. Cool night. Pressly left early AM (red star)

Sat 11: Left Mildred's AM. Shopped a bit. Bus at noon for home. Hot + tired. Bus had blowout. Late home. Town for groceries. Cooked B's supper. Bed early. Tired + sleepy.

Sun 12: Got B off 3AM. Up at 7 second time. SS + church. Rev Robt Hamilton preached. Missed Pressleys so. Letters all PM + night. B took clothes.

Mon 13: B's day off. He worked at farm all day on pump house. Heard from all 3 children. Sent letters to all 3. Sent pkg to Joe + auto seat to Mrs. Thompson. Movie night.

Tue 14: Packed lots gifts etc. in 2 boxes + sent to Jane AM. Had hair cut + washed it in PM. Victory over Japan anounced 6pm. OES tonight with Farmer to RPs at Hoelands (?) warmer.

Wed 15: Cloudy + hot - holiday everywhere for VJ. B went to work 4am. Wrote letters most of day. Wire from Gloria. They arrived Calif Mon. Big shower mid PM. Read Green Mansions tonight.

Thu 16: Cooler B had holiday. Worked around home all day. For laundry + milk night. Mrs. Twitty in night. Finished Green Mansions. Blue,d epressed, lonely. L in tonight. Nervous, slept badly.

Fri 17: Sent Lucile 5 in card. Letter from Nancy - disappointed none from Jeo + Jane. Clear - not so hot. Cleaned up some. Sent Christine's pkg on to Jane. Packed for B to go to hospital.

Sat 18: Cleaned up all day getting ready to be alone 6 week + B came back PM. Did not say hospital. Letter from Jane + Mrs Waller. Town late for groceries. B got a truss to wear. Had to sleep on couch he snored so.

Sun 19: Got B off at 3am as usual. Up again at 7. Put on dinner. Ate breakfast + went to SS only - no preacher. Letters all PM. B to town late. Both to church to hear Willie Hayes - Thanksgiving for peace. "L in" I

Mon 20: B's day off. Put pullets in hen lot. Fixed fence. B to farm to work all day. Picked first turnip greens. Josephine Pglast(?) here PM also Mr + Mrs Buck Gray to show Jane's gift. Hot PM. L in 2 - slept poorly.

Tue 21: B off again. Cut to 4 hr week end of job in sight. He went farm to work. Cooked dinner at 12 - cold usupper. Reading "China to Me" - no good. No letter from Joe + Jane.

Wed 22: Up at 3am to get B off - again at 7am. Picked butter beans to cook. Read lots. Letter from Jane. B to farm late for milk. Bed at 10.

Thu 23: Sent Jane pictures from Mrs. Sweeney - some cards for Aux etc. Cooked some. Town just before noon. Read some - cooked supper. Read late. Bad dreams. Wakeful all night. Dreamed Bill Dale married.

Fri 24: Cloudy + cool. Sprinkled AM. Wrote Jane + others before mail time. Finsiehd "China to Me" - no good. Clear PM. Radio. Lonely, blue. Over to Janie's after supper.

Sat 25: Got B off early. Up again at 7. "M" feeling more acutely every day that all the children are gone now. Letters from Gloria at last - card from Jane. Clearned to town + locker late. B feeling terrible.

Sun 26: Cool + nice - clear. To SS + church. Lunch alone. Mr. Ellis preached. Letters PM. Cooked hot supper for B. Read papers til 10. Bed. Nice to sleep almost cold. No "M" . Sue Cantrell came.

Mon 27: Nice + cold. B to farm early to work. Dinenr at 12. Hot PM - feel sick. Read "White Rose of Memphis" all spare time. B to chaneg to Old Baptist meeting tonight.

Tue 28: Not as cool. Up early - sick. "M" a little. B up town A Mon business. Farm PM to work. Matilda in late PM. Over to Mrs Toury's late with her too. Read late. Had dreams about Jane.

Wed 29: Cool - clear. Finished "White Rose of Memphis". Time wasted. No letter from Jane. Disappointed. Spent PM at Aunt Daniels. Starty "Lusty Wind for Carolina" after supper. Hard to go to sleep. Bad dreams. Hot in PM.

Thu 30: Cool AM. Jane married 2 months. Letter from her + 1 from Lucille at last. TO Vallie Sloan's PM to start new Book Club (underlined in red). To U Rhea's to Stanley Brush party night. Very hot PM + until dark. Read.

Fri 31: Picked butter beans early. Letter from Jane. B came in saying 4 of his riders to be laid off in a day or so. Kept Bob until Mr + Mrs Faron came for him. RP + Joan to Nashville - to Christian Church night.

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