Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : September 1945

Sat 1: Very hot. Town early for food. CLeaned up. Tired, hot - slept on couch. SO hot + smothery.. SLight shower in night. B to Legion meeting.

Sun 2: Got B off 3:30am - up again at 7. Cooked dinner before SS> Stopped by Janie's to see Julia. All PM alone. Letters to read. B + I to church to hear Willie Hayes tonight.

Mon 3: 60 this AM. Town early to pay bills + get groceries. Washed + mended some. Lizzie Briggs in to pay me. Read all spare time. Hot PM. Cool nights. Read late. B farm all day.

Tue 4: B farm again early. putting in electric pump. Ironed early. Cool AM. Noon dinner. Society in PM church. Town for groceries. Read spare time "Church of Christ" tonight. Saw plant.

Wed 5: Made little jam + jug early. Wrote Nancy + Jane. Sent Jane pkg. Dick's silver etc. To PO noon to mail them. Cool all day. Little shower mid PM. B to farm to work on water line. Pump in.

Thu 6: Wrote Jane early. Letter from her. Over to see Mrs Toury late AM. Sewed on sack P cases for Jane. Two Simmons girls over for greens late. B farm late sewed late. "M" little max pretide (?)

Fri 7: Sewed early + mended some. Went Huntsvilel about 10:30 with Vallie + Matilda - very hot but had nice time. B farm late. Fish for supper. Sewed on p cases + read paper til late.

Sat 8: Cleaned up most of day. Very hot + dry. Letter from Mrs. Pressly, Jane etc. Auxiliary out Mrs Asea Pitts tonight. Good meeting. Dreams. Fitful sleep. "M" little.

Sun 9: Still "M" little - pale - to SS + B to wake 4am. Letters PM - B came home 3:30pm - slept little. Back to start night shipft 8pm. I went church. McKay preached. Alone town etc.

Mon 10: Up at 7 - B in about 7:30 then to bed until after 1pm. Mrs Morton in. Finished "Bedelia". Embroidering p cases. Working on Rally program. B to Jane late. No "M" M today. Sat up late.

Tue 11: Up at 6. B worked farm all am. To ration board PM about tires for Josephone. Finished P cases. Town late to check Jane's china. Washed little. B EOS tonight. Late visitors.

Wed 12: Up 6AM (I). B to farm early. Uncle Ed came for breakfast + to garden. Town early to see Dentist. Letters from Jane + Nancy. None from Joe yet. Uncle Ed for breakfast + dinner. Denitst early AM. Showers in night.

Thu 13: Cool cloudy windy. Mrs ER Taylor in early. Made p cases for every day. Wrote some letters. B to farm AM to work. Letters from Glo at last, Lucy + Dick sent Geo birthday check. Rain PM.

Fri 14: Cool clear. Uncle Ed here early for greens. Town early to mail pck to Jane to Mrs Toury's while. Read magazine PM. Went with Matilda to see Mrs. Jus Wiley night. Read paper + then bed. Slept fine.

Sat 15: Down to 52 early AM. Feel fine. Cleaned up all AM. B limed + fertilized lawn. Then slept all day. I went hospital to see Mrs Higgins back by Matilda's Vallie's Town etc. Cooked supper. B off 8-.

Sun 16: Cool + Clear. B home 7:30am. I to SS> He to bed. Letters PM. Helped Frances Harris on Catechism. Cooked B's supper. Mr + Mrs Twitty in a while night. Missed church. B to work.

Mon 17: Town to mail Jane's fall hats. To Mrs Toury's a bit. V Linoly here early PM. Mary Sloan later. Some warmer - read til 10. Sleep fine these nights. Letter to Jane from Mrs. Dale.

Tue 18: Cool AM. Up at 7. B home 7:15. Read most of day. Helped Frances H on Catechism after school. Mrs. Toury over late PM. "First pullet egg". Very little sleep all night. B restless.

Wed 19: Hot again. Cleaned up AM. Josephine + Waldon Pyeant came about 10:30. B took Mr. Simmons to Huntsville to have eye out. Had good dinner but late. B slept on couch.

Thu 20: Cloudy AM. Very hot + humid. Tried to rain but didn't. Town AM. for groceries. B went for Mr. Simmons in HuntsvilleAM. Radio + Read all PM. B to work 8pm. Slept fine alone.

Fri 21: Cloudy. Hot. B to bed early + to dentist 11am. Back to bed but slept very little. I mended. Telephone etc. Radio + read PM. Light supper. B's stomach upset. He to work 8. I to bed 9.

Sat 22: Hot + humid. B in + breakfast 7:30. Cleaned up. Letters from Nancy + Jane. Prctice rally 2pm. Mr. Blakeley's funeral. Got B's supper. Then to F. B. barbacue with Twitty's + Locker's. Brushes came.

Sun 23: SS + church. Mr. Presley preached for us. Letters PM. Anne M + Juo Wm S came while PM. Cooked supper. B to work. I to church. Mr. P preached again. Slept better than in long time. (red star by Mr. Presley)

Mon 24: Cooler this AM. clear. Very hot PM. To Mrs. H Toury's little while. O at Min Lola's. Town for groceries. Cooked supper. Got B off at 8. Coudl not go sleep quickly. hot.

Tue 25: Fixed pudding early. Defrosted ice box. Wrote on paper for Malius Club. Churned. Mended. Made *old* apron. B's night off. I went Janice's while after supper. Little shower PM. Ordered 2 *spoons* slept couch.

Wed 26: Cloudy this AM. B + I feeling bad poor sleep. B worked on yard all day. I went Molius Club PM on program. Town for groceries. GOt letters from Jane + Nancy. Sent one to Jane. Slept hot.

Thu 27: Clear washed early. B to farm. Cooked noon dinner. (To mathildas PM for Book Club ) [note ()s were hers and in red] Very hot + sultry - so dry - Itasca Hollowed spent evening + brought Jane's wedding gift.

Fri 28: Hot close cloudy. Made a pudding - ironed a bit - packed Jane's gifts. Walked to PO to mail. Got groceries. To G.W. Connie Meeting PM at S Pres Church. B to work at 8. Bed early. Slept, Indigestion.

Sat 29: Hot clear humid. Cleaned up. Practice Rally PM. Discouraged over it. Locker + town for food. Cooked supper. B to work 8pm. Had to come back + get his own car 12pm.

Sun 30: Time back 1 hour at 2am. Rally Day a success -f eell good over it. Letters all PM. Very hot PM windy some clouds + sun. B slept fine all day. TO church to hear W Hayes tonight.

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