Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : October 1945

Mon 1: Cooler. Windy + saw clouds. Finished Cherry Brown AM. Cordie in early to bring sewing, get greens etc. Hot + close PM. Worked on SS books. Rain 9:30 tonight. Cora's father died 1am.

Tue 2: Cooler after rain. Townearly pay bills, get groceries etc. Cora by at 10am. To Mr. Brown's funeral PM. Cora spent night. Sat up late. Did not sleep so good as B was home.

Wed 3: L in early. Up about 6:30. Cooked all AM. Noa Askins + Ella Ray spent day. Cora went town for lunch with Mrs Rose C. B plowed with tractor at farm all day. Very cool + nice. Cora went home 6pm bus.

Thu 4: B + I fixed 14 pkgs can for locker. I cut dress for Cordie's granchild + sewed some on it. Started Black Boy. Read late. Sick with indigestion all day. Rain slowly most of night.

Fri 5: I fixed 11 pcks corn + took to locker AM. Town in rain for groceries. Rain all day. Sewed on the hide dress + read Black Boy. Jane sent $19 on her school debt. Slept fine.

Sat 6: Warmer - rain + sunshine. Cleaned sewed on negro dress. B to bed. Mrs. Twitty inearly PM. Got a Greek letter. B off early to go by circus. Aux at Mrs M Auwning Len's with Mrs Locker.

Sun 7: SS fine new start. B got up before 12. We went to Inai for PM + back by farm. Then to Church of CHrist for evening service. Cool, clear all day - cold to sleep not so good.

Mon 8: Uncle Ed for breakfast. He helped B cut tree in garden. I washed coset (?) + late more. Ironed too + got B off before 12 for new shift. Letter from Jane. Town late to PO. Cleaner etc. First fire in heater.

Tue 9: Ironed + put away summer clothes. Dinner at noon. B started court + home late for supper. Went to OES tonight with Mrs Twitty + home early. Cold - slept better.

Wed 10: Down to 34F this AM ice + frost. Dinner for Judge Smartt. Cordie helped. Fried chicken from locker. To dentist PM. Letter from jane. Card from Gloria.

Thu 11: Hurried to fix B's lunch + supper to take to work. There to Shellyville with Mrs Taylor, Pealy Osborn + Matilda. Lots of fun. Home very late PM. Read "Chicken Every Sunday" until 10pm. Bed cold.

Fri 12: Busy cooking greens + peas etc. Warmer. B worked at farm all day. Home for noon dinner. Radio PM then talked to M. Bledsoe rest of PM. Put Jam etc in basement. Put away flowers.

Sat 13: Up early. B to farm. Warmer. Cleaned up. Fixed lunch. Town for groceries. Supper for Doc + Rubye. Talked til late. Slept poorly. Cooler tonight.

Sun 14: Cooler cloudy. Doc + B called on relatives early AM. I went SS then all to Hub's on lake for barbecue. B to work at noon. Hub + Virginia came home with us late PM. Read late + letters.

Mon 15: Nancy + L came 1:30am. Up a long time. Wild geese over at 3am. Cold + Clear. B took laundry before breakfast. Had a time getting B off to work + mid day dinner too. Very nervous.

Tue 16: Cooked most of AM. Broiled ham. Got B off before noon. Town for groceries late. L bed at 10 all tired. nervous + sleepy. SLept fine.

Wed 17: Feel better. B up early + to farm for milk. Made boiled custard. L left for Ripley after lunch. Nancy + I talked all PM. She washed hair + read late. I to bed at 10.

Thu 18: Early breakfast. Wrote letters to GLoria + Jane. Mrs Toury over early for greens also Mrs Lawron Myers. Got B off before noon. Nancy read + went town. I went Mrs Peck's to Rok Party. Bed 10. (note star after "wrote" and one before "I went", in red)

Fri 19: Up early. B to farm to work. Cooked greens. Dinner at noon. To Mary Bledsoe's to play Rook. Nancy + I shopped by Aunt Dorie's then through town. Home late.

Sat 20: Up early - made boiled custard + cake. Cleaned up most of day. Nancy sent Jane's wedding gift. She + I town late for groceries. FInished "Chicken Every Sunday" 930 very tired + sleepy.

Sun 21: Up at 5:30. Read until time to cook breakfast. Nancy got up for fish. She + I hurried to SS + church. Mr. Love preached. Mrs. Toury, Helen + Bobby Alder for dinner. Nancy + I back to church. Called Mr. Lowe for Preston.

Mon 22: Wakened to rain. B took clothes. Got him off at noon. Got ready to go make Aux Yearobok when Millie Hunter came. Entertained her all PM + up late. Bed time. Nancy crocheted.

Tue 23: Rainy + cold. So nervous but finally got B off. Went to make Aux Yearbook at G Rawls. Nancy took Millie to town + to Aunt Donie's home late. Sat up late.

Wed 24: N + I to Huntsville all day. TOok Millie home. Took Mr + Mrs Simmons to H too. Home very late - Cold + cloudy some sun during day. Mrs Toury in tonight. More rain. Bed at 11.

Thu 25: Cloudy + chilly - cooked greens + turnipts. Sent Julia's (A) pck to Jane. Nancy drove me to Petersburg to take old clock. Saw Mrs Montgomery in Howell + out to Hallie Yearwood's to see furniture - home late.

Fri 26: Cold + clear. B to farm all day. I washed + ironed some. Hemstitched on Nancy's tablecloth. To Child Welfare Coumal (?) PM. Miss Rowland came after supper a while.

Sat 27: Cold + Clear. Up early. B to farm. Nancy + I cleaned up. Sue Cantrell came PM to spend night. Good supper. Letter from Jane with money enclosed.

Sun 28: Up early - cooked 2 breakfasts + B a lunch then to SS. Got B off at noon then our dinner. Sue left very late PM. Nancy went PO found letters bed early - warmer.

Mon 29: Up at 2am to go to bus with Nancy. Clear cool> Sent Jane + Joe eltters. Got B off at noon. Town for weiners hemstitched on Nancy's table cloths. Party for SS children at Pete Anderson's.

Tue 30: Up very early. B has elave to half gather corn on farm. Wrote 3 letters and washed a lot - dinner at noon. Mended - worked on tea towels for Nancy. Warm.

Wed 31: Up at 5:30 for B to go to farm. Ironed - wrote letters. Hurried to Dentist at 1pm but he was out sick. Got Aux Yearbooks - finished 2 tea towels for Nancy. Started Claudia. Warmer.

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