Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : November 1945

Thu 1: Up very early for B to gather corn. Warm - no fire - town to mail Nancy pkg. Dinner noon. Read + radio all PM. Finished "Claudia" after supper. Bed early.

Fri 2: Up early again. Cloudy + warm. Kept RPs baby a while PM. Mrs Morton in PM - also Alama A and Mrs Hicks. Some rain in night + turned cooler.

Sat 3: Cleaned up most of day. B to farm til noon. Made fire PM. Town late. To Aux at Mrs Horace Jean's in country. Taking bad cold in head. Bed late. Slept fairly. Very cold.

Sun 4: Cold worse but B + I to SS. Down to 30 early AM. Letters PM. B to farm. He went church tonight but I stayed in - very little sleep for head cold.

Mon 5: In all day sick. B went early to gather corn. 15 loads today. De + Mr. Askins went to see about parsonage kitchen at noon. Warmer tonight - slept better.

Tue 6: Much warmer, very little fire all day. Cold some better B gathered corn again all day. Dick called this AM B to bed early. I could not sleep. Nervous.

Wed 7: Back to bed - slept some. Dick called again at noon. Hub in too. Feet terrible all day. Hot tonight. Letters from Gloria + Jane

Thu 8: Windy, some clouds - warm. Got B off at 3AM. Back to bed til 7:30. Letter from Nancy. Crocheted on placemats all spare time. Dick wired trip here off - feel better.

Fri 9: Cloudy + a little cooler. In all day - crochet + talk on telephone. Mrs Tayea in for books early AM. Early supper rain late PM + in night.

Sat 10: B off 3AM up again 8 hard rain early - cooler. Cleaned up. Sent bills picture to his Mom + Millies snuff - town PM + locker rain late RM + night. Slept poorly.

Sun 11: Up at 7 - B + I to SS hot - cooked dinner Letters PM. B took clothes + went farm. I went Church of Christ to hear Baptism sermon. B to ARP to hear Rev McKay.

Mon 12: Canned 4 pts pumpkin. B + I to nursery for shrubs - set them PM> Cooked supper to take to Armistice night at Legion Bldg. Good supper + nice time. Got 6 eggs today.

Tue 13: Sun - sprinkle - wind clouds. Warm like spring. To G. Rawls to brunch party at 10am. Sent Jane eggs etc. To prayer meeting 2pm at Alena Askins. To OES night for white elephant.

Wed 14: Rain along las night + today. Cooler. Cleaned up in day but cold. Dog got in sheep before day. Killed some. Josephine + Waldon in PM. B to farm late. Worked on placemats. Prayer meeting tonight.

Thu 15: Took down screens + cleaned 7 windows. Rook Party PM at Bonnie's - by to see Lucy at Aund Donie's. Prayer meeting at Prine Clarke tonight. Freeze tonight. [Rook Party was underlined in red]

Fri 16: Letters from Jane, Cora, Jean. Washed kitchen curtains etc. + then to prayer meeting 10am at Bertha McFerrin's. Dentist at 1. Had tooth puleld one filled - ironed late. Dreams.

Sat 17: Up 2nd time 7:30 - put out parsley + hyacinth bulbs. Washed + waxed bathrooms + kitchen floors. Cleaned late - all tired out - rain along all day. Bed 10:30 - sore all over. Warm.

Sun 18: Could hardly get up. B + I to SS. Cooked dinner. B took clothes + went farm early PM. I letters all PM> Hot again. B + I to church to hear McKay. Rain + thunder early tonight + on.

Mon 19: letters from Glo + Jane + Geo. Washed + ironed front bedroom curtains. Cordie here while AM. Cleaned bed room. Worked on lunch mats after supper. Much cooler. Made fire late.

Tue 20: Clear colder. Up late took time. Cooked greens, hung curtains, washed windows. Turned warm again. Did not live hog (?) Mrs Howell in PM Also Dan Moore. Crocheted late. Jane + Geo to leave Chicago 11:40pm.

Wed 21: Rained hard all day. Made cake, boiled custard. Cleaned up. Jane came 3PM bus. Geo at 6 from Nashville. All so happy to meet. Called Nancy.

Thu 22: Turned cold. Had a hog killed. Hub + RP in about noon. Jane + Geo to town, then to farm to hunt nuts. Cut up meat after supper.

Fri 23: Worked on sausage etc most of day. To locker early. Geo helped too. Boiled fresh ham. Ruth Eddings for supper. Nancy + L came about 8:30PM. 20F this AM.

Sat 24: RP Joan + Bob came for dinner. Cooked turkey. Stacea H + Dan Moore in at noon. Took Geo + Jane to Tullahoma to catch 4:35PM train. Warmer. 30F AM.

Sun 25: Warmer. Went SS alone. Hub + Virginia for dinner. They went to Airport to fly. Clyde W crashed. All left about 3:30pm. B + I to see Ms Pressly + to church 7. Mrs E Jayror here til 12 night.

Mon 26: Cordie cooked lard. Warm + Clear. Went dentist from 10-11am. Crocheted all PM + caught up on reading paper. Very quiet + lonely now.

Tue 27: Rain before day + all along. Cold + windy too. Wrote letters AM. Town to XMas shop + mail booties to Vinnie LaBon. B sick in night - chill.

Wed 28: "M" night. B sick but went work 3. I stayed in bed til 7:30. Wrote letters then to town + PO. Crocheted. Went to parsonage twice late. Mr. Lowe's family came late. Iva Neal here late for Bingo cards. [note red star over B sick part]

Thu 29: Tenn Thanksgiving. "M" bad. To our 6am service + 10 at S Pres. Mrs Toury over for ham + to measure my black suit. Cloudy - cold - washed - crocheted etc.

Fri 30: B off 3AM back to bed. Late breakfast. To Mrs. Twitty's 8:45 her mother died. There all day. Made Jane birthday cake tonight - very tired. "M" lots. Bed late. [red underline under Mrs Twitty's]

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