Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : December 1945

Sat 1: Back to "Twittys" 9:30. Helpd straighten house. Town for box. Packed Jane's cake. Back to PO + groceries. Cleaned a little + to Twitty's to make fire 3pm. Aux at Mrs Jenkins with V. Sloan.

Sun 2: B to farm early. Late breakfast. Both to SS + church. Mr. Lowe's first Sab as new Pastor - late lunch. Letters PM - to church 7pm. Rained little. B started night shift. Slept fine alone. [note Mr Lowe's was underlined in red]

Mon 3: Slow rain most of day. B home about 7:30am. Town after breakfast to pay bills Xmas shop etc. Crochet all PM. B worked on Gdm setlements. No "M" today. B's night off - bed 11:15.

Tue 4: Jane (21). Town 9am to dentist + shopped some. Home 11:30 cooked noon meal. B worked in law office on Gdn settlements all day. Rain turned to snow 9:30am. snow hard rest of day. Crocheted.

Wed 5: Biggest snow in 5 yaers. Cold. B worked on settlements. FInished late PM. I crocheted all spare time. B back to work tonight in his car bed 11pm. Slept fine.

Thu 6: B home 7:30am. I wrote letters all AM and took to PO. Sun - snow melting fast. Sewed on Xmas gifts - fixed orders to Sears + book supply co - bed 11:30 cold.

Fri 7: Cloudy + cold. Bowels off. Up early. Cleaned by mid AM. Washed a lot. Crocheted. WEnt to locker PM. Cooked supper. Sat up late reading + corcheting.

Sat 8: Letter from Jane. Ironed kept RP Jr all AM. Cleaned PM. TOwn after dark for groceries. Got B off at 7:45. Read + sewed until 11:15. Slept fine. Warmer now.

Sun 9: Up at 7. B ome little after. TO SS + church alone. B to bed. Rain noon + on all day + into night. I went church tonight. B to work. Sat up late reading. Turned cold in night.

Mon 10: Cold - light snow on very early. To Mrs Toury's for her to cut my black suit. Washed some. Town late to get boxes etc. After supper packed ham etc. to send Joe - up late - cold.

Tue 11: Down to 12F early AM + below freezing all day. Got staude etc ready for hog killing but Wallace's sick + didn't kill. Cooked dinner but no one came. B ate uptown. Ironed. Town late PM. Bib for Polet Wee after supper.

Wed 12: 12F again but little warmer up in day. B killed hogs all day. I cut 3 aprons - made sausage sacks. Lucy came 3:30pm - she + B ate - then Jean + Wayne ate - hustle - bustle. B to work 7:45.

Thu 13: Rain + sleep last night + rain on all day. B + I to farm AM to trim meat. Brought sausage home. B to bed I to Grace Asborne's to Rook luncheon. Jean + way me in + out all day. [Rook luncheon underlined in red]

Fri 14: Got sausage grond AM. B to bed. Louis Freeman came to keep sash it (?). Took so long - all tired. Mr. + Mrs. Lowe called AM. I took them + several others sausage. J + Wayne to Katek.

Sat 15: Cold but clear at last. B took me + Louis Freeman to country to cook lard. Awsful time in filth. Home 12:30. Wayne + Jeanne for us. Cleaned up. Mrs. Twitty in late to bring my Xmas gift. Pants.

Sun 16: Jean + Wayne not up when I went SS + church alone. 12F this AM. Jean + W to Kreox Smith's for dinner. B to bed 9AM. J + W left 4pm for North. I to church tonight. B to work. Coldest night.

Mon 17: Down to 6F this AM at 6 - Sewed all AM on Xmas aprons. To Circle at Mrs Lowe's PM. Town late. B slept some. To farm late for milk. Worked on Xmas gifts late.

Tue 18: Snow on ground early + snowed on up in AM. Turned to rain + slush. Mailed Jane + Joe Xmas pkgs. Shopped some + home to sew rest of day on gifts. B's riders had crash - his day off.

Wed 19: Very cold. B got Xmas trees. I town AM + PM to mail pkgs. Sewed very ltitel. Prayer meeting tonight. Wrapped gifts + addressed cards. Sleep on couch in dining room.

Thu 20: Down to 4F early AM. Sewed a lot. Warmed up a little. Uncle Ed in PM. Got picture from Joe of damily - also Doc's pkg. Sat up til after 12 to back fire - slept.

Fri 21: Finished 2 aprons. To church mid AM to fix Tue - 8F this AM getting warmer. Church PM - then Xmas tree at 7pm. Mrs Toury Santa Claus. Up til 12. Slept fine on couch.

Sat 22: Made 2 big cakes. Town late PM mailed Cora pkg. Got 4 pkgs PM. B slept fine. Cloudy + warmer. Up til late wrapping pkgs embroidering mending etc. Couch.

Sun 23: Up early. Wrote poem for Mrs Fannie Moore. To SS + church. Rain all day + night slow. Cleaned up all PM. Made boiled custards. Hymen Willy Col + Summand girls in church gtonight. Wrap pkg.

Mon 24: Cloudy cold B to bed early to sleep 2 1/2 hrs. RP in for his gift. B + I left for Ripley at 11:25am. Ran into rain all way. Arrived 5pm at Nanas Xmas tale - All Grammers Came

Tue 25: Cold + clear Got up late all went to Grammers in country for late PM turkey day dinner. Home to Nancy's late - slept fairly.

Wed 26: Got up late again. Ate boiled custard + cake. To store to see Marie + Jake + then to Jackson to spend night with Buffaloes. Cold + clear all day.

Thu 27: Left Buffaloes 9:45AM in rain but cleared some at Selma nice trip. Hoem about mid PM. lots of mail. Doc + Bill here to hunt all day. Many in. B to work at 7:45pm.

Fri 28: Washed a lot. Cloudy + not so cold. Wrote some letters + took to PO. Hunted birthday gift for Joe. No luck. To church to take down Xmas tree. B to work. Tried to read but too sleepy.

Sat 29: Took down tree + decorations. Town to mail Joe's birthday pkg - cleaned up all PM. Much warmer. To Mrs Toury's a minute noon. B slept all day + to work at 7:45pm. Slept fine.

Sun 30: Cloudy + drizzly. To SS + church. B slept. Letters PM. To church tonight. B + I in rain - more letters - bed late - did not sleep so well.

Mon 31: Cold + cloudy. B started new shift at noon. Hub in early PM. Brought holly from Virginia. Sewed on bean bags all spare time. Town late. B home before midnight. Old year out quietly.

End of the diary has numerous addresses as well as a poem -

To A Star
"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are."
And if I perchance, you are the one
That watches o'er my distant son;
Then, kindly star, please watch the others
I think tonight of all the mothers.
Sent by Mrs Geo Waller - Oak Park, Ill

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