Ora Belle Smith
1893 - 1981
Tennessee Farmer's Wife

Ora Belle was a religious, literate woman who was born in 1893 in Tennessee. Nicknamed "Mamaw", she died in 1981. She spent her married years as the wife of a farmer, raising two girls and a boy. Her children were Nancy, Joe, and Jane. In this photo from June 12, 1919 she's shown with husband Blakeley and her oldest daughter, Nancy.

She wrote the following letter in 1974 to her 5 year old great-granddaughter, Lisa.

Dear Lisa -

How do you like this little streaker?

I was happy to get your letter. Wish I could see your house - you need your little rocker. I have one for Jenny too. I am too old to come to see you now. All of you will have to come to see me when it is cool. Heat here is awful now.

Love to all,


The "streaker" was an image on the stationary she used

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