Ora Belle Smith Warren

Here are a collection of photos involving Ora Belle Smith Warren, taken in the 1940s in rural Tennessee.

Ora Belle Smith Warren
Ora as a Teenager
Ora in 1909 (age 16)
Ora with friend Bertha Bryant
Ora in 1913 (age 20) with cousin Lucy Smith
Ora in college (four pics)
Ora in 1918 (age 25) with infant child Nancy
Ora in 1942
Ora with husband Blakeley, 1945
Ora with Soldier Friend Mays
Ora with daughter Nancy
Ora Posed Photos 1949
Ora, her daughter-in-law and granddaughter
Ora's first grandchild, Julie
Ora with grandchild Julie
Ora with grandchild Julie and JoJo, July 1947

Horace Blakeley (Ora's husband)
Football - Horace Blakeley (Ora's husband)
Daniel Webster Warren (Ora's father in law)
Ora's daughter Nancy Warren
Ora's son Joe Warren
Ora's daughter Jane Warren
Ora's son-in-law Lynwood Grammer
Lucille as a young girl
Lucille Smith
Lucille Smith and Ozelle Daniel
Nancy Jane Smith, Aunt Jennie Mayers, Aunt Nan Smith, Gramp Smith
John Felix Smith and Martha Caldonia (Daniel) Smith
1953 photo with 11 family members
William Jackson Smith - Ora's grandfather
Minnie Webb Smith, wife of HA Smith
Smith Siblings
Hub Smith as a young man
Cordie with Blakie, Jo Jo and Julie Warren
Ora's father RP Smith with Family
RP Smith Son Matthew Milas Smith on USS Montana
Robert Lee Smith
Joseph Hunter
Ora Belle, Nancy, Lynnwood, George & Lisa
Doc Smith with Cadaver
Whole Family Photo

Connie + Lucia Warnes and Robbie Lucille Morgan
Martha Phillips May, 1949
Isaiah Chandler "an old negro"

Other Items
Ora's Home
Pleasant Smith House (Ora's Father)
RP Smith built this house
Blue Pitcher for Boiled Custard
Cabinet Built by John Jones 1819-1862
Card for Bobbie Smith 1889
Postcard from June 1960
Nancie Jane Smith Memorial Card 1916
Newspaper Clipping of Auction of RP Smith House

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