My husband's See/Sie ancestors were Abigail See, b. 12 Sep 1798 NY, d. 8 Apr 1882, Mt. Pleasant NY, married William J. Van Tassel.

Abigail's father was John (Johannis) Sie/See, b. 4 Apr 1752, Tarrytown NY, d. 26 Jun 1828, Unionville NY, maried Rachel Martling.

John's father was Isaac Sie, b. 9 Apr 1704 Tarrytown NY, d. 1775 Mt. Pleasant NY, married Eva Foseur.

Isaac's father was Jacobus See, b. 1675 Hawthorne NY, married Catharina Storm.

Jacobus' father was Isaac See, b. 1634 France, d. 1719, married Esther Sy.

If any of you are connected with this family, I would be most interested in corresponding to learn more about them.

Tee Forshaw

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