My name is Katherine Ellissa Ortiz, born July 12, 1970 in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. I was adopted when I was five years old and have recently been reunited with my three birthsiblings, Paul Eric, David Emil and Daniel Earl Karlson. My father's name was Eric Paul Karlson (d/o/b 3/6/22 died 2/25/97) and my mother's name is Joan Leona See (d/o/b 5/3/39-?). Joan was the youngest of three children and has been missing for more than 20 years.

Great-Grandparents: Whitfield See & Annie Pettit
born ~1870? NY?
m. ca. 1890-1894, NY
died ??

Charles See, 1894, NY

Grandfather: Charles See
born 1894, NY
Marriage #1: 1917, Evelyn Candlee (b~1900?)
Marriage #2: ~1922, Lena Lemmon (b~1900?, d1939),
..Lena's siblings: John Lemmon & Emily (See) Berg
died ??
buried ??

Charles See of Port Chester married Evelyn Candlee of New Haven Ct. on May 12, 1917 in Mount Vernon, NY. This was marriage no. 1 for both Charles and Evelyn. Charles was 23 (born 1894 in New Rochelle), son of Whitfield See and Carrie (Pettit) See. Both his parents were born in New York. Evelyn was 19, (born in Derby Ct.), daughter of George Candlee and Adeline Volk. Charles was a chauffeur. Witnesses were Elizabeth M. Yates and James A. Hawes.

James Berg who officiated at his wedding to Evelyn Candlee is somehow related to my great-aunt, Emily (See) Berg.

Dorothy, b~1925, NY, m Stanley Palchensky Donald and Rita
Howard, b 7.20.1929, NY d 8.10.1990 SSN# 122-20-9752
...married two women both named Joan Julia, Joan, Will, Steven
Joan Leona, b. 5.3.38, married Eric Karlson

Parents: Joan Leona See & Eric P Karlson
Joan: b. 5.3.38, Eric: b 3.6.1923
Married 4.6.58, where?
Joan died: ??, Eric died: 2.25.97

Paul Eric Karlson b. 3.5.59, m. 8.75
..married Joan Mikalson Andrew Paul Karlson b. 5.22.75
.....Kara Joan Karlson b. 12.31.85
David Emil Karlson b. 3.5.59, m. 79 to Diana (??) Christa Lee Karlson b. 79
.....Kyle Karlson b. 10.17.88
Daniel Earl Karlson b. 9.29.68 Katherine Elissa (b. Karlson 7.12.70) adopted Ortiz 3.75

(I have also learned of a Lena See (d/o/b 9/19/1906 died Nov 14, 1988 SSN# 102-26-3831), but I don't know whether she is any relation.)

Kate Ortiz

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