Sy/Six connection: Rena's Rebuttal

According to Glenna See Hill, the Sy and any family named Six, Sixt, or Sixte are in no way related. This applies to any line of descent from the Crusader Landry Six b 1080. She also states that the in no connection to the Fermin Six/Cye line of Lille, Dept of Nord, France. This family later lived in England. This was the theory widely purported by Louis de Boer a researcher who did work for Lucetta B. Gibson back in the 1950's. In her articles written for the NY Gen and Bio Record, 1983, GSH has documented well beyond a reasonable doubt that the Fermin Six line does not cross the Isaac Sy/Sie/See line at any time.

For me, since this corresponds with many things that my father, Clifton L. See, told me, I'm convinced. I have the articles in question, if anyone would like them.

Rena See Forinash

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