Robert William See

born 05.20.65, Yonkers, New York

Look at This Framed Page for a detailed romp in the family tree.

Here's the brief version:

Generation 2 (Parents)
Robert W./P. See, b 1.21.1941
Barbara Louise Samora, b 4.26.1945

Generation 3 (Grandparents)
Edgar See, b 11.10.1899, Armonk NY; d 9.28.1966, Brewster NY
Eileen Mary Murray, b 12.6.1918, US; d 3.1.1947, Greenburgh NY
Walter Paul Samora Sr., b 4.24.1912, Bronx NY, d 7.15.1984
Rosalie Helena Severdia, b 9.20.1916, Passaic, NJ, d 2.19.1970

Generation 4 (Great-Grandparents)
William See, shoemaker, b 1872, Armonk NY; d ?
Mary L. Yerks, b 1877, Chappaqua NY, d 9.11.1947
Timothy J Murray, born 4.6.1890?? (SS-DI), NJ
Mary Daly, born before 1918, Canada
Joseph Samora, Womja? Poland, b < 1912, d 10.1.1942
Stella Smiarowski/Smiarowska, Crackow? Poland, b ~1884, d 12.20.1952, age 68
Anton Severdia, born 1872, Yugoslavia; died 1930 Queens
Louise Yambrek, born 1894, Yugoslavia; died 1954 Queens

Generation 5 (great-great-grandparents)
Andrew See, b~1847, North Castle NY; d>1920
Sarah A. Reynolds, b~1848, North Castle NY; d>1872
Aaron Yerks, ?
Sarah B. Slagle, ?
Murray/Daly unknown .
Apparently Anton Severdia's parents were:
Rocko Severder, b ~1855, Dalmacia
Audis Lukus

Generation 6 (g-g-g-grandparents)
Andrew See, b~1821, North Castle NY; d>1870
Mary ?, b~1821, North Castle NY; d>1870
"A" Reynolds, b 1815, ?
Sarah ?, b1827, ? .
Rest Unknown

Generation 7 (g-g-g-g-grandparents)
John See, b12.1.1777, North Castle NY; died 12.5.1852
Anna Oakley, b2.23.1777, North Castle NY; d >1860
Rest Unknown

Generation 8 and so on
The Sees apparently go back to Jean Sy, Calais France! John See b1777's father on a line that goes back to Jean Sy.
A quick version is located here.
Anna's parents are Mary Martling & Miles Oakley.

The Severdia page has more info on the Severdia line.

In answer to you question about a birthday, here's the whole gang:

Walter Sr.: 1912
Rosalie::    1916

Jo: 1932 , USMC 1951. married1952 Deb:1953,Deirdre, 1955, Susie,1957,Diane,1958,Sandra,1960,Scott, 1962
Walter Jr.:  1942
Barb:         1945
Susan:       1950

Bobby:       1965

Walter and Rosalie married July 13, 1940

Thuy Lien, 1954 ..Quincy,1977  Samantha, 1974   Raymond,1979

Lisa; This is all I could find listed on this CD: Marriage Index: Selected Areas of NY, 1639-1916 (looking for Charles See, & Timothy & Mary Murray)

See, Charles M : 1800, Sp : ???
County : Albany Co., Sex : U
Location : United Reformed Congregations of Helderberg, Jerusalem & Salem
State : NY
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