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History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, ed. by William Henry Perrin, O.L.Baskin & Co., Chicago, 1882. p. 532 (Bourbon County ) (Flat Rock Precinct)

THORNTON SEE, P.O. Plum Lick a son of Geo. See, he of Jacob, who was born on the south branch of the Potomac in Virginia. He came to Lexington about 1780, where his son George was born in 1784; died in his 57th year.

JACOB SEE came to the farm now owned by WILLIAM SEE in about 1786, the farm continuing in that name until the present time. The mother of Thornton was a Miss Margaret Thornton, daughter of Thomas Thornton, who came from near Dublin, Ireland, having run away from that country when a boy; and upon his arrival in America joined the British army, but before the war closed united his lot with the Americans. His wife was Betsey Robinson, a native of South Carolina, when they were married, thence came the Flat Rock precinct.

GEO. SEE had a family of six sons and three daughters. The subject of this sketch was married Feb. 28, 1856, to Mary N. Watkins, daughter of Wm. and Frankie (Frost) Watkins; she a daughter of Joshua Frost and a Miss Phillips, natives of Virginia. By this marriage there have been eight children; the first a son died in infancy; the eldest now living, Preston S., born May 17, 1858; Geo.D., Nov.19, 1865; Margaret E., Jan. 24, 1869; Mary B., April 24, 1872; Tilden, eb.10, 1876.

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