Westchester County Deaths
Compiled by Elizabeth Fuller

Note: List is not completely in yet

See, __ child of John Jay See, died in Sing Sing 3.31.1849
See, __ infant child of Stephen P See, died in Beekmantown 9.3.1850
See, Abigail Mary Storms (Mrs George C) eldest dau of Capt Jacob Storms, died in NY Mar 3 1847 age 21 of consumption. Funeral in Tarrytown.
See, Abraham died in sleepy Hollow 12.4.1849, age 81
See, Abraham D son of James See of Mount Pleasant, died at his residence in Bridgeport CT, 4.28.1862, age 42
See, Barney, died in North Tarrytown 2.9.1875, age 71
See, Benjamin, died in Croton age ab 40 in railroad accident. no date. Leaves "quite a large family"
See, Elizabeth, widow of the late Abraham See. Died in Sleepy Hollow 12.7.1852, age 81
See, John I died in Pleasantville 3.15.1871, age 66
See, Mary (Mrs Samuel) died in Beekmantown 8.17.1850, age 57
See, Mary, widow of the late William See. Died in Pleasantville 3.20.1875 of heart disease
See, Montgomery, died 4.4.1873, age 65. Funeral from his residence Depeyster St, North Tarrytown
See, Rachel, died in Pleasantville 5.27.1852, age 86
See, Sarah dau of Abraham See, died in Mount Pleasant, 2.28.1852, age 18
See, Sumner, infant son of J Alexander and Almira See. Died in Mount Pleasant, Sept 19 1851, age 3
See, Thod?? died in Tarrytown, 5.31.1873, age 51

Yerks, Abbey, died 5.18.1872, age 34, in melrose
Yerks, Samuel, son of John F, died 9.5.1852 in Unionville Age 27

Reynolds, Ann Eliza, dau. of Alfred Reynolds. Died, in Sing Sing, March 12, 1853, age 16.
Reynolds, Edward. Died in Chappaua, Aug 23 1859, age ab 35.
Reynolds, Elias see FLEWELLIN, John
Reynolds, Elizabeth, mother of Abram B. Reynolds. Died, in Sing Sing, march 6, 1875, age 80 yr 9 mo 12 day
Reynolds, Elizabeth Ann, only dau. of Alexander and Margaret Reynolds. Died,in Pleasantville, Feb 26, 1870, age 38.
Reynolds, Emily Smith (Mrs. Gideon T.), dau. of the late Jared Smith. Died, in Stanwich, Ct., Aug 6 1854
Reynolds, Gideon, died in Bedford, July 6, 1847, age ab 45
Reynolds, Gideon. Died in Cross River July 14, 1847, age 64
Reynolds, Hiram died in Bedford, Oct 15, 1848, age 27
Reynolds, Ida, infant dau of AJ and Emily A Reynolds. Died in White Plains July 27, 1872, age 3 mo 12 day
Reynolds, Jeremiah died in Bedford, May 11 1845, age 82
Reynolds, Joseph, died in Whitlockville June 8 1874, age ab 60, of cancer int he stomach
Reynolds, Lavinia, widow of the late Perez Reynolds, died in Bedford, Feb 25, 1846, age ab 75
Reynolds, Maria (Mrs Enoch) Died in Bedford Jan 3, 1846, age ab 45
Reynolds, Marietta (Mrs Smith) Died in New Castle Corners, May 6 1846, age 33
Reynolds, Mrs Mary Thompson, dau of Mrs Elizabeth Tompson. Died in White Plains "today" Sep 23 1847 age 36
Reynolds, Nancy (Mrs Samuel H) died in Stamford CT, aug 19 1846 age ab 40
Reynolds, Peter H, died in Somers, Nov 17 1873, age 45
Reynolds, Sarah Frances, see PURDY, Sarah Frances Reynolds (Mrs John Henry)
Reynolds, Susan (Mrs Abraham B) died in Sing Sing, Sept 27, 1851, age ab 24
Reynolds, William E, died in Greenwich CT, Sept 6 1863, age 57

Oakley, Amy (Mrs William see Oakley, William
Oakley, mrs Auley Died in NYC, Aug 12 1847 age 86
Oakley, Charles B, adopted son of John B and Abigail Oakley. Died in Yonkers Jan 15 1860, age 5
Oakley, Cornelius W, brother of Robert R Oakley, late county clerk of Westchester co, died in Brooklyn July 24, 1856, age 63
Oakley, Elizabeth M (Mrs James). Died in Rye Neck, Mar 30, 1872, age 25 yr 6 mo
Oakley, Gilbert died in White Plains May 5 1850, age 63.
Oakley, Henry died in White Plains 7.13.1859, age ab 75
Oakley, Jacob B died in Port Chester, Oct 8 1871, age 35 yr 6 mo of heart disease
Oakley, John formerly of Westchester Co died in New York 3.14.1850
Oakley, Mary see GRANT, Mary Oakley
Oakley, (Miss) Sarah. Died, at the residence of her brother-in-law, Elisha Horton, in White Plains, April 9, 1869, age 73. Funeral at Grace Church
Oakley, William, formerly of Westchester Co, died in Aurelius, Cayuga Co, Nov 8, 1849, age 84. Also his widow, Mrs Amy Oakley, Nov 23, 1849, age 71

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